Computerization Of Banking Service Its Effect On The Efficiency Of Banking Service In Nigeria

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This research project work was undertaken with a purpose of determining and evaluation of the effect of computerizing banking service and its efficiency on the banking services in Nigeria.

The effect of computerizing the banking services on the behavioural aspect of management information system are Aggression Avoidance and projection on the other hand, other operational pressures are maintaining the system; personal problems in the book-keeping department, maintaining book-keeping machines.

Expanding volume of operation; need to accommodate the increasing volume, need to maintain or reduce cost.  Unsatisfactory output; errors in terms of reports and statement delays in work processing.  Needs or system change.


The study has a library research and empirical study.  Additional information were collected from journals bullions textbooks and newspapers etc.  It was been clear to me from what I found out that computerizing banking services plays a very big positive effect on Nigeria Banking Services.  It provide better information for commercial loan management improves the speed limit & accuracy of services to customers, and also provides necessary data input for advanced financial information systems.

It leads to problem awareness, permit feedback on the implementing of decision, it support problem analysis and selection of alternatives.  It influences the choice of the most appropriate option.  Also computer are used in implementing strategies or plans for they can also be used for drawing up the budget in constituting investment portfolio and in bank’s balance sheet management.

From the word been mentioned above it is quite clear that if Nigeria banks continue to encourage the use of computerized banking service that Nigeria would have a better standard of living & the work of science & technology as regards to computer services.


This project is dedicated to the Almighty God for His guidance and protection, and also to my parents Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Anyanwu, our H.O.D. Mr. J. Orjih, my brothers & sisters & finally to my fellow students in the Department of Banking & Finance.


A considerable part of credit for this project research work must be reserved for a good number of people without whom I would not have been able to complete this research work.


I therefore wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to my father Mr. C.A. Anyanwu and my lovely mother Mr. R.C. Anyanwu, my brothers and sister for their financial and moral support throughout the duration of my academic pursuit.


My profound thanks goes to my fellow departmental students for their corporation & ideas being shared through the period of this work.


My special thanks also goes to my project adviser/supervisor Mr. J. Orji for his kindness & who in every way made out time to teach and directed us on how to write the project.


I will also send my appreciation to Mr. Gogonus Onwudiwe, Chigo Ohalete of Intercontinental & Standard Trust Bank for their Assistance in getting deliable information, textbooks, bullions and reports.


Finally, the greatest of all thanks goes to my Almighty Father for his loving kindness & mercies for making it possible for me to complete this project work i.e. with God all things are possible.


Title page

Approval page







1.1             Background of the study

1.2             Statement of the study

1.3             Objective of the study

1.4             Research question

1.5             Significance of the study

1.6             Scope, limitation & delimitation of study

1.7             Definition of term



2.0             Review of related study

2.1     Why banks use computer

2.2             What can computers do

2.3             Current and part effort at computerization in banks

2.4             Cost of computerization in banks

2.5             Benefits of computerization in banks




3.0             Research design and methodology

3.1     Source of data

3.2             Secondary data

3.3             Location of data

3.4             Method of investigation



4.0             Findings

4.1     Findings under way banks use computer

4.2             Finding under what computer can do

4.3             Finding under current and past effort of computerization in bank

4.4             Findings under cost of computerization in banks

4.5             Finding under benefits of computerization in banks



Recommendation and conclusion








1.1            BACKGROUND OF STUDY

The need for information is great and necessary in banking sector because of the nature of their business quick and accurate decision must be taken, like in the money market foreign exchange etc.  Banks must react quickly to change the interest rate and volatile variable in their operation where as in the production industries, mistakes can be rectified and losses been minimized.


Millions of naira may be irretrievably lost in the banking industries as a result of wrong decision based on increase information, computer is employed prominently by Nigeria banks at all the three management operations, management control and strategies.  Leading is the most important activity of banks.

The need for change as for effective use of computer lending office arose as a result of banks experiencing growing competition from officers lenders, funds available are thereby increase move costly time and savings with the result that the average cost of funds will be relatively higher, loans are becoming move complex and also great concern for the profitability of customer’s total bank relationship rather than profit derived from the use of specific service.  The transformation process could be seen as the management process which has to be effective to ensure the feasibility of working on the set inputs to produce not only the service, but also to come up with reasonable profit for the shareholder and the public at large.



The computer has for many years been used for financial planning in Nigeria banks.  Information is required to complete every step involved in planning either objective definition and target decision, forecasting, calculating planning gaps definition constraints and means.  Through the use of computer leads to effective use of information’s, like problem awareness, support problem analysis and selection of alternative, influence the choice of most appropriate options, permit a feedback on the implementation plan which can be used for drawing up the budget for constituting investment portfolio and bank balance sheet management.

In area of organizational control In banks, the computer has been found useful, especially in terms of quick signal which bring about fast awareness of problems.

Generally, computer system makes it possible to centralize authority and control in the banking services.



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Computerization Of Banking Service Its Effect On The Efficiency Of Banking Service In Nigeria