Extent Of Use Of Instructional Materials In Effective Teaching/learning Of Computer Science In Junior Secondary Schools In Enugu Education Zone, Enugu State.

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As the world is becoming a global village.  The use of computer in our education sector becomes very important. This study was undertaken to asses th extent of use of instructional materials in effective teaching and learning of Computer Science in Junior Secondary Schools in Enugu North  L.G.A.  The study considered the availability of National curriculum, functional computer system, laboratory facilities, quality computer textbooks and the use of qualified computer teachers as contributing variables.  The study  also dealt with the method  of which all the data to build  up this work followed and  their presentations and analysis.  Consequent upon  these, the researcher  sets up four research questions to address the issue.  Subsequently, questionnaire items were designed to seek for responses in investigating the research questions.  The data collected from ten samples schools were analysed using statistical analysis.  The findings of the analysed results are Computer Science curriculum is largely used in teaching and learning Computer Science; there is  a low level of the availability of Computer Science textbooks.  Computer Science laboratories are poorly used in junior secondary schools.   Computer Science teachers are competent and committed in teaching of computer science.  The researcher recommended that the government should make available funds for procurement computer laboratory and computer systems in schools.


Title page                                                                               i

Dedication                                                                             ii

Acknowledgment                                                                   iii     

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Abstract                                                                                 vi

Table of contents                                                                   vii


Introduction                                                                          1      

Background of the study                                                       1

Statement of the study                                                          3

Purpose of the study                                                             4

Significance of the study                                                       5

Scope of the study                                                                 5


Literature review                                                                   7

Influence of national curriculum on teaching                      

And learning of computer science                                         8

The computer textbooks in teaching and learning

 Environment                                                                        10

Adequacy of computer system and laboratory in

Teaching and learning                                                           12

The roles of teachers in teaching and learning of

Computer science                                                                 14


Research method                                                                  15    

Research design                                                                    15

Area of the study                                                                   15

Population of the study                                                         16

Sample and sampling techniques                                         16

Instrument of data collection                                                17

Validation of the instrument                                                 17

Method of data collection                                                      17

Method of data analysis                                                        18


Presentation and analysis of data                                         19

Analysis of the research question                                         19


Major findings                                                                       24

Research Questions                                                              25

Summary                                                                               27

Conclusion                                                                            28

Implication of the finding                                                      28

Limitation of the study                                                          28

Recommendation                                                                  29

References                                                                             30

Appendix                                                                      33         




Over the  years, Nigeria has embarked on a scientific, industrial and technological take-off.  The national policy on education (FRW 2004) can only be attained if Nigerian citizens are properly equipped with necessary knowledge and skills offered in Computer Science by the use of adequate   instructional materials in teaching/learning .

         Computer has continued to play significant role in the development  of any society.  Indeed computer is a basic tool in realizing the nations scientific and technological aspirations.   According to Attach (2003) computer is an electronic and automatic machine that accepts data through the central processing units.  It has been seen as a factor in the development and understanding of any society or nation since the world is a global village.  Computer is taught to people  to enable them think creatively and constructively in computer terms and  to apply it in the analysis of data.

Today, mysteries of nature cannot be understood without the knowledge of computer.  Inspite of the important place of computer in our educational system, students in junior secondary schools continually register fair performances (Obodo 2002).  According to Betiku (2002) the fair performance may be due to methodology of teaching attitude of teachers or lack of interest by students.  Having seen the important of computer as an inevitable tool for human and technological development, it is necessary to look into the  use of instructional materials for effective teaching and learning.   The understanding mostly in junior secondary school. Obodo (2004) mentioned many reasons abound why there is need to advocate for the use of instructional materials.  Policy makers on the other hand see it as the way to simulate and maintain interest of students while in class.  Because of these conflicting views  on the use of instructional materials for effective teaching and learning  of Computer Science associated, following its overwhelming important as attested by various authors and philosophers in the background, we therefore consider it necessary to conduct a survey on the extent of use of instructional materials for effective  teaching/learning of Computer Science in junior secondary schools.


Education is dynamic.  This is because societal needs and problems change with time.  With the emergence of computer, the world is fast becoming a global village.

Getting a job or carrying out transactions like internet services are increasingly becoming difficult without possessing computer literacy.

The use of computer indeed Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) suddenly become usual in many sectors on national development (Imoko and Kurumen 2007)

In our educational sectors for instance students and teachers searches for material on internet.  And this can be possible by acquisition of computer knowledge. 

Hence, no nation in our modern world can claim educational functionality in the absence of an effective teaching and learning of computer (lyeke and Abongund 2007) To these effect, it becomes important to investigate the use of instructional material for effective teaching and learning of Computer Science in junior secondary schools in Enugu, Educational zone


The aim of the study is mainly to investigate the extent of the use of instructional material in teaching and learning of Computer Science in junior secondary school in Enugu Education zone.


-       to find out the extent of use of national junior secondary school curriculum.

-       to find out the extent of use of quality computer science textbook for Junior Secondary Schools

-       to determine the extend of the availability and use of functional computer laboratory in Junior Secondary Schools

-       to find out if qualified computer science teachers are employed to teach in Junior Secondary Schools

-       to determine the extent of teaching Computer Science in junior secondary schools.




The result of this study will help to improve the use of instructional materials in teaching/learning of computer science in junior secondary schools.  In Enugu-education zone.

It will assist the curriculum planners in reviewing the curriculum

It will assist the teacher in the use of instructional materials in teaching and learning of Computer Science

It will also assist the teacher to recognize the  important of instructional  materials in  attaining the stated objectives.


The scope of the study is investigation of the extent of use of instructional materials in effective teaching and learning  of Computer Science  in Junior Secondary Schools in Enugu education zone comprising of thirty five  (35) in junior secondary schools in Enugu north, Enugu east, Enugu south and Isiuzo local government areas.


1.          What is the extent of use of national junior secondary school curriculum

2.          To what extent is the use of quality computer text books to junior secondary schools

3.          How available is the extent of use of quality computer laboratory in Junior secondary schools.

4.          What is the extent of the competence and commitment of Computer Science teachers in junior secondary schools.


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