Problems And Prospects Of Mangers In Business Organization

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The research was carried out to find out the problems and prospects of managers in business organizations.

The research was designed out in three chapters (i.e. Introduction, Literature review, and conclusions) chapter one is made up of general background, the problem the study will be concerned with, and the important of study this project work and also some important terms, which were defined.

Chapter two described the literature review of my subject matter. It made up of the origin of the case study, different methods of studying the problems and schools of thoughts, which we got through research of the various books that related to the subject matter.

Chapter three which is the concluding chapter comprises of data presentation, analysis of data and recommendations. In the course of collection of data used in chapter three, question and interviews were granted to some people who are working at the company in focus questionnaires were shared for data collection to those who were disposed for interview.

Under the analysis of data, percentages were used.

Conclusion takes an overview of the whole work by giving some oriented recommendations.

Finally, the following findings were deluded from the data analysis. Management of ANAMMCO Company Ltd. Employees quality staff, sends their staff or workers on training but most managers do not delegate their chides to subordinate socio cultural factors is a contributive factor to the problems of mangers in the company.











Title page

Approval page




Table of contents


Chapter one

1.0             Introduction

1.1     Background of the study

1.2             Statement of problems associated with the managers

1.3             The problems the study will be concerned with

1.4             The importance of studying the area

1.5             Definition of terms

1.6             References

Chapter two

2.0             Literature review

2.1     the origin of management

2.2             School of thought within management

2.3             School of thought relevant to the problem of mangers

2.4             Different method of studying the problems

2.5             Summary

2.6             References

Chapter three

3.0             Conclusion

3.1     data presentation

3.2             Data analysis

3.3             Recommendation

3.4             Bibliography











          Having realized the prospects and problems of managers in business organization, the research work is primarily aimed at bringing to the notice of business organization and private individual the invaluable role and contribution of mangers in the effective and efficient running of the organization operations. It is also aim at having an insight into the possible dangers associated with managers not being effective and problems that are treating the effective operation of mangers good and competent mangers are the price of every organizations.

          Mangers influence all phases of our modern organization. Plant manger runs the production of items like cloth we wear, the food we eat and auto mobiles etc. sale managers maintain sales force that market goods provides by the producers. Personnel managers provide the organization with the competent and productive work force. Our society simply could not exist as we know it today or improve its present status without a study stream of mangers to guide its organizations.

A management practitioner (Peter Drucker) makes this sum point by stating the effective management is quickly becoming the main resources of developing countries and the most needed resources of developing ones. In short our society desperately needs good mangers.

In addition to being important to our society as a whole, management is vital to many individual simply because they can earn their living by being managers. Government statistics shows that management position has held a study increase of 2 –10 percent of the work force since 1950. These managers typically came from very background and diversified educational specialties. Many individual who were originally trained to be accountants, teachers or even journalist eventually make their live hood from  being some type of manager. In the long run however, managerial position can yield high salaries, interesting work and personnel growth and interest feeling of accomplishment. Today, economy holds much return for competent mangers. Besides understanding the significance of being a manger related powerful budgets prospective mangers should know what the management task entails.

ANAMMCO Ltd Enugu is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production of vehicles like lorries, trucks, buses and cars.

          The company came to Enugu in 1980 and as well as got registered in the same year with the corporate affairs commission then at Lagos it has a Liaison office at Lagos.



Essentially, the role of managers is to guile organization towards good accomplishment. All organizations exists for some purposes, objectives or aims and mangers have the responsibility of combining and using organizational resources to ensure that the organization achieve their objectives completely. However, in achieving organizational goal, a number of problems are encounter by mangers, which hinder the effective operations. The problems associated with mangers are stated as follows conflict between top management and middle managers in assigning of responsibilities to the subordinates. Over lapping of authority among supervisors often promotes conflict and encourages built passing. This issue of delegation of chitins to a lower manger from more than on boss brings a big problem to organization that also brings low productivity. As we know that shareholder expects that managers should work hard to increase the organization profit and where that is not Mel they may accuse the manger of miss management and in competency. Conflict with staff is also one of the major problems of mangers.

          Functional problem between the departments, departments like marketing may send a production

Specification to produce a given number of products so as to melt customers order.

Where the others are not met, there bound to the problems and the manager has the duty of solving the problem, motivation is the one of the problems that are encounter by managers some mangers don’t know how to motivate employees and this results to low productively


If an organization pay to its employees does not measure with that of workers in other places with the same operation, the workers will feel cheated which will result to low productivity, because he may not be putting in his best effort.



       The problems mangers encounter is an organization affects its productivity. Over the years the company has tried a lot to eradicate these problem that sometimes-hinder management progress in ANAMMCO Ltd. Emene Enugu.

The problems are stated below

vTo know low managers in ANAMMCO Ltd to carry out their tusk.

vTo know both the internal and external affairs of the company.


vWhether the problems are caused as a result of poor motivations

vWhat other variables could explain why problems have not be eradicated.

vTo know whether the working environments is conducive for the mangers.



          This study is meant to examine the problems of managers in a business organization. It will examine the role, which mangers will play in the effective and efficient management of the organization and the society at large. This research will also find solution to some of the problems mangers encountered in their day-to day activities.

However, the importance of the research to management of organizations, students of management and individual cannot be over emphasized. The study will enlighten the students on the causes of the problems and recommendations that will help in solving the problems.


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Problems And Prospects Of Mangers In Business Organization