Impact Of Effective Building Production Management In Successful Building Project Delivery In Awka Anambra Stat

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The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of effective building production management in successful building project delivery in Akwa in Anambra State. A three research question were formulated which guided the study. The population of the study comprises of building production management professionals in construction firms. A well structured questionnaire was distributed and 30 were retrieved out of 40 distributed for data collection. Frequency count / percentages and weighted mean (likert scale) were used to answer the research questions. It was concluded among other that; impact of effective building production management leads to successful building project delivery. Building production management; for quality assurance, utilization of labour and complete success in construction project supervision must be use at all time based on the conclusion drawn from the study, recommendations were made for the importance of effective building production management.
















1.0           INTRODUCTION



The Nigeria construction industry has witnessed continued growth at a phenomenal rate construction methods have witnessed changes with current trends tending towards industrialization,  mechanization, prefabrication and the authomation of all the processes involved in the erection and installation of structure Kashish C. (2016). All these require high management impact with the population explosion and continued demand for new building of all kinds couple with the infrastructural facilities there is the need for professional practitioners in the building industry to impart knowledge of production management toward construction planning at the design stage for successful building delivering with appropriate construction tools. Robert F.C. and Michael C.L. (2001)

A concept and contents of modern day construction work are changing in a complex direction, the indication is a clear need for professionals to improve on modern techniques for learning and practice. It is only in this way that the construction industry can meet challenges and responsibilities imposed upon it is an effective and efficient manner so as to ensure quality of production in the construction industry. This will not only offer better value for money to the client but will make profitability of the industry more stable for any building project to be successfully execute on site, the constructors must forcast, plan and put in place various production Management Documents (Builder’s documents).

Federal Government National Building Code (2006).


Bamisile (2004), the public at large, believe that most building product fails to offer value for money, construction projected are said to cast for much, take too long to complete and too prone to failure.

        Ibironke T.O. (2009), asserted that the problem experience in the course of managing the three parameters, manifest primarily art two point in the total building process, i.e at the interface between the client and designer and the interfaces between the designer and the constructor. Ibironke T.O.(2009), further concluded that the major problem of project falling to meet with the client requirement of time, cost and quality (TCQ) includes the followings.

i       Client and designer may misunderstand or not

ii      Agree on the detail of the brief with regards to the buildings purpose performance or appearance.

iii     The designer and constructor may through misunderstanding or ignorance, misinterpret the objectives regarding, time, cost and quality specified in relevant contract document.

iv     Designer sometime may design a building that cannot be built to the required levels of quality, constructed with time and cost.

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Impact Of Effective Building Production Management In Successful Building Project Delivery In Awka Anambra Stat