Problems And Possible Solutions Of Human Resources Management In State Government Owned Parastatals.

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Human resources problems have been in existence for quite long time. It has simply been caused by the factors such as lack of adequate motivation lack of performance appraisal and lack of manpower programme and development. The research therefore will serve as a reminder to the problem of human resources in the government sector which is not yet over. The reason for the above assertion has been that the personnel of any organization determine every activity that goes on in such an organization. Therefore the effect of human resources if not properly managed will be disastrong because the personnel staff of an organization is the greatest assets of such an organization amongst all other resources. The personnel of an organization should not only be constant and adequate. But also should be motivated, appraised trained and developed. Form the four mentioned reasons their research is token contribution in trying to identify that segment of an establishment whose responsibility that segment of an establishment whose responsibility is to employ and manage the personnel and get them advised.  Also it will identify the existing problems and their solution. Some suggestions or recommendations will be made on how best to minimize the problem.


Title page                                                                                i

Approval page                                                                 ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                           iv

Abstract                                                                          v

Table of content                                                              vi



INTRODUCTION                                                              1

1.1      Background of Study                                               1

1.2      Statement of the Problem                                        4

1.3      The Objectives of the Study                                     6

1.4      Research Question                                                   7

1.5      Hypothesis Formulation                                          8

1.6      Significance Of The Study                                                9

1.7      Scope Of The Study                                                 11

1.8      Limitation Of The Study                                           11

1.9      Definition Of Terms                                                 13

References                                                               14



Review of Related Literature                                         15

2.1      Definition Of Human Resources Management         15

2.2      The Origin Of Human Resources Management        18

2.3      Problem Of Human Resource Management              21

2.4      Ways Of Alleviating The Problem                             27

Reference                                                                 36



Research design and methodology                                37

3.1      Introduction of the Study                                        37

3.2      Research designs                                                     37

3.3      Area Of Study                                                          38

3.4      Population Of The Study                                          39

3.5      Sample Size Determination                                      39

3.6      Instrument for Data Collection                                        40

3.7      Validity of the Instrument                                        41

3.8      Reliability of the Study                                            42

3.9      Method of Data Collection                                        43

3.10  Method Of Data Analysis                                         44

Reference                                                                 46



Data Presentation And Analysis                                    47

4.1      Presentation and Analysis of Data                           47

4.2      Testing of Hypothesis                                               54

4.3      Summary of Result                                                  54

Reference                                                                 62


Summary of findings, Conclusion and Recommendations 63

5.1      Discussion of Result/Findings                                        63

5.2      Conclusion                                                              64

5.3      Recommendations                                                   65

5.4      Suggestion for Further Research                              69

Bibliography                                                            71

Appendix 1                                                             











1.1      Background of Study

Presently business organization are plague with problems in spite of increased learning in management theme. Many management experts are also at a loss to conceive the cause of these human resources management problems.

In this work the research will review the importance of human resources to the growth of any nations economy.

Human resources management according to Dressier (1973 – 125) can be defined as “procedure, activities or action directed towards fining the solution to the manpower problems of the organization”.

That is action which are placement recruitment selection and wages and salaries administration,. Industrial relations and joint consultation, employee welfare, training and development, motivation, employee appraisal and assessment and effective utilization of human resources of an organization.

According to Ubeku (1975:98) the major importance of the subject matter is the fact that is a basic function of management.  Unless it is effectively carried out by all members of line management. Technical  efficiency will be inadequate to achieve organizational success. Problem of human resource should not be though of as something separate from technical problem. Also human effort differs form other factors of production.  This is due to the fact that the employee has his own objectives which must be integrated and reconciled with those of management or the organization in carrying out human resources management practices both individuals and group relations are taken into account.

Majority of the people with particular reference to the elite will be wondering why there are problem of human resource management in the private and public sectors of Nigeria organizations.

James (  1978:73) observed that the effective use of people is the key productivity.  Motivation of employees  in an organization is to get the best of their skill and abilities.

James (1978: 73) observed that the effective use of people is the productivity motivation of employees in an organization is to get the best of their skill and abilities. He further observed that although the task of motivating works rested in the managements team as a whole.  Managers have more rules to play in other words. The sort of continuous day to day coaching appraisal and encouragement that the employee will need will be more than over before managers have upper hands in motivating workers. When managers work together with their workers they will know and satisfy their problems for better result.

Any activities in the organization from starting to the finishing stages depends on human resources or the staff strength. Therefore any organization aiming at achieving some of her goals must  not only constant and adequate supply of personnel but that they are adequately motivated.

From the abve we can clearly understand that the goal and aspiration of the organization c annot be achieve only by providing and ensuring adequate supply of personnel. Some suggestions will also be made on how best to remedy the problems at state.


1.10  Statement of the Problem

It is pertinent to note that adequate emphasis have not been laid by parastatals in terms of promoting a favourable ground for human resources managers. Business organization also exists to render some useful services to humanity. Regrettably the achievement of these objective is either blocked or delayed because of blatant mismanagement and poor harnessing of the organizations personnel resource.

1.          Poor communication flow between the management and the workers.

2.          Undue punishment to some staff at the lower level in the hierarchical structure.

3.          Improve recruitment of workers into key positions in various offices of the company.

4.          Poor motivation to workers and unavailability of incentives.

5.          Low level of manpower for the job.

6.          Irregular of half hazard promotions to some worker

7.          Unnecessary harassment to workers especially the junior ones. Based on these things, the researcher sort ways reversing them.


1.11  The Objectives of the Study

1)  To ascertain the scope of action of human resource management practices in ESBS from 2003 - 2007

2)  To ascertain the level in which the inefficiency exists.

3)  To ascertain the difficulties experienced in the performance of these practices

4)  To determine how and who is responsible for human recourse will enable the government to discern and tackle the attributes of problems of human resources manager in government parastatals.



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Problems And Possible Solutions Of Human Resources Management In State Government Owned Parastatals.