Production Planning And Control In A Manufacturing Concern (a Case Study Of Dem-mag Nigeria Limited Owerri)

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This research was designed to find out how production planning and control in a manufacturing concern can be improved to achieve the organizational aims and objectives.

This therefore draws the attention of establishment/ organization that practice it to realize the beat way for effective proper production planning and control needed for the operations.

This led to the purpose of the study, which include the production function which deals with determination what product or service to produce. How the new material and equipment are to be obtained and maintained.

To draw the attention of the organizations on what proportion production actually starts.

Questionnaires and interviews were the main research instrument contained (13) questions, which were analyzed. Random samplings were the sampling techniques used in drawing the sample from the population.


Title page                                                           i

Approval page                                                     ii

Dedication                                                          iii

Acknowledgement                                                       iv

Abstract                                                             v

Table of content                                                  vi



1.1  Background of study                                        1

    1. Statement of study                                          2
    2. Objective of study                                           3
    3. Research question                                            3
    4. Significance of study                                        5
    5. Scope and delimitation                                     5
    6. Limitation of study                                           6
    7. Definitions of terms                                                8


  1. Literature review                                             9

2.1  The development of the production plan                    9

    1. Production control system and documentation            10
    2. What is production control                                12
    3. Principles of effective production control                    12
    4. Controlling surplus stocks                                 13
    5. Quality control                                                14
    6. Cost of quality assurance                                         14
    7. Quality control and it techniques                        15
    8. The need for quality control                              16
    9. Techniques of quality control                             17
    10. Material requirement planning                                  17


  1. Research design and methodology                     19

3.1 Introduction                                                     19

    1. Research design /method                                        19
    2. Sources of data                                               20
    3. Method of data collection                                         21
    4. Population of study and sample determination     22
    5. Sampling techniques/procedure                         23
    6. Validity and reliability of measurement instrument       24
    7. Methods of data /statistical analysis                   24

Questionnaires                                                25


  1. Presentation and analysis of data                       29

4.1       Methods of analysis- sample %                   29


  1. Summary of findings, Recommendation and

Conclusion                                                   39

5.1  Summary of findings                                        39

    1. Conclusion                                                      40
    2. Recommendation                                             42

Bibliography                                                 44







The production function deals with determining what product or service to produce, how the raw material and equipment are to be obtained, acquiring layout and maintaining the physical facilities needed for the operation. It involves changing input getting output at a very reasonable cost at the right quality price and time 

Before an entrepreneur get into business one of the things he must consider before getting into business is to develop a production plan. The entrepreneur has to think of the products colors, shape, models, and kind of raw materials to be used and in what proportion. What is the most appropriate technology required, machines to be purchased leased or borrowed and what infrastructure facilities must be available before production actually starts. Any mistake that the entrepreneur makes at this point of planning stage count to be too costly.



With the increasing growth and expansion of many manufacturing concerns in the economy. It is clear that adverse effect will be much if good attempt is not made to adequately and effectively specify what plan of production process is to be taken and the necessary measures to put in place so a s to ensure the highest level of productivity in the organization which is faced with economic depression.

If production is not adequately planned and controlled. They obviously will affect the  output level on the work place and as such most of or majority of the orders made by customer. Will not be met and the company will lose its goodwill and customers and all these represent various form of cost to the form.



 The study intends to examine the production planning and control function and how they are carried out in the present day Nigeria.

It is also essential to know to know the processes involved and when the problems are incurred.

Furthermore, it is believed that the study will help the industry to recognize the drawbacks and how to alleviate them



The production planning and control process is aimed at helping the researcher to find answer to the following questions.

  1. What is the planning process made by the management to achieve the objective of the organization.
  2. What time of planning process is to carryout to meet the requirement of the organization.
  3. Are those who make the planning process and control effective?
  4. Are those who make the planning process and the and control qualified?
  5. Are the implementers of planning and controlling effective?
  6. Are the implementer of planning and controlling qualified?
  7. Are the objectives of the organization defined?
  8. Is the management system of the organization effective in their planning and controlling?
  9. Is the management systems of the organization effective?



The importance of the study is to enable practicing management to know the importance role production planning and control plays in achieving the objectives of the organization.

Secondly it will enable management students to know the process of policy in production planning and control. The importance roles it plays in achieving the objectives of an organization.

Thirdly, it will enable proper plan policy and guidance for the achievement of the production planning objectives.

Finally, it will enable the general readers to know the role production planning and control plays in achieving the objectives of the organization.



In this regard, delimitation arises out of the following.

Altitude constraints

In the course of using questionnaires to collect data, it was observed that the altitude of workers or respondents was not quite encouraging. In most cases, some of the questionnaires distributed were completely filled and on other instances, they were rejected for empirical reasons at times where the respondent, accept the questionnaires unwillingly, it took time and much effort to recover them.



This study is limited to the topic production planning and control in a manufacturing concern, Dem-may Nigeria ltd Owerri. In this course of this research works the researcher encounter a lot of problem which include

  1. Initial unwillingness of some of the employee to fill the questionnaire for fear of being victimized, queried or sacked.
  2. Initial unwillingness of the authorities of the organization to allow the researcher to conduct the research for fear of revealing their secrets.
  3. Financial constraint, which limited the researcher from putting up more comprehension approach to the study.
  4. Time constraint, which so much limited the researcher from adopting a more comprehensive approach to the study. 
  5. Non- availability of research material, which limited the research from getting enough information for the literature review.
  6. Academic workload, which so much limited the research



PLANNING-the process of arranging the material and human resources to achieve the organizational objectives.

CONTROL-the placement of material to aimed at organizational objectives.

EFFECTIVENESS- the extent to which the result was produced at minimum cost.

MANAGEMENT-This is the process of achieving and

Arriving at organizational goals through coordinate performance of some functions.

PRODUCTION- Measure of how specified resources are used to accomplish timely objective stated in terms of quality.


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Production Planning And Control In A Manufacturing Concern