Teacher Effectiveness Of The Secondary School Teachers

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1.0 Introduction:


Educational process is three dimensional - teacher, pupil and curriculum. Teacher is an essential element in the teaching learning process. Without the teacher no learning can take place, no adequate knowledge can be provided and no proper development of pupils individually can take place. The teacher is the key figure in an educational organization. It is upon him/her that the educational efforts of the society depend. Teachers are considered as the heart of schools. The best teachers make the best students resulting a healthy figure.

 Education has become a competitive and lucrative business today. It is not easy to keep all the stakeholders align with the school, if they are not satisfied. Therefore, it is important for schools to make the teachers resourceful, competitive, enthusiastic and productive.

 It is safe to say that everyone, every parent, grandparent, and young person like to have the assurance that all our children are being taught and prepare for school, for future work and for life in the 21st century. In order to achieve this, we need to ensure that those who teach our children incorporate the effective teaching in their professional live. In essence, we need every teacher in our schools to be an effective teacher.

 Teacher effectiveness is defined as efficiency exhibited by a teacher in instructional strategies classroom management, personal disposition, evaluation, interpersonal relations, job involvement, initiative and enthusiasm, professional values, innovativeness in the everyday teaching learning situation.

 Teacher effectiveness of the secondary school teachers of Bokakhat sub-division

 Teacher effectiveness has been defined variously by researchers. Effective teaching is synonymous with teaching effectiveness and has been defined in these basic ways. These include definition in term of- Teacher Personalities, Teacher people Interaction and Teachers impact on pupil’s behaviour (Evan, 2006)

 Across the world, teacher’s salaries are almost universally determined by educational background, training, or years of experience, rather than performance. Yet a growing body of research shows that these measures are poor proxies for a teacher’s actual effectiveness in the classroom. They show surprisingly little correlation with teachers’ ability to raise their students’ learning.

 The teacher effectiveness also has impact on student learning and satisfaction of parents. An effective teacher only can teach effectively and then only the parent also will be satisfied by their child’s achievements.


1.1 Need and justification of the study

 Teacher Effectiveness has the impact in the classroom factors, such as teaching methods,

 Teaching expectations, classroom organization and the use of classroom resources have on student’s performance.

  Teachers play a predominant role in the educational frame work of the society. Student’s upliftment in the educational settings can be achieved by the teacher. To meet the existing competitive world, the students should not only be academically vibrant, but also be skilled and intellectually enlightened. This can be achieved only through the effectiveness of teacher. Teacher effectiveness in all aspects is very essential to meet the growing demands of learning community. It is very essential that the prospective teachers should be versatile in their interpersonal relations, classroom management techniques, proficiency in their content and use Audio-Visual aids for Teacher effectiveness of the secondary school teachers of Bokakhat sub-division making the learning environment more conducive. The teachers should have professional development to create satisfactory factors influencing the quality of education. The working condition of the teachers should be favourable resulting in increased professional development of the teachers. 

 The pivotal role of the teacher is to act effectively in the classroom in transforming the students to pragmatic approaches catering to the fast changing social order and economic life pattern of individuals and families, place heavier responsibilities on the shoulders of the teachers to the multifaceted faculty. For this, the teacher has to keep themselves abreast with the knowledge exposure and dynamism so that the teacher can be one step or two ahead of these well knowledgeable learners.

 Teacher effectiveness is generally agreed that goodness of on educational system, to great extent, is dependent on the quality of teachers. A college may have excellent material resource & equipments, with an appropriate curriculum adopted to suit the community needs, but if the teacher are misfit or indifferent to their responsibility the whole program is likely to be ineffective and wasted. Therefore teacher’s effectiveness is more important for realizing desirable educational goal. In today’s society an effective teacher only can produce effective students. Keeping this thought in mind this research topic has chosen.

  1.2 Significance of the study:

 The study of teacher’s effectiveness in secondary schools may be helpful for policy makers, administrators and teacher educators to improve the teacher training programme. It may also be helpful for the prospective teachers as well as working teachers in developing positive attitude toward teaching profession. An effective teacher possesses good academic qualification positive attitude towards teaching professions & has a democratic approach to take decisions. Shows maximumTeacher effectiveness of the secondary school teachers of Bokakhat sub-division sincerity in shouldering responsibilities and continuously remains in touch with latest developments in learning. Some attempts have been made by researchers in the field of teacher education to describe teacher effectiveness of secondary school teachers in terms of characteristics, qualities, attributes and professional competencies by the teachers. But only few attempts were made to develop standard measure which can rate effectiveness of teachers. Hence, the investigators Endeavour to undertake the present study to see the effectiveness of teacher in secondary level school of male and female teachers and also to find out how teacher effectiveness influence in teaching learning

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Teacher Effectiveness Of The Secondary School Teachers