Problems And Prospects Of Financing Health Care Delivery In Nigeria

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          Through the apes, there have been persistent efforts to improve good health and standards of human life. Health is said to be wealth. That is why the researcher wants to find out the problem and prospect of financing Health care delivery in Nigeria. To achieve this objective, the right atmosphere must be provided, co-ordinated and directed for effective result.

The objective of health care is the attainment of good health to all sundry and effective medical attention to the people. The extent by which this is implemented is very vital to this study that is where finance comes in.

          The researcher used two distinct types of data collection instruments on the write up. Questionnaire and library research.

          The findings of the study was based on inadequate of fund on hospital facilities, inappropriate of funds allocated, inadequate payment of salaries to health workers and underpayment of salary in regard to government approval.

          The recommendation and conclusions were drawn from the findings of the study.





Nigeria is once again on the roller caster of a new clinche

“2010” with health care reform as one of the major pivots of the vision. The tremendous rate our medical personnel’s (Doctor and Nurses) travels out of the country for greener pasture has caused             

More harm to his country than good.

The percentage of death rate as a result of treatment by in experienced Doctor and Nurses are numerous. Our intelligent and future hopes were deformed by one disease or the other because of treatment by non-experts.

ODUTOLA, (1997) in his book demonstrated that “our hospitals have become mere consulting clinics”.

          “Our health care system has collapsed”

          “Our hospital are short everything”

What then is our hope and aim towards achieving the goal of vision 2010.

This motivated the researcher to identify the problems and prospects of financing Health care Delivery in Nigeria.


The research work is concerned with the problems and prospects of financing health care delivery programme in Nigeria. The level of service offered to the health system is very low. This is with particular reference to staff attitudes and performance. They cried bitterly of their salary as to compare to other co-medical personeels in other countries. They were promised to be paid, but was not effective some of them decided to travel out of country for better future.

Some hospitals requires refurbishment and other need certain amenities, but none was done, rather they were closed down and some becomes unfuctional Hospitals preemies are littered with broken down equipment and unopened create of new equipment with no place for installation. The  patronage of the government health facilities is very low.


1.   To find out the effect of inadequate fund on hospital facilities.

2.   To verify the utilization of fund allocated on hospital facilities.

3.   To study the influence of hospital salary on medical personnel.

4.    To ascertain if the medical personeels were paid according to the economic to the approval government scales.


1.   How does inadequacy of fund on hospital facilities affect the

    economic growth of Nigeria.

2.   How are the funds allocated on hospital facilities used.

3.   Does the salary of the medical personnel’s seem favorable seem favorable to them.

4.   Were the medical personnel’s paid as they are supposed to.



          Health concerned each and every member of our society directly or in directly, individual or collectively, consciously or unconsciously. The beneficiaries include the entire country at large. The government and the citizens.

   The Entire country – The attainment of good health by the people of one state in the federation, which lead to social and economically productive life at the highest possible level.

  The Government – In a country where the individuals were healthy, there is a tendency that the work force will be strong and productive.

  The Citizens – Intellectuals and competent intelligent people   should not loss their lives as a result of diseases and infections. People can engaged themselves in one activity or the other thereby making something useful to the country.


Those aspects of health left were as have of time – The researcher do not have the time of going from one state to another for the collection of data, as a result, they were left out.

Finance – There is no money for the researcher to the moving round the states of the federation for data collection and in some place, there will be no data available.

Lack of accurate data – Most data seen were  not accurate to the topic involved in the project     


PROBLEM OF FINANCING – Difficulties in raising fund.

PROSPECT OF FINANCING – Expected way of raising fund.

HEALTH CARE – Organized effort at the National, state or community level to deliver service in order to attain a set of pre-determined health related goals.

MEDICAL PERSONEELS – Those responsible for ones state of health example; the medical Doctors, Nurses, Lab technologist, Pharmacist etc.

TO MEDICAL PERSONEELS - Counter parts of medical personnel’s in other areas.

HEALTH INSTITUTIONS – This means any hospital, clinic or nursing home or associated Institutions, convalescent home or specialized services maintained by the government, used for the reception and treatment of persons suffering from any sickness, injury or bodily or mentally infirmity birth or Immediately after child birth for the purpose of providing such person with nursing or surgical attention.

TERTIARY HEALTH CARE – They handle cases that the secondary health care cannot handle. They are the teaching Hospitals, Specialist Hospital and Special and Hospitals.

SECONDARY HEALTH CARE- Cases/sickness where the clinics are unable to cope, it will be referred to secondary. They are state owned General Hospitals; Private owned Hospitals and Voluntary Agency Hospitals.

PRIMARY HEALTH CARE- These are clinics, Health centers where one usually go for the first treatment. They are responsible to refer where they are unable to handle.


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Problems And Prospects Of Financing Health Care Delivery In Nigeria