Survey On The Possibility Of Establishing Laundry And Dry Cleaning Industry In Imt Enugu A Research Paper

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The study intends to survey the possibility of establishing a laundry and dry cleaning industry in to IMT.

The institute of management of technology (IMT) Enugu is one of the first three post secondary technical institution set up between 1948 and the early seventies since its founding from the merging of the former college of Technology and the Institute of Administration in July 1st 1973 by government edicts No 10 to assume the present name of the institute of management and technology (IMT) Dr. Ukwu I. Ukwu was appointed the first chairman of council and it had professor M.O Chijioke as the first Rector.

In October 1974 the institute opened its doors to student and 550 students were admitted in addition a 300-second year students inherited from former college of Technology making a total of 880 student.

The institute is organized in schools and Department. The convocation of the institute was held on 16th October 1976 and about 900 graduates received Diplomas licentiates and higher Diploma. At present the school has grown boat in size and frame.

It has eight academic school and thirty-six academic departments and also has the administrative decision namely the Rectory. Registry, Bursary estates and works and library as well as medical service center with full time medical need of student and staff.

All these expansion of the school require capital. The saying goes success is not found by sifting the ashes of the past, but by being among the first to explore and cultivates the fertile of the further Arnold Glassgow 1978 the institute engaged in a number of consultancy services and projects aimed at generating revenue internally also the IMT management has constructed number of canteen’s and store which they rented out to people and this generated fund to the institute these help in alleviating outside to buy their goods and services.

Further more, the institute launched endowment funding during its 16th convocation ceremony and out of one hundred million Naira was realized Emma Igwe may 1992.

The institute gets most of its capital from the state government and supplement. It is with its internal generations. Since the state of the fund allocation to schools by then Anambra State government following operation generate your own fund announce has been finding it very difficult to pay its workers and meets other obligation of students. The rector of IMT in emphasizing the need for learning added that such conventional funding and wages.

Students on the other hand are still suffering because some essential service that would have helped them are still not there.

The academic had at the institute is so much that the student even attended lectures up to 400pm daily at times. Lectures are even conducted on weekends the institute operates two companies the independence layout campus and Abakiliki Road campus lectures are conducted in each of the campuses and for bus services are provided to students. The buses are few in number and students have to scramble for them and as a result they success-incoming back to hostels with dirty cloths.

Again there is inadequate supply of water at campus III of the institute and many students reside there they only source of water supply is through tanker, which operates only once daily.

Those at campus II have their own story to tell. They have steady supply of the water and electricity aright but most of the lectures are held at campus III with the result of they find it very difficult to do their laundry.

Many students due to accommodation problem use lecture rooms as their hostels and this condition do subject them to constant washing of their clothes at the expense of their studies some even prefer going to lecture with dirty clothes and of course only God knows the consequences of such. Etc.

With the suffering encountered by students coupled with the management financial predicament, it becomes pertinent to conduct a research on the (possibility of cleaning technology) here in IMT.

Cleaning technology is the art and services of processing dirty or solid fabric in order to remove soiling restores the original brightness whiteness and special finishes which the fabric had lost as a result of wear and tear of usage cleaning technology comprises both laundry and dry cleaning.

Laundry is the process of fabric with water and detergent. This to a layman is know as “dry cleaning” cleaning on the other hand achieves some objectives by employing non inflammable organic solvents that is trchloroethane (2HCI3) perchlowthene (2CI4) etc.

A dry cleaning machine resembles a washing machine in that it washes spin. Dries and completes drying by tumbling the textual in warm air current.

There are four different ways by which out wear becomes solid and these are:

vAtmospheric soling

vTransfer soiling

vWater borne soling

vStaining soling

Atmospheric soiling occurs on atmosphere because garment is worn and this through dusty atmosphere and dust constitutes soling.

Transfer soling on the other hand occurs when an outwear gets in touch with a dirty surface and these are removed by normal surface and these are removed by cleaning constituent staining.

Water soiling are those dirt which are formally in solution water in a firm get in water born soling not containing transferable bacteria cannot be ruled out sine water is an ideal environment for bacteria.



The IMT offer operation your own fund” is finding very difficult to generate enough fund for its services.

Lectures are very intensive in IMT and there is no steady supply of water in some of the campuses very many students cannot get accommodation and as such make use of classroom for these reasons. Student find it very difficult to do their laundry work.

The research, which will be carried out in IMT in this second semester 2004, will survey a sample of IMT students. The result will be present in table and analysis in percentages.



Having noted the management and students problems. The purpose of this study is to find the possibility of establishing laundry and dry cleaning services industry here in IMT to serve the management from the financial predicament and studied from suffering disease that could have arise from solid fabrics.

Also time will be saved and students who go to town to obtain such services before will achieve cost reduction.



The study will be conducted in the institute of management and technology Enugu and it will cover IMT eight (8) schools comprising of thirty six (36) academic departments.

The study was carried yet not some limitations. There was scarcity of books dealing and extensively on the subject laundry and dry cleaning service.

The researcher could have extended the survey to a wider area but for the short time allocated for this project and the semester works which have to go along with the writer finds it also difficult to obtain required information from the few establishment laundry and dry cleaning industries because the director of such companies induce information for fear of being copied.

Moreover lack of adequate financial resources for purchase of relevant materials. Trips to libraries laundry companies’ literature review, traveling to various departments to obtain vital information. This limited the study to questing 430 students from eleven (11) departments only therefore the research had to work within the limit of the materials and resources available. This had some how affected/attributed to problem to the study the researchers of the expected information and the time of final production.

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Survey On The Possibility Of Establishing Laundry And Dry Cleaning Industry In Imt Enugu A Research Paper