The Role Of Trade Fair In Marketing Of Goods And Services

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1.0             INTRODUCTION


The Trade Fair is one of business promotion tools used in sales promotion.  There are different types of Trade Fair such as Commerce, Mines, Industry, Agricultural Fairs, these types of trade fairs are centered on the exhibition of particular products.

Trade Fair normally holds on the first quarter of every year and organized with the support and co-operation of the Federal and State Government.  It embraces all aspect of business and economic activities in Nigeria and offers unique market for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and users of wide range of good products and co-operate promotion.

There are two types of Trade Fair, namely Domestic or National and International trade fair.  Domestic or National Trade Fair is the exhibition of products and services manufactured within Nigeria and while International Trade Fair is the exhibition of products and services manufactured within Nigeria and overseas.  Trade Fairs of any perspective are organized by the Chambers of Commerce and each State in Nigeria is supposed to have Chambers of Commerce for organizing Trade Fair in other States.

The Trade Fair is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and to represent and express the opinion of the business community or question affecting Commerce and Industry.

The Chamber is an organized with responsibility defined according to specialization and test to be performed.


1.2             OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY:

The objective of the study, is basically limited on the followings:

(a)      The roles of Trade Fair

(b)     The roles of Fair to the participants

(c)     The roles of the Fair to consumers

(d)     To determine the ability of the fair in widening the business world.

(e)      To determine the extent to which Trade Fair strengthens the political and economic relation between Nigeria and other nations.

(f)      Determine the extent to which Trade Fair has contributed to the promotion of the local manufacture.

(g)     To know the effects of the fair on new product.


1.3             RESEARCH QUESTION:

The following are the research question of the study:

How effective is the terms of business promotion?

Has it any effects on foreign investors?

Has it improved the export potential of economics both locally and abroad?

Is there any unique attraction offered by the Trade Fair?

Is there any new development in the recent Trade Fair when compared with former ones?


1.4             SCOPE OF THE STUDY:

The researcher’s mission in this research is to determine the strong effect of the Fair to the exhibition.

To know how large the members of the participants is, for a particular period of show.  Additionally, to determine the extent of the government to the continuous growth of both investors and the Fair itself.




Effectively, the project was carried out mainly from two major sources.




Primary Sources:

Most data used for the research were gotten from direct interview with management of the Enugu Chamber of Commerce.  Personalities include the Trade Fair President, Mr. Gabriel O. Akachukwu, Director, Mr. Emeka Okeleke and the Public Relations Manager (PRM) and many other important personalities from various exhibitions.

Secondary Source:

These are data we collected from book and various published materials relevant to the study.

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The Role Of Trade Fair In Marketing Of Goods And Services