Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Human Resources Management System

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          The current and future well being of an organization depends mostly on the activities and management of its human resources element. All activities towards improved productivity such as profit; organizational efficiency and effectiveness can only be made possible by the manner and method in which the human resources are managed. Human resources management therefore occupies a critical position in well being of an organization more especially in the area of facilitating positive changes towards effective performance.

          Because of this, there is need to improve some areas of operations of human resources department which require improvement or replace areas that may require replacement this initiated.

          This project focus in computerization of the human resources department that leads or aims at reducing time constraints job involves in the organization including improving inadequate records maintenance in the system that leads to the system problem inadequate production of the product that will satisfy the customers. A computer model will be developed to take care of the problem areas that require computerization and improvement strategies proffered in areas of require appraisal.

          This will go along way to help the human resources management to meet up with the challenges posed by the development of information technology and go a long way to help around the globe. 


Title page                                                                                          i

Certificate                                                                                         ii

Dedication                                                                                         iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                      iv

Abstract                                                                                            v

Table of contents                                                                              vii



INTRODUCTION                                                                                      1

1.1            Statement of the problem                                                                  4

1.2            Objectives of the study                                                            4

1.3            Scope of the study                                                                            5

1.4            Limitation of the study                                                            5

1.5            Significance of the study                                                                   6

1.6            Assumption of the study                                                                  6

1.7            Definition of terms.                                                                 7



LITERATURE REVIEW                                                                  10

INTRODUCTION                                                                                      10



3.1            Description and analysis of the existing system                      17

3.2            Fact finding method                                                                19

3.3            Organization structure                                                             20

3.4            Input / output and processing analysis                                             21

3.5            Information flowchart                                                             23

3.6            Problem of existing system                                                     25

3.7            Justification of the new system                                                         25



4.0     Design of the new system.                                                       27

4.1            Input / output specification and design                                             28

4.2            System flowchart                                                                    32

4.3            Procedure chart                                                                       33

4.4            System requirement                                                                 34



5.0     Implementation                                                                       37

5.1            Program design                                                                       39

5.2            Pseudo Code                                                                           45



6.0     Documentation                                                                        47



7.0     Recommendation and conclusion                                            49

7.1     Conclusion                                                                              50

REFERENCES                                                                       52





Human resources management at least in a primitive form has existed since the drawn of group of effort. Certain human resources functions even though information nature was performed wherever people come together for a common purpose.

The contemporary area of human resources management begins in the late (1920’s) it was characterized by an increase concern for human element in management. During the course of this century, however, the process of managing people has become more formalized and specialized and also a growing body of knowledge has been accumulated by practitioners and scholars.

The human resources management (HRM) is a relatively modern label for the ranges of themes and practices involved in managing people.

In organization “people” (Workers) are critical factors in its well-being. Since every organization is made up of people, hiring and maintaining good and qualified people critical to the effectiveness or success of organization. For the fact that every organization is human oriented, a factor without which the organization is reduced to nothing, the process of acquiring human services, developing skills, motivating them and ensuring their loyalty in the organization are vital instrument for achieving organization objectives be it public or private sector.

Human resources is simply defined as the supply of required staff of people with various qualitative skills which when applied, organizational or institutional objectives will be achieved.  The globalization process today dictates a need for continuous improvement in productivity and quantity necessary for an effective use of new technologies on organization that would like to survive these challenges of the present and future time anticipate its system reviews and change.

Today things are changing very fast the world has become so much unpredictable and uncertain especially in areas of rapid and radical technological development which focus more on computerization.

This goal could only be achieved by organization engaging in proper utilization of its human resource elements.  Manages the implementation and delivery of human resources services and operations agency-wide; implements human resources policies and operating procedures in a consistent manner throughout the agency.  Employ technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, including electronic recruitment and staffing systems.  This lad to this research and project work “Design and implementation system” using the Emenite Limited (EL) Enugu as a case study of stream line the conduct of company operation with the global demand of present the technological development.  Emenite limited has been a member of the Belgium group Etex started operation in 1963 under the name ‘Turners & Sbetos cement company Nigeria Limited and later change to turners building products (Emene) Limited.  Due to dividing fortunes of the company, in March 24, 1998, turners and Newall Ltd diverted its interest in the company and transferred 51% of its shareholding to Eteroutreme societe Anonyme of Belgium (now Etex group S.A) and balance went to Eastern Zones that change the name to Emenite Limited.

          In the course of the work Emenite Limited (EL) the computer is used to compute the flow of data, production, quality control, and data processing.  This production appointment will properly kept and access information, retrieval of information, storage easy and simply to generate helps to make more reports available to the management and better handling of production, appropriate quality control, personnel data and information flow in other departments.



The non-satisfaction of customers demand when needed (inadequate production); the time wastage in delivery of goods; the improvement on adequate payment of workers.



The effectiveness of an organization firm or system is determined by its ability to allow certain goals maintain itself internally and adopt to it environment.  The main of this project is to improve in production and data flow during delivery within Emenite organization using a more feasible alternative that will eliminate some of the problems in the existing system.  The set objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

-                     Improvement in production

-                     To avoid unnecessary delay in time delivery.

-                     To improve on adequate payment of workers.

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Human Resources Management System