Design And Implementation Of A Virtual Library System

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The Virtual Library is currently developing, as the society becomes more dependent on technology to store and obtain information quickly and effectively, there has been increasing concern in how easy access can be made to books for research, or having unhindered access to store information about research work or knowledge.


The Internet is its ever-evolving state is becoming a serious method of business communication and data transfer worldwide. As students and other institutions and organizations beginning to use the Internet as a new method for awareness creation and information search, then there comes a need for a website that will provide them with the comprehensive list of all the research materials they need. This was what motivated us into embarking on this research work.


Finally, this project was well arranged for Layman’s understanding and finally the website were design in pages but the book collection was limited to computer books and some others.  





Information Technology is able to facilitate the revolution of changes, which optimize performance and profitability to companies because it provides solution to one of the key business and communication barriers; distance and difficulties associated with crossing them. Emergence of Internet and its technologies has led to the death of distance and collapsed the entire world into a “Global Village”.


The word Virtual means many things to many people, but according to Encarta Encyclopedia: Virtual means being something in effect even if not in reality or not conforming to the general accepted definition of term. Again it can be seen as used to describe a particle whose existence is suggested to explain observed phenomena but is not proved or directly observable. Finally, it can be seen as simulated by a computer for reasons of economics, convenience, or performance.

The term “Virtual Library” emanates from Virtual Reality; the virtual reality is a system that enables one or more users to look, more, and react in a computer-simulated world. Various types of interface devices allow users to have the illusory experiences of seeing, touching, picking up, and even manipulating virtual (simulated) objects. Virtual worlds and everything in them, (including computer images of the participants) are represented by mathematical models and computer programs.


A library can be seen as a room, building or institution where a collection of books or other research materials is kept or a collection of books, newspapers, records, tapes, or other materials that are valuable for research or a collection of things for use on a computer, for example programs or diskettes, or a collection of routines or instructions used by a computer program.


But, may looking at all this our main aim on this project is to make a library look virtual; thereby making the collection of books and other research materials to be in electronics form, for global access across the globe term “Virtual Library”.



In Nigeria as a developing country, most institutions and large organization are not yet able to create or setup standard library for their organizations especially schools (higher school in the country), thereby making it difficult for their members to have access to research data and valuable materials.

It also limits them from knowing what is happening in the globe. It is likely one of the major cause or out-dated knowledge that students suffer in institution of higher learning in Nigeria.


To cope with high pace technology in this information age, the researcher is prompted to provide an effective channel or medium that will serve as a virtual library through which university students and organization of different kind can have access in any-part of the world for retrieving information and for their knowledge update.



In the context of technological advancement, computer is playing a leading and indispensable role. This is based on its ability to provide or perform a lot of tasks.


Based on this, the purpose of this study is to discourage the manual and time wasted in the process of going through bookshelves in search of books or information or data(s) in the library and also to make research material available at a point.       



Computer being one of the newest development in technology, the populace fail to apprehend its multiples retrieving importance. This study will first

·                    Aim at utterly clearing off the misconceptions and biases about computer and discouraging the boring method of creating awareness, which does not extend to a wide society.

·                    To provide the globe with Virtual Library where they will go in need of vital and research information.

·                    To create a Virtual Library that will be easily updated.

·                    To minimize research time and make it more efficient.

·                    To setup a Virtual Library where electronics books will be centralized.


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Design And Implementation Of A Virtual Library System