Analysis Of Production System Design And Management In The Soft Drink Industry

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The utmost aim of this study is to clearly define the factors necessary for the design of an efficient production system with a medium scale industry as the case study.  It is also hoped that in the course of the study definition will be given to the design of a production system as it is manifested practically in commerce and industry

Taking Limca bottling  company Okeigwe as the case study it is aimed to find out if overall performance of production of the company is a direct consequence of the  nature of system and the criteria for the selection of the system design and management

In carrying out this research obvious efforts were direct towards the following

1.                 Defining effective management procedures for operating efficient production system.

2.                   To find how an efficient production system can leas to the provision of abundant goods and service and create employment opportunities.

Due to the nature of the study only those on the management level of the study, only those on analysis of data obtained and findings the researcher was able to conclude that:

1.                 Effective management procedure will guarantee the operation of   efficient production system

2.                 There exist a relationship between production

3.                 Efficient production system design can lead to provision of quality goods and service and also    create employment opportunities

In concluding the work the researcher made the following recommendations:

i.                    The company should hold firm to active strategy in production

ii.                  Work study should be carried by the company

iii.                The company has to source raw material locally

iv.               They have to reduce their level of inventories

v.                 Try to expand the existing market of their products

It is the opinion of the researcher that if the above recommendation are looked into the company stands to gain more.





Title page

Approval page




Table of content



1.1            Introduction

1.2             Historical background

1.3             Statement of problem

1.4             Significance of study

1.5             Objective of the study

1.6             Research question

1.7             Scope of study

1.8             Limitation of study

1.9             Definition of terms



2.0            Literature review

2.1             Scope of production management

2.2             Organization for business  planning

2.3             Business planning under systems approach

2.4             Major steps in managerial planning

2.5             Identification of opportunities and threats

2.6             Implementation

2.7             Production system design

2.8             Facilities requirement

2.9             Impute acquisition

2.10        Production system review and evaluation

2.11        Employee performance appraisal





Research design and methodology

3.0     Introduction

3.1             Area of study

3.2             Population

3.3             Sample size determination

3.4             Instrument for data collection

3.5             Validation of the instrument

3.6             Reliability of the instrument

3.7             Method of data collection

3.8             Questionnaire distribution and   retrieval



4.1     DatA Presentation  and analysis

4.2             Presentation of data  and  data analysis

4.3             Summary of finding 




5.1Discussion of finding 

5.2 Conclusion


5.4 suggestions for further studies







1.1            INTRODUCTION

Planning and forecasting are all elements of efficient.

The industrial and overall development  of any nation in one way or the other is based on the efficiency in the production sector of the nations economy this efficiency can only be achieved through the adequate and proper utilization of all the factors of production in conjunction  with designing a good production system.

In analyzing production system the following decision are involved

Decision about the quality of production facilities required and their respective location’s need to be made; there are also decisions about the required level of performance  and  the more decision have to be made on the desired method of production and the management procedure that is to be introduces.

When all the above have been adequately  taken care of the task of operating the production system is then considered in tackling this problem the management will have to formulate the production scheduling and control quality control and inventory management.  To undertake    these operations efficiently they will need to be properly defined in their design as in their relationship to the production system  other wise management will run into a brick wall it is only when all facts of the  production system are sequentially organized that the system can be efficiently operated         



This Limca Bottlers Plc was incorporated in Nigeria in 1985- it is owned by an incline national at inception they opened a plant at Warri which is still being regarded as their head quarters.

The Okigwu plant of Limca bottlers was commissioned in May 15th 1973.  at the Okigwu plant they produce a range of three brands of soft drinks namely: Limca Gold spot and Pearle soda their production machines which includes the horst corller Hansa serving increasing and justice citer where all imported from harmony. The plant is located along the Enugu to Okigwe express road  



The Nigeria nation is so complex and diversified that the we can not afford a poor production system design the attendant problems of  a poor production system design are numerous some of these are that it results to inefficiency in production which in turn leads to scarcity of goods and service which is a fall-out of constant break down in machines wastages in time and material delay in supplies and orders when  it is obvious all these are available coupled with very inferior method of production.

Poor organization may sometimes lead to a situation where the work standard in one sector being higher than in another sector with in the same production system leading to the production of substandard goods and service which may not meet market standard. These are the problems that the researcher seeks to proffer situation to

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Analysis Of Production System Design And Management In The Soft Drink Industry