Review Of Design And Construction Of Rigid Pavement In Hot Weather Area The Case Of Ditchoto Galafi Junction-ellidar-belho Road Project In Ethiopia.

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Most major road networks in Ethiopia are constructed with flexible pavement, this type ofrnpavement used as the only option considered during the pavement type selection process forrnmany years. Rigid pavement structure which distributes loads to the subgrade having, as thernmain load bearing course, a Portland cement concrete slab of relatively high-bending resistance,rnis considered as an alternative option for the first time in Ethiopia with a total length of aboutrn80Kms and a thickness of 40cms in hot weather area, Afar Region. The purpose of this thesisrnwas to review the Design and construction of rigid pavement in hot weather area: The case ofrnDitchoto-Galafi Junction –Ellidar-Belho Road Project. Ditchoto Galafi Junction- Ellidar- BelhornRoad project 80kms long located in Afar Region is the first of its kind to be built with RigidrnPavement in Ethiopia, the maximum temperature will vary from 27oc to 52oc and the annualrnrainfall is about 500mm.The design of this Rigid pavement has been reviewed briefly againstrnthe standard of Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) Pavement Design Manual.rnThe findings of construction of Rigid Pavement Road in hot climate area are: water is scarce andrnfull of salt, long hauling distance of concrete from batching plant, how to minimize thermalrncrack and shrinkage in this hot climate, long hauling distance of concrete which affects settingrntime of concrete, the manpower is new for construction of rigid pavement having long distance.rnThe recommendation includes provision of Special Equipment like water treatment plant,rnChiller machine for cooling, Deep water well (>500m) drilling machines, large Concreternbatching plants, 40cm thick Paver and Bulk Cement trucks. Modified cement and differentrnadmixtures including curing compound has been used in the mix design to withstand the hotrnweather and heat of hydration. Special construction methodology has been used like night timernconcrete paving. The design can be reviewed comparing the results obtained by ERA manualrnand AASHTO procedures, mix design optimization has to be made to incorporate thernchallenges, water treatment plant should be used to de-saline the water, and Chiller machinesrnare required to reduce the temperature of water drilled out from wells of 500m depth in order tornuse for concrete. The study can be used for similar projects to be built in our country since itrnwill be better to use local cement than importation of bitumen with foreign currency and also itrnhas less maintenance cost with longer design life.

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Review Of Design And Construction Of Rigid Pavement In Hot Weather Area The Case Of Ditchoto Galafi Junction-ellidar-belho  Road Project In Ethiopia.