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web-based campus helpdesk that allows students and staff to perform activities such as submitting a request, viewing a list of request made and checking the status of his/her request, the administrator has to perform tasks such as checking the request from the student and authorizing them that is taking necessary actions on them, the administrator furthermore, has the option to send a proper notification via email to the student with solution to their requests. The methodology for this project is SSADM (Structural system analysis and design methodology) and the programming language used for the project is SQL (Structured Query Language) was used for the database, programming language HTML (Hyper-text Mark-up Language), PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

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Title page                                                                                               i

Certification page                                                                            ii

Approval page                                                                               iii

Dedications                                                                                    iv

Acknowledgment                                                                             v

Abstract                                                                                          vi

Table of contents                                                                             vii

List of figures                                                                                 viii

List of table                                                                                      iv

Chapter 1: introduction

1.0 background of study                                                             1

1.1statement of problem                                                                            2

1.2 objective                                                                                      2

1.3 significance of the project                                                           3

Chapter 2: literature review

2.0introductio                                                                                   4

     2.1 theoretical background                                                           4 

     2.2  review of related literature                                                    5

Chapter 3 system analysis and design

3.0 introduction                                                                           17

       3.1 describe the existing system                                                 18

        3.2  analysis of the proposed system                                        19

       3.3 design of the proposed system                                                      23

Chapter 4 system implementation

       4.0 introduction                                                                            32

       4.1 choice of development environment                                                 32

       4.2 implementation architecture                                                    33

       4.3 software testing                                                                                34

       4.4 documentation                                                                        39

       4.4.1 user manual                                                                         39

       4.4.2 source code listing                                                                40

Chapter 5: summary and conclusion

         5.0 summary                                                                                         41

         5.1 conclusion                                                                              41

         5.2 recommendations                                                                   43

         References                                                                                    44

        Appendices                                                                                   46



  1. Background of Study

Customer care is a crucial element of business success. Every time you have contact with your customers you have an opportunity to improve your reputation with them and increase the likelihood of further sales, the same goes for the online campus helpdesk. From your telephone manner to the efficiency of your order-fulfilment systems, almost every aspect of your business affects the way your customers (students) view your business.

This guide outlines what student customer care involves. It explains how you can use customer contact, feedback and loyalty schemes to cater for the needs of other students. It also covers how to prepare for receiving a student complaint.Online Campus Helpdesk supports different types of users:

  • Students: These are the users who will request for the different facilities of the campus.
  • Departments: These are the users who will receive the requests and try to resolve them.
  • Administrator: The Administrator will be able to add more students and facility heads to the system.

Online Campus Helpdesk is a web application aimed at providing different services of the college to the students for which they normally have to wait too long. Online Campus Helpdesk will allow students to easily request for different services via this online portal.

1.1     Statement of the Problem

At present the current system works manually. It provides the information in written or oral form within the campus. Individual has to spare his time and energy in order to obtain even the basic information regarding the campus. Apart from this there can be a long and tedious procedure in order to have a solution regarding any particular query.

Owing to

  1. The difficulties people face in transferring information/data.
  2. Sensitive/confidential nature of students’ information.
  3. Time wasted in manual processing of students’ information.

1.2     Aim of study

The Aim of the project are;

  1. Students and staff can perform activities such as submitting a request, viewing a list of requests made and checking the status of his/her request.
  2. The administrator has to perform tasks such as checking the requests from the students and authorizing them i.e. taking necessary actions on them.
  3. The administrator furthermore, has the option to send a proper notification via email to the students with solutions to their requests.
  4. Students and staff will also be able to access possible solutions to or information about their complaints/problems from the knowledgebase that would be incorporated into the project.

1.3     Significance of the Project

The significance of this project is listed below:

  1. To develop, promote, and provide adequate and efficiently Online Campus Help Desk.
  2. To maintain an efficient system of collection, sorting and delivery of students information.
  3. To demonstrate increased motivation to the Godfrey Okoye University staff.
  4. To eliminate the error involved with the manual method of checking students’ information.
  5. To save the time wasted with manual method of checking students’ information.

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Development Of A Webase Campus Helpdesk