Impact Of Pure Water Production On The Economic Development Of Nigeria

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Almost every nook and cranny in Nigeria is littered with sachet water nylon, popularly called “pure water”, As noted by Edoga et al. (2008), about 70 percent of Nigerian adults drink at least a sachet of pure water per day resulting in about 50 to 60 million used daily across the country. this has significant impact on the economy of Nigeria.

This study recommends that the pure water business should be allowed to thrive. This is because it provides employment for labour and profitable to the owners. The study further suggest that the pure water production should be encouraged in Nigeria under a guided atmosphere such that non-registered pure water factories are not allowed to produce untreated water for human consumption, that the water source be subjected to periodic test by analysts and that pure water should be produced under hygienic condition that conforms with the standard required by the NAFDAC.













                                      CHAPTER ONE



1.1           Background to the Study

Water has been identified to be very important to human existence because it is very necessary for survival.A reliable supply of clean wholesome water is crucial in an attempt to promote healthy living amongst the inhabitants of a well defined geographical region (Mustapha and Adam, 1999). In an attempt to proffer solution to water problem, it was estimated that 1.2 billion people around the world does not have access to clean safe water and about 2.5 billion people are not provided with adequate sanitation (Third World Water Forum, 2003). Majority of the affected people that lack access to clean safe water and adequate sanitation are located in the developing countries because the standard industrialized global model for safe water delivery and sanitation technology is not affordable (Gadgil and Derby, 2003).


1.2 statement of the research problem

Narrowing down to Nigeria, the supply or provision of public drinking water is not reliable (Egwari and Aboaba, 2002). As a result, this has adversely affected the good health of Nigerians most especially during the dry season (Adesunkanmi and Ajao, 1986). In Nigeria, ground water and pipe borne (tap) water are the major sources of drinking water. These sources are said to be unsafe sources of drinking water because findings indicated that ground water sources contain trace elements, dissolved solids and pathogens in excessive quantities that may be dangerous to the health of the people. Consequently, most of the investigations carried out on ground water samples from different parts of Nigeria revealed that most of the available sources of water or water types are polluted or contaminated hence, were not fit for drinking purpose (Ogunbanjo,2004 and Tijani, 2003) cited in Olaposi (2009) unpublished PhD Thesis. In addition, physical assessment of many public supplied pipe-borne water samples also testified to their poor quality.An example of locally developed alternative of safe water provision in Nigeria is the drinking water sold in polythene sachets and plastic bottles. there are few studies on  the impact of pure water production on the economy of Nigeria to employment creation, income generation and wealth creation, hence this study.


1.3 Objectives of the study

The broad objective of this study is to assess the impact of pure water production on the Nigeria economy with specific attention to Nnewi North L.G.A of Anambra State .

The specific objectives are to:

i.                   Analyse how pure water  production has impacted positively on the Nigeria economy

ii.                Assess the extent to which  pure water production has created income generation.

1.4 Research questions

i.what are the impact of pure production on the economy of Nigeria?.

ii.has the production of pure water created income generation in Nigeria?

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Impact Of Pure Water Production On The Economic Development Of Nigeria