Effect Of Stress On The Management Of Private Business Enterprises (a Study Of Fine Brothers)

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Several literature and publications in delight concerning the contrition of service of the Nigerian managers have not been anything to write home about most of the writer point to the face that Nigerian managers are finding it more difficult to carry on with their job tasks responsible and to meet their role expectation both personal and societal. It is in light of this that the researcher chose to study the consequence of such difficult situation on the managers. There is no dust that with such difficult situation on the manager parts such pettish and pres carious conditions the managers are bound to have stress and frustration among them. This study was therefore aimed at finding out the prevalence of stress and frustration among Nigeria. Business managers. The identification of problem of study led to assumption being made on the various associated with stress and frustration. The variable included the organization influence the job demand and the environment pressure. The population of study consisted of the managerial position from the major business organization in Enugu state. This firm in our study is fine brothers in Enugu state. A total of 60 questionnaires were distributed and 47 retrenched making for 78:33% of the population of study. Data collected were presented and analyzed, the hypothesis were tested using simple percentages and statistical decision are based on simple data that is to accept or reject the Nilll hypothesis (HO) based on the statistical testing of hypothesis assumptions were this sustained:   

i)            That stress and frustration are major Hand-Claps to Nigeria business managers.

ii)          That organization influence contributes to stress and frustration among managers.

iii)         That job demand causer stress and frustration to managers.

iv)         The environment pressure cause stress and frustration to managers will not leave their job as a consequence of stress and frustrations.       




Title page          ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     i

Approval page   ::      ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ii

Dedication         ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     iii

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Abstract    ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     v

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1.1 Background of study     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     1

1.2 Statement of problem   ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     6

1.3 Objectives of the study         ::     ::     ::     ::     8

1.4 Research questions       ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     8

1.5 Research hypotheses    ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     9

1.6 Significance of the study       ::     ::     ::     ::     10

1.7 Scopes of the study      ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     10

1.8 Limitations of the study        ::     ::     ;:     ::     11

1.9 Definitions of terms.     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     12




2.1 Conflict in an organization     ::     ::     ::     ::     14

2.2 Source of  organization         ::     ::     ::     ::     16

2.3 Causes of stress and frustration among manager

2.4 Social responsibility of managers ::       ::     ::     25

 References               ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     30   




3.1 Introduction to the study      ::     ::     ::     ::     31   

3.2 Population of the study         ::     ::     ::     ::     31

3.3 Sample Size determination   ::     ::     ::     ::     31

3.4 Instrument for data collection        ::     ::     ::     32

3.5 Validation of the instrument ::     ::     ::     ::     32

3.6 Reliability of the instrument question distribution and     retrieval    ::     ::     ::        ::     ::     ::     ::     33

3.7 Method of Data collection      ::     ::     ::     ::     33

3.8 Method of data analysis        ::     ::     ::     ::     34

3.9 Sources of Data    ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     34

3.10 Method of Data analysis      ::     ::     ::     ::     35



4.1 Presentation and Analysis     ::     ::     ::     ::     37   



5.1 Discussion of Result      ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     44

5.2   Conclusion         ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     45

5.3 Recommendation ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     46   

5.4 Suggestion for further study ::     ::     ::     49

References        ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     50

Appendix           ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     51






Today in our society the title “manager” carries the notion of a highly paid business executive provide width furnished air condition quarters which are offices  chauffeur driven and social esteemed.

According to Arene V.N (1986) He is perceived as the last to come to word and the first to leave the work place. He is the boss whose signature and so are regarded as important, He is seen as one who has succeeded in all life effort and has nothing to complain of. His entire problem can be taken care of.

According to R. Sylvester (1977) Assumed that if the manager is to be enjoy  all that society or organization bestows on him, why then is the expected role performance to the organization or him not always ideal and efficient? There many factors responsible for this low performance and satisfaction on the job. It is the aim of this research work to find out two stress and frustration among managers contribute to this how role performance and dissatisfaction in their jobs. According to Mabjogu in present Nigeria there is a great deal of unacknowledged intentions in the manager essential authority that either frustrate him or make his positions very difficult one. These could be either social influence or interventions with his authority which may be responsible for critical position of the manager in this present day Nigeria.

According to Akpan Low’s (1981) since the end of the civil war Nigeria has witnessed nearly a decade of oil boom of phenomenal rise in the demand of capital and consumer goods and the galloping rate of inflation. Distributions of essential commodities importers and trader gained tremendously by creating artificial scarcity hoarding and selective trading, Bank markets spray up. All these created Nigeria millionaires and quasi-millionaires enormous wealth or able appraised long term opportunity for their invested wealth.

Unfortunately the Nigeria business manager with long years of marketing, Distribution training and experience is operating in the same market of these new business tycoons either selling to them advising them or finding for them avenues of important and distribution.

According to professor Stanly Ani (2000) relieves tips that make customers attend their parties and social activities are usually sample to take bribes in other to do one centerline business with them against the interest of his employers. These societal influences late make him lose sense of his professional values. His position my not exiting a potable one. He is made to know all the avenue of acquiring personal wealth by fair or foul means. He is required by the nature of his job to continue interacting interacting with very persons who tempt the standard his professional training and education.

He is expected to settle to down a fixed salary in spite of the rate of inflation. What more is trusted to do business for his employers and account for all the profit and activities without reservation? The result is that the deal manager cannot be easily found in Nigeria. Where there is one, he is sooner or later to resolve conflict between his job and the environment by the logical act of leaking this employment to join the bandwagon.

The alternative is to stay on and battle with the ethics of his profession the sanction of his trust and the pressure for his environment in the hope that the conflict will not reach the critical point before he is ready to resolve it logical way. It is acknowledged that the states of the economy has greatly contributed to the stress and frustration suffered by Nigeria manager. Due to under development the consequent aplenty in the counting, the manager is deprived of his full financial benefits and his position is looked down upon in the society. The state affair frustrates the manager and exposes him to a situation where he can easily manage his conscience for a moss of porridge.

If there are job opportunities the manager would be able to asset his authority where this is threatened leaves his job or employer for another that is fair and honest low and the distribution among  the population  annoyingly unfair giving rise to the made rush to get rich overnight and the manager’s honest will not be tempted. The situation compound Ds itself where heaving support and defend a system which he know and believe in good for condemnation poor attitudes to work reduce productivity which reinforce poverty. The Nigeria manager generally fined it to strenuous to meet targets and achieve his objective where moral among his subordinates is low.

Unrestrained birthrate and increased life expectancy has increased the inactive section of the population. These and other under development problems reinforce polarity with attendant bottleneck and deterioration in the managers to engage in a contented work force. The result is stress and frustration is clear that even with the improved life freedom servitudes of men to nature available to a manager situation that will develop more strenuously rather than improve until he learn on how to reward handwork. Another contributing factor to stress and frustration among Nigeria management is the structure and design of the origination in which they work. There is internal problem arising from scope of the manager’s authority. Must organizations concede the principle of unity of has been placed by modern management science on “Unity of Loyalty” as a practical counter part of the preparation of “Unity of command” in Nigeria most managers find themselves with imposed unity of command without unity of Loyalty.

Most organization are based on situation design have been length up with the to many personality theories of motivation and behaviour theories that describes utopia instead of reality. Managers alone are responsible for added value resources are wasted and the country is made poor if the managers are not effective. This effectiveness will depend on the design of the organization or it regards for the integration of individual with the policies objectives goals and values of the organization.

In summary effort has so far been made in tracing the vanity aspects of events that might lead to stress and frustration among managers in Nigeria business organization. The introduction was started by environment in which the situations a manager find himself in the society or organization and the influence from these factors. Thus were traced from the effect of the civil our and the corruption that ensured thereafter. The state of the economy was also seen as contributing to the odd position of the managers.

The design and structure of the business organization is considered as a factor determining the level of stress and frustration that confronts the managers. This goes a long way in bringing at the loyatty and command authority and conflict the manager operate in and the unto pain theories which stardom his personal prejudice all these factors motioned contribute immensely as obstacles between managers and their personal expectative and demands from their job and work place. There is fear of failure in performance and consequent psychological withdrawal from responsibilities and lack of excitement in the manager’s job.



It is not questionable to say that manager’s business organization in Nigeria find themselves in Psychological conflict or road backs that is from frying pan to fire” situation that are choice situation these situation results to stress and frustration. It is evident that factors from the environment external and internal to his work place influence his position making it precarious and difficult position of the manager. Also included one individual conflict arising from family demand middle age crisis unrewarded ambition economy condition such as Dension are all causing a difficult position for the manager. The result from such a precarious situation included emotional disorders absenteeism defensive behaviours as projections and rationalization alcoholism drug addiction psychosomatic reaction and total stop of work.

The constrained influence experience when these variables impede his taste for work and debilitating negative feelings characterize into lack of enthusiasm excitement and joy physical psychological for work. There is problem arising from the failure of our Nigeria business managers. To recognize this one thing is to discover causes and another to find workable solutions to them. The consequence of stress and frustration when is cheked cannot be over emphasized.

The ultimate effect negates the tendencies of motivation productivity and reasonable satisfaction in a job. An unmotivated manager is like a motor ventricle without engine. He cannot achieve both personal and organization goal or expectations.

It is the problem of finding possible solutions and recommendation that the premise for this study.


This study is aimed at getting information about the following.

-      To ascertain the basic stress and frustration element that factors that are still prevalent among Nigeria business manager considering the bad economic condition.

-      To find out the degree of stress and frustration on business managers and effect on the individual and organization.

-      To identity whether managers recognize those stress and frustration element factors and how they respond to them.

-      To determine two economic and societal decay has tended to make it almost impossible for the business managers to operate.

-      Finally this study will look into the possible solution available to these managers and make recommendations.



The following points from the research question of this study.

1)          How can the management of the organization recognize the duties of the manager in the selected company star paper will Enugu?

2)          How will the unit of command function in then organization without stress and frustration?

3)          How can leadership cause stress and frustration

4)          How can environment pressure cause stress and frustration to managers?

5)          How can stress and frustration be eliminated in an organization?



The formulation and use of hypothesis are very crucial due to its sensitization and drawing of attention towards problem. Solving in stress and frustration conditions in business organization. In this regard, a conjectural hypothesis would be drawn based in the following:


Ho: Stress and frustration are not the major hindrance in      life of managers to contribute immensely in business        organization

Hi: Stress and frustration is the major hindrance in life of     managers to contribute immensely in business       organization.

Ho: There is nothing like stress and frustration in the role     manager’s play in business organization.


Hi: The issue of stress brings frustration where their     strength comes up to a certain limit.


Ho: The effect and performance of managers will not be        fully concentrated. 

H1: The effect and performance of the managers and the      role they play will be fully concentrated.



At the end of this study if the recommendation will be properly implemental the study shall be of immense or criminate stress and frustration in their various organizations.



This study will focus on a selected firm in Enugu state on this basis a judgmental selection of the firm that is our case study “fine brothers Enugu”

In paper mill the employees staring from the lower managers of the various department or units will constitute the population of study. Therefore this study will forces on stress and frustrations among these group of workers considered as managers of various capacities.



This researcher work is not without some limitations met by the researcher in the course of the study. But the researcher tried as much as possible to minimize the negative effects those limitation might have on the accomplishment of the research work.

There were always competing demands for time among the researchers lecture tours private study periods other interest and denoted to this research. But the researcher still found time to meet the demand for this research work.

The nature of the manager’s job also was an impediment since they often do not have time to attend to outside matters unless on specific days of the week. It was difficult to meet most of them to personally administer questionnaire this accounted for the seemingly poor return.

A part from time factor and difficulty in meeting the managers financial constraints contributed adversely in limiting the scope could have been covered for better representation of the population.



The following operational definitions have been using this study for the words below:


Business managers: They get-thing done through the efforts of other people and establish the environment for group effort in such a way that individual and organization goals are achieved.


Frustration: This syndrome of emotional exhaustation depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment that can occur among managers. It involves and accumulation of intense negative feelings that so debilitating that a person with draw from in response to excessive stress or dissatisfaction.


Organization influences: These are factors within the organization which effect the performance of the manager and determines the amount of satisfaction he derives from his job. Some of these are condition of service ways and salaries benefits job security supportive interactions and relationships structure and organizational design.


Stress: This a perceived condition of constrained influence experienced by a manager when certain variable impede his false for the job task or occupation.


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Effect Of Stress On The Management Of Private Business Enterprises