Construction Of Industrial Barrow

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          The constructional project involved the construction of an industrial barrow of standard size was constructed.

          The process used went across various Engineering practice. These involved the procurement of galvanized steel of 0.00mm to 300mm thickness. Some galvanized steel rods and pipes were also used for the construction.

          The Engineering drawing was done followed by the following operation: Marking out, cutting, bending and folding.

          Finally, the construction of an industrial barrow was done successfully and clean, portable and standard industrial barrow was obtained. These industrial barrows can be used in material handling activities.









Title page



Letter of posterity / Transmittal





1.0     Introduction

1.1     Origin and History

1.2     Aim



Literature review



3.0     Sequence of operation

3.1     Prototype construction

3.2     Operation description

3.3     Material analysis

3.4     Testing of construction and analysis

3.5     Testing and results.



4.0     Cost evaluation

4.1     Cost of standard wheel














          Wheelbarrow is made up of hand-pushed vehicle, which is made of dish-shaped body that is attached on two shafts; it was arranged in a “V” shape with handles at the spread end and a wheel, axle at a point. The wheelbarrow is a machine that can be found in the second-class lever. It has three parts that made up a wheelbarrow which include fulcrum, effort and lead. The force is applied at the effort of the wheel barrow, in other to enable the wheelbarrow move to the destination it is being carry to, while the load will be place on the platform of the wheel barrow, the fulcrum is also known as point of pivot.

          The laboures, farmers, gardeners usually use wheelbarrow, and industry or industries in transporting loads of heavy materials carried by hand and is similar to hand trucks, that is used by warehouse men and industrial workers, modern wheelbarrow are made of wood or a light metal such as wheeled vehicle for carrying garden materials. It is properly called “garden cart”.




          Wheelbarrow was originated earlier from China shortly, before AD 200 and it is traditionally design to attribute to its general in the imperial army, which is probably mere folkway.

          The shape of the Chinese wheelbarrow is enough to suggest how it was originated. The single wheel is large, often three or four feet in diameter, it is set between the shafts at a considerable distance from the fronted of the barrow, while a boxing or wooden frame is built up from the shafts to encase the upper half of wheel. Platform of the wheelbarrow projected from the shaft on both sides.

          In many parts of China, especially in the wet, rice growing areas, field boundaries are often not more than narrow embankments, the tops of which must also serve as paths. It has to be an adoption of the handcart designed to allow it to have move along these narrow paths.

          In seventeenth century, direct contact was made between European and China as a result of trade, each area had it own distinct form of wheelbarrow, by this time both were frequently modified to serve others needs than those for which they were originally designed.


          Wheelbarrow was produced mainly for the purpose of reducing difficulties as well as suffering, time wasted, money wastage and test of manpower as well as self-technological break through. Self-reliance has been a major concern of human being. Carrying of load on human head has been a serious case in the society.

          It also helps to eradicate those problems that these projects write up has highlighted into simplicities. This machine construction can be used in carrying different types of heavy object to different areas or point.

          Wheelbarrow is made up of metal bowel that is used in carrying loads, it is recognize as simple machine that increase elevation of heavy things, as well as charging the direction of force, and force incensement. The machine is made up of spindle (shaft) that cause the draw back of the wheel barrow when pushing, the demerit of this stand wheel barrow was that it could not carry much heavy loads due to the strength of the materials that it is made up of.

          Despite this issue, wheelbarrow can move on the road that is rough and hard. As time goes on, the manufacturing of wheelbarrow has improved by enabling its manufacture been made up of materials that withstand shock, and carry heavier loads, and posses the strength to withstand the load on it.

          Other wheel activities that can carry load were also developed such as steam enquiries, electric cars and internal combustion engines. 


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Construction Of Industrial Barrow