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Design and implementation of online banking system, a case study of May fresh savings and Loans Bank Caritas University Branch.
The greatest innovation that has taken place in the twentieth century is in the realm of information Technology. This is currently made possible by the introduction of the digital computers which has been observed in the field of communication to be increasingly inseparable from communications. These linkages often referred to as convergence is driven by technology and amplified by business trends. Faster growth in network systems that use communication links to connect subsidiary system (nodes) which may send and receives, direct and redirect information.
Talking of the internet a couple of years ago would have sound like a fairytale but today the internet is pervasive in almost every field of human Endeavour changing the fundamentals of how we conduct national as well as international businesses. Few years of its existence, the internet has shown that it can deliver the long sought after goal of electronic commerce.
It is worth that companies in the developed countries world-wide have recognized the business potential of the internet and are getting connected to the network of networks in their millions.
The financial institution (Bank) is one of such organizations. Banking constitutes one of the most prominent life wire for Socio-Economic grow and development in any given nation, it supports and assists in the supply of long and short term loan, accepts both current sowing and fixed deposits, both foreign transactions, advice and facilitates transactions between client, workers, agents, firm, buyers and seller by providing payment services, not excluding the issue of undertaking risk on behalf of their clients, only to mention but a few.
The internet having found its application and acceptance in the banking procession has particularly put the banking industry on an accelerating pace of development. The technological highway (the internet) has become an enabler for Banks in achieving high level productivity and in handling volumes of transaction which would have been impossible without the use of on-line banking (E-commerce).
The technology facilitates linkages with clients both through the provision of information and quality service delivery, as well as in reducing barriers to entry into payment systems retail banking. Internet banking allows clients to engage in informal transaction relationship which would have taken long distance travels or movement of documents with the attendant risk of loss. With the online banking (internet) you can at your convenience, at home and at any time review account balances and transactions, transfer funds, receive and pay bills, down-load transaction services and contact customer services just to mention but a few.
An over view of the benefits and prospects of the on-line banking suggest that for banks to be relevant to their customers in term of the services they provide in the twenty-first century and in the future, must append this services provided by E-commerce in the banking system in order to stay in competition. Now the on-line banking is the one thing bank should get up and invest in internet technology to reap bounteously the benefit accruing from internet banking.
While Internet continues growing and gaining popularity among crowd, mobility represents new challenges to web designers. Wireless access is a new challenging mission in the current Internet era, with different demand for information by using less efficient terminals and networks. What really motivated our choice of topic was the fact that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is not yet fully applied in May fresh Bank and in our economy as a whole. We felt that May fresh Bank Caritas University Branch should also exploit the use and application of this wireless system in order to enhance their operations effectively and efficiently.
In banking industries today, queuing has become the order of the day, customers‟ line up for hours waiting to withdraw or deposit money. This creates a lot of problem to both customers as they waste their useful time in the banking hall. The management also wastes their time as they run around to find solution to those problems. Also it is observed that customers cannot withdraw money
any time they want as banks has their working hours. This is a big problem as needs can arise at any time and human beings will always like to have those needs solved. Also money deposited into accounts at times takes some hours to reflect in the persons account balance hence making banking operations slow and unhealthy for business growth.
Information and Communication Technology is still underutilized in May fresh Bank Caritas University Branch and in our society as a whole. May fresh Bank Caritas University Branch lacks effective ICT capacity for dynamic wireless operations. On analyzing the existing system of branch, the following problems were identified:
a. May fresh Bank Caritas University Branch lacks the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability to wirelessly operate and interact with their database in order to:
ï‚· Verify whether an account is credited or debited, wirelessly using GSM handset or internet.
 To verify the status of a Customer‟s transactions.
b. May fresh Bank, can verify the validity of their customers only through one source in a whole Branch through on central database online.
c. Presently, customers cannot access their May fresh Bank account Information online or with their GSM handsets, either to check or verify the status of a transaction without much official steps.
May fresh Bank cannot automatically contact their customer whose account number has been credited or debited as a result of lack of automated system.
ï‚· To improve in the speed, effectiveness, efficiency and convenience in business transaction.
ï‚· To design and implement a computer software to solve this problem and rendering the services.
ï‚· To design a friendly web-site that graphically advertises goods and services provided by the institute on web pages.
ï‚· To provide an On-line banking database for May fresh Bank using MySQL database.
ï‚· To interface the client and server side in a cost effective and efficient manner.
ï‚· To generally enhance the operational capacity of May fresh Bank via ICT.
ï‚· To design an interface that could be used to input transactions details for customer, and the bank staff information, able to store them in the database for further use and investigations of any bank transactions.
This project will provide an online banking database using MySQL database for May fresh Bank that can be accessed wirelessly from any branch area at any time. It features both GSM based wireless database access and Internet based wireless access for WAP enabled cell phones. Other features include ability to receive feedback wirelessly from any stakeholder and also the ability to provide answers wirelessly to frequently asked questions and other enquiries. It is hoped that its wireless database access feature would greatly enhance the operational capacity of May fresh Bank in a cost effective manner.

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Design and implementation of online banking system