The Course Of The Courses And Effects Of Mismanagment In The Financial Institution And The Posible Solutions

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Table of content




1.1 The background of the study

1.2 Statement of problems

1.3 Objective of study

1.4 Significance of study

1.5 Limitation of study

1.6 Definition of terms

1.7 Reference



2.1 Review related to literature

2.1 Courses of financial mismanagement in the financial institution

2.3 Unqualified accountant staff having the account book as a measure.

2.4 Inflation of the contracts

2.5 Perfect funding in the financial institution

2.6 God-fatherism

2.7 Poor loan recovery machinery

2.8 The effect of financial mismanagement in the financial institution.

2.9 effects on the staff



3.1 Research methodology

3.2 Source of secondary data

3.3 Population sample

3.4 Instrument of data collection

3.5 Method of data analysis



4.1 Analysis of data presentation



5.0 Recommendation and conclusion

5.1 Recommendation

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Summary of the findings

5.4 Biography












The research topic discussed the examination of The Course Of Mismanagement In The Financial Institution And The Possible Solutions.

The author stated with a discussion on the background of the study, statement of the problem, objective of the study and the significance of the study. Scope and limitation of the study and also definition of terms.

She went further to review the existing literature on the subject. The author revised unqualified accountant handling the account book as a manager, inflation of contracts, perfect fraud in financial institution, effect to the staff, effect to the individual and the entire citizenry. The author went further to research the methodology, under this; we have something like the area of study, population, sampling size, sampling method, source of data and the analysis of data.

Finally the author discussed the summary of the findings, made some recommendation and conclusion towards the research project topic.





1.     Balance sheet: this is statement showing the total asset and liquidity of a business

2.     Double – entry book-keeping: this is general aspect method of transaction which demands that every transaction should be recorded towise in the book of account to give complete information of the receiver and the giver of the values in that simple transaction.

3.     Accountant information: they are those processed accounting that is made available to the management from various accounting department and which assist management in the decision-making.

4.     Accounting standard: this is the codification of the accounting application to remove the subjective form the accounting practice.

Course of mismanagement of fund in the financial institution.

Mismanagement has created a lot of impact to all aspect of life where some institution were unable to pay workers salaries and even allowances, and some grade has been giving to the workers to extent that if their request are not been solved, they will react.




A financial institution is an organize body concern with the management of money. This to say that the institution is responsible for the lending and borrowing of money. In other word, it is the institution involved in financial intermediation where money is mobilized and is channeled from the public settings. Those who have surplus fund want to invest in productive activity. Some of this institution in Nigeria is the commercial bank, stock exchange market, merchant bank, CBN, insurance market and the development banks.


Mismanagement is defined by land man English dictionary version as control with private, public, or business affaire badly or unskillfully.

Mismanagement is also defined by Oxford English dictionary as mismanaged, improper administration to manage wrongly. The financial mismanagement according to the above definition may be improper administration, wrong uses of money, and inadequate collateral security of granting loan.

Misappropriation of money or management of finances unskillfully.


They are good in selling of security. They are sources of revenue to the government. They help the government extremely in the internal trade. They also provide a lot of advice to the government. To the public and private individual affairs. The bank grant loan on advance and make locally or outside Nigeria. In fact they performer a variety of function to safety the financial need of all the type of costumers form small personnel account holder to the big incorporated organization. That is by accepting of deposit, safe custody agency service etc.


The industry has gone beyond the optimistic of the period of years. The number of the expanded in five funds. The variety of the bank increase and promote the growth of industrial fraud due to the craze fore material wealth, inflating of contracts, God-fattherism, poor management and other bank matinee contribute extremely to the constant report of financial management in the financial institution. Even the marketer in this institution has been complaining that hunger and starvation have killed them due to the inability of the managers to pay their salaries. This has all happen due to misappropriation of fund meant for salaries.

Reporting of riot, workers unrest or strike of worker which brig a lot impact on the economy not function effectively. Something costumer in those institution accused there accountant manager of embezzling their money 1.e in  lies in cooperative and commercial bank.


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