The Impact Of Effective Human Capital Management Practice On Organizational Growth (a Study Of Star Paper Mill Limited, Aba, Abia State)

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The main purpose of this study is to know the impact of effective human capital management on organizational Growth. Every organization, no matter the nature and activities being undertaken by it, will not exist. This time, the other factors of production like materials, capital and machines will be meaningless if there are no human beings to harness them. The availability of manpower is not just the issue but its effective and efficient manpower on the organization enhance the need for human capital management. Therefore, this study has tried to unfold the basic functions of human capital management and its impact and effectiveness of organization growth. With references to impact effective human capital management of organizational growth, the impact of effectiveness, extent had quality of human capital management has been carried out at Star Paper Mill Limited Aba, Abia State as a case study. In view of this, the researcher conducted a detailed survey on this subject such as questionnaire, oral interviews and closely looked at the views of other Authors was also an immense help in this project. The result of this study was presented and analyzed using table of the study, recommendations and conclusion were made, and the APA style was used in the bibliography.



CHAPTER 1                  



Human capital management is that aspect of management that is concerned with all aspect of managing the human resources of an organization. Human Capital management involves the management of human capital at work irrespective of the type of organization in question, its products, size or structure, philosophy of its management must procure human resources of it to achieve its stated objectives. Human capital management practices spreads all the aspect of co-operate and organization activities. It therefore becomes the responsibility of all those who manage people in the organization as well as being a description of work of those who are employed as a human capital specialist. More especially, human capital management involves determining the organization and the use of human resources, recruiting and selecting the best available employees acting as liaison between the union and the government organization and handling other matters relating to employees will being.

However, many organizations have paid little or no interest in the effective human capital management which has resulted to how productivity high rate of employee interest and other ugly social menace, thereby hindering the organization growth. The growth of any organization lies solely on the growth and development of his employee. In a case where human capital management is not well practiced in any organization the growth of the employees will not be achieved and the result is that a stunted growth or declining profit will be recorded.

A satisfied work force is the cove strength of an organization and to maintain a satisfied work force the organization must be organized. For human resources that have been acclaimed, it must be vital and must be a useful resource among the organization resources. Any organization that must achieve its objectives must first develop its human factors or resources.

But, it is ironical that many organizations have no plan for growing their human resources. But budget of millions of naira and even Dollars have been spent in the growth of many organization. Billions is been spent on infrastructural capacity building, information communication, technology, but little or none is budgeted on the human resources that will control the infrastructural and the information communication technology. This remains the core reason why the infrastructure and the technologies acquired is not performing the purpose for which they were designed to do.

Comparing the practice of human capital management in both public and private sector, they are nothing to write home about, no structure of policy frame work can be identified, designed, grow and develop human resources in the center of the economy. This has been observed to be the main causes of the fall

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The Impact Of Effective Human Capital Management Practice On Organizational Growth