The Use Of Computer In Civil Engineering

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The development of powerful and affordable microcomputers and computer software will have an impact in the delivery of instruction in higher education. This is especially true for civil engineering education where the computer has started to be appreciated as a useful tool in civil engineering analysis and design. This work present the use of computers as tools in the classroom and the authors experience of integrating computer usage in some civil engineering courses.




The rapid development of computer technologies which include powerful and affordable micro-computers and liable user –friendly software has started to change the delivery of instruction in higher education. A computer has greatly increased the ability of students to perform calculations and to process large amount of data. As a result, the type and nature of problems and mathematical techniques taught in school may have to be changed or modified so that the usefulness of the computer can be maximized in the teaching-learning process. This is especially time for civil engineering education where the computer has started to be recognized as a useful and important tool in civil engineering analysis and design. In what way can computer usage be introduced in the curriculum? How can we increase the awareness of student on the importance of computers in the solution of the various problems in civil engineering? These and more are some of the question that will be addressed in this project report. [Oreta 2011]


Civil engineering is the profession that focuses on drawing, design, construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, transportation system, water and wastewater management, and other infrastructure that is relevant to society’s well being. In almost all the different aspects of civil engineering, it is virtually impossible to escape the application of COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY. This application of computers in civil engineering goes beyond the normal black-box application and requires the engineers to be intelligent and cogent users in order to minimize trial and error approaches when designing physically sound design and analysis.



The aims of the project is to discuss the various and specific use of computer and provide an avenue for the study of the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge in the use of computer in civil engineering, and also to be able to know how it is being used to solving problem in the preparation of civil engineering works.


The scope of this project is concentrated on concept of the use of computer in civil engineering. It involves various ways by which computer application is put in use in order to enhance civil engineering work.


During the period of this project, some limitation were encountered, it was not easy for us to get information relevant to this research. The project work was a tasking job, which demand enough time and commitment, but the fact that we are combining the write up, it then become a bit easy to meet up on the base on the duration of activities in the project.

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The Use Of Computer In Civil Engineering