The Role Of The Federal Government In Cooperative Financing A Case Study Of Nigeria Agricultural Cooperative Rural Development Bank Limited Enugu Branch Office

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This research investigation into the role of federal government in cooperative development/financing. A case study the research to find out if actually the federal government play a role in financing cooperative and the research was carefully carried out and conclusion reached or the reader to properly comprehend and appreciate this project work, the desire to make this contribution grew out to meet the felt need of cooperative promotion in Nigeria. This project work has three potential aims, firstly, it to ascertain the importance of cooperative to national economy.

Secondly it is to determine the best method in promoting cooperative production and thirdly, it is to show clearly, the basic problems of cooperative and means of solving them.

Most countries of the world are standing very hard to achieve overall development of their countries. They lead to adopt various development strategies. One common development strategy adopted by most developed countries is diversifying of economy. This is the more reasons why cooperative in Nigeria should be emphases especially cooperative productions as means of diversifying their economy.

They should not depend on oil along to avoid an adverse unforeseen circumstance. It is also based on this that federal government has initiated the plan of establishing the Nigeria agricultural and cooperative bank to finance or loan the agricultural farmers and they also play the following roles:

1         Identify the interested farmers

2         Advice the farmers on the best project to embark on

3         Know their problems

4         Solve their problems

They render financial support to farmers and group of farmers


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Introduction    -      -      -      -      -      -      -      -     

1.1      Background Of The Study      -      -      -      -     

1.2      Statement Of Problem    -      -      -      -      -     

1.3      Significance Of The Study      -      -      -      -     

1.4      Objective Of The Study  -      -      -      -      -     

1.5      Research Questions-      -      -      -      -      -     

1.6      Statement Of Hypothesis       -      -      -      -     

1.7      Scope And Limitation Of Study      -      -      -      -     

1.8      Definition Of Term  -      -      -      -      -      -     


2.0 Review of Related Literature         -      -      -     

2.1 Cooperative Financing    -      -      -      -      -     

2.2  Cooperative Development Effects before the Establishment of NACB.  -       -      -      -      -     

2.3 Government Role in Cooperative Development    

2.4 Cooperative Definition and Objectives   -      -     


3.0  Research Methodology   -      -      -      -      -     

3.1 Research Methodology/Design       -      -      -     

3.2 method And Source of data Collection   -      -     

3.3 Data Collection Instrument    -      -      -      -     

3.4 Validation of Instrument-      -      -      -      -     


4.0 Presentations of Data Analysis and Interoperation      

4.1 Data Presentation and Analysis According

to Research Questions    -      -      -      -      -     

4.2 Discussion of Result       -      -      -      --    -     


5.0 Summaries of Findings   -      -      -      -      -     

5.1 Conclusions    -      -      -      -      -      -      -     

5.2 Recommendations  -      -      -      -      -      -     

Appendix        -      -      -      -      -      -      -      -     

Bibliography    -      -      -      -      -      -      -     



This choice of this topic, the role of federal government in cooperative financing can not be over looked at the present economic situation of the country. This is because of the fact that the issue of cooperative financing has reached to look into in Nigeria. The past and present regime emphasized on the best way of encouraging cooperative development though this dose not means that all that is needed for cooperative development has been achieved. Rural and cooperative development has strategies and planning on way to articulate and execute the way to help improve the standard of rural population. Development and economic growth is essential determine by the standard of living of both the rural and urban dwellers. We can not talk of development and growth of Nigeria economy neglecting the growth and development of our rural ones.

Te experience and success achieved by Israel, China, Tanzania and Mexico should serve as a motivator to ginger up our sprits, interest enthusiasm and determination towards the development of our cooperative base. A well planned rural development is the answer to rural poverty, ignorance, supervision and congestion in city centres. A well articulated and planned rural and cooperative development by cooperative is an essential condition to relational integrated cooperative development and economic growth. This will also create awareness and increase the economic standard of the rural population. And to eliminate such plagues as ignorance, poor standard of living and general backwardness associated with under development this issue of infrastructural development which pertinent to cooperative development will cloud our rural dwellers as long as the rural areas are not developed. And one imagines that life without electricity, pipe bore water, good networks and radio, educational facilities, viewing centres and others. At this junctures, I wish to make it very clear here that the Nigeria agricultural cooperative and cooperative bank (NACB) which I am studying renders both advisory and financing assistance to any farmer.

This is what they do

1         Identify the interested farmers

2         Know their problems

3         Grant loan for them (financial assistance)

4         Help them prepared feasibility study

5         Advice farmers on the best way to embarked on project.     

NACB Enugu branch office has embarked on many programmes to educate farmer within and out side Enugu.


Cooperative; agricultural is the growth of crops and rearing of animals for human consumption. Crops include cash and food crops, seed seeding. It also includes those that engage in livestock, horticulture and orderly. In the other hand, timber production, forestry conservation etc are branches of cooperative has no single origin, this is true in the economic history of other countries all over the world. This field of human endeavour has been as old as the nature and creation as Nigeria existed, agriculture existed, our people has farmed and feed themselves, dept flock before the advent of western civilization.

According to a famous book, encyclopaedia Britannica nineteenth century scholars hypothesized four stages in man as cooperative development, these includes:

1.  A savage stage in which all man where hunters and wanderers.

2.  A herdsman or normal stage during which man domesticated some animals.

3.  A farming stage

4.  Civilization stage

(Sources: encyclopaedia Britannica Vol. 9, 1981, 304) botanical archeologically and zoological researchers have since attempted to determine when and where men first change from hunter-wanderers to pasturage-cost or agriculturalist.

These scholars and research generalized their findings world wide with the generalization. The writer assumed that some should be the case with the historical development of cooperative of cooperative in Nigeria. Socio economic wise took the same turn.


Cooperative has always been the subject of critical comments from the general public about the role that will play in the socio-economic life of the populace. our issue of rural development, it is the same in many of our rural areas, people have always been heard criticizing government and its agents of being partial in the provision of social amenities, been responsible for the present rural urban immigration causing poor standard of living in the country.

We all know quite well that over 80% of the agricultural activities in the country are done in the rural areas. In the village, farmers complain of the non-availability of some essential commodities (pipe-borne water, electricity and road, credit facilities such as loan from banks. all these make lot tive some and born in the rural areas.

In general, the people complain that government should diver its economic strength. Nigeria government and encourage the youths to embark on cooperative agricultural production. This is due to the fact that before the advent of oil born, the strength of Nigeria economy was vested on cooperatives.


The aim of this study is to find the best way of ensuring steady cooperative development in Nigeria in Enugu state.

This topic was chosen to be in line with clarion call by the government for a rapid cooperative development planners and development in this great country and her state.

This study will also help our development planners and agronomist to play more emphasis on the programs that will facilities the rate of cooperative growth. This study is also aimed at x-raying the importance of financial institutions to agricultural transformation of life in cooperative.

Finally it is my believe that if any recommendations are reoffered to and considered objectively by the government power, a new answers will be created and our peoples attitude towards the cooperative development will change positively.  


The objective of the study is to crudity the elusive nature of government emphasis on cooperative development. This topic has been chosen due to the risen need for government to aid financing agricultural cooperative in the country.

It will also help the individual farmers and all agronomist to know how to obtain loans from those financing advice from such federal establishment that will help individual in planning his agricultural cooperative investment.

By the time any interested person would go through this piece of work, it is believed, that some significance of federal establishment financing the nation will be noticed. To cap it up, the person will also see effort made by the federal government in promoting cooperative development.

NO 1.5          


Ho1:       That producer cooperative society does not play important roles in the agricultural sector.

HA2:       That producer cooperative society plays important roles in agricultural sector.

Ho2:       That producer cooperative society has not been finding it difficult to obtain loan from government.

HA2:       That producer cooperative society has not been finding it difficult to obtain loan from government.


The research work is to cover only Enugu zonal branch operational area of Nigeria. Agricultural and cooperative bank (N) it will not be study in detail the activities development. Time constrains was one of my greatest problem.

There were constrains and limitations posed by the government bureaucrats. As a result, it made things very difficult for me to get all information required for this project.


Cooperative is an economic institution which within the existing system of free competition aims of correct wholly of party the natural imperfections of the distribution of wealth.

AGRICULTURE: Agriculture is the growing of corps and rearing of animals for human consumption.

FINANCING:  This term “financing” in this context should mean as monetary of loan to the agronomist.

DEVELOPMENT: This is an act improving from the initial state of agriculture stage to a more standard term.

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The Role Of The Federal Government In Cooperative Financing A Case Study Of Nigeria Agricultural Cooperative Rural Development Bank Limited Enugu Branch Office