The Impact Of Industrial Training In Polytechnics

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This chapter consists of details of the topic under research. Here the background of the subject matter and problems. Associated with the subject matter and the important of studying the area will be revealed along with research question so as to enable the researcher know what the research work is all about.



As a result of growing school learners unemployment in the 1970’s the Nigeria Government introduced. The new national policy on education in 1981. One of the major provisions of the policy was the induction of the issues on technical and practical courses in the polytechnics and universities in the federation, with emphasis on the total acquisition of practical skills, value and knowledge that would enable individual. Live meaningful in the society during and after school.

One of the reasons is to emphasis on the course, which would equip the graduate with the skills for gainful employment even if they terminated their formal education at the junior secondary level. One of the basic necessity for the relevant teaching is availability of adequate facilities, including qualified teachers groomed with practical skills. This ensure that student are taught or look directives according to the curriculum and using appropriate methodology for the Board. It is not possible to teach a student to operate a computer machine effectively without the application of computer machine by himself nor is it possible to teach a student to operate a proportional spacing of typewriter without the application of typewriter by the person also, that’s why our Saviour Institute of Science and Agriculture and Technology (OSISATECH) as a polytechnics tries to impact the skills to the teachers who must have a through knowledge of the course and certified in the area, so that teachers can demonstrate the skill properly for the student to understand and emulate. Noal (1971) and Thompson (1941). The writer stressed that the individual will acquire skills and teach the stated goal by watching an expert and by practicing. This they believe that the individual in addition to this should be giving enough practice to enable him master the art.

On the other hand, Anaw (1986) said that it is not only expected to seek out identity. Create or anticipate human needs but it is also required to create through the harassing of the totality of human ingenuity and knowledge of all the amount of goods and services that are needed to satisfy those wants and needs.



i.      Almost 40 to 50% of the students are no longer hare interest

of searching where they will get the students industrial work experience there by go for computer training in the period allocated for the training which made them to be in their various areas and where by execute inadequate effective and efficient production.

ii.            The stepend normally paid to students on industrial work

experiences scheme by industrial training fund (ITF) is no longer forth coming; yet the students are expected to transport, accommodate and feed themselves while on training. Only few students can afford these extra costs and most establishments where they undertake this training are very reluctant to make any financial commitment to these students. This discouraged students active participation in the programme and it is a big problem.

iii.          Students are no longer taking their industrial work

experience so serious today because they do look forward for a place. Where a reasonable amount of money will be paid before applying for an appointment for that, thereby self-centered themselves in the money not.

iv.          But not the least is that students due to in availability to

locate where (organization) to acquire the industrial experience for their careers, they acquire any work from organization where it concerns their field or not, so far the amount is considerable for them.





In the cause of trying to cover these are as for the project work there are some problems that stunk the effectiveness of the work.


i.      There was no much money to carryout effective research work by the researcher thereby set back his determined. Plan for the exclusion of necessary information on the project.


ii.      In the process of data collection which is primary, some students were not serious on the questionnaires and make funs with it, thereby minimize the number of respondents.


iii.     A lot of times were wasted to announce the commencement of the project in the school (OSISATECH), which made the period allocation to be very short, mean while affects the most information needed to meet.




i.      It helps students to acquire skills, experiences knowledge and understanding in their various field.


ii.      It makes the students to determined high ambitious in their failure lives after they might have finished the industrial training.


iii.     It helps the polytechnics to have a local standard with the universities.


iv.     It helps the student to understand the aspects he is good on that suit his life.


v.      It helps the government to have good life and expectations of our economy in future handing of our youths.



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The Impact Of Industrial Training In Polytechnics