Enrichment Of Tef Eragrostis Tef (zucc) Trotter Flour With Soy Protein Concentrates For Injera Making

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In the continuous search for solution to the problem of malnutrition in its various forms, mainlyrnamong the people of the developing countries, views have been expressed of the need to improvernthe nutritive quality of staple local foods through better processing and enrichment.rnConsequently, this study was initiated with the aim of enriching tef (Eragrostis teff (ZUCc.)rnTrotter) flour (used to make injera: widely used staple food in Ethiopia) with soy proteinrnconcentrate (SPC) and thereby enhance its protein content and to analyse the effect on otherrnnutritional component and organoleptic properties ofinjera. Very white tef (Quncho variety) andrndefatted Soy flour (Glycine max) were collected from Debre Zeit Agricultural Research Centerrnand Ethiopian Spice Factory, respectively. Then, SPC was prepared using ethanol/water (3 :1rnratio) as a solvent. The prepared soy protein concentrate (with known proximate composition)rnwas blended with tef flour in 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% ratios. The result divulges that the proteinrncontent of the injera increased from 1 1.31%for the contrDI and 14.30%, l7. 30%, 20.76 % andrn25.06% for 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% SPC blended injera, respective/yo Increase in proteinrncontent at 5% blend of SPC was not statistically significant from that of control injera. Otherrnproximate compositions (moisture, ash and crude jibel~ of the injera were also increased.rnHowever, fat, carbohydrate and gross energy content of injera were decreased. The mineralrncontents of enriched flour injera were found to show increment for all Fe, Zn and Ca content.rnMoreover, although increments in phytate and tannin content are observed in blended injera, thernANOVA performed on phytate content implies that the changes are not statistically significant (prn< 0.05) with that of the control injera (100% teffloiirfui1til 20% blend. The sensory analysisrnconducted was resulted in acceptance of injera by the panelist until 15% SPC blend. MixturernDesign Expert software used to optimize the exact combination of targeted protein valuern(20.76%) and ranged overall acceptability (5.7-7. 75) has demonstrated the optimum regionrnblendfor tefand SPC with the linear models wasfound to be 87.35% and 12.65%, respectively.rnThus, thi s study has revealed that it is possible to minimize the protein deficiency in developingrncountries through enriching various staple cereals with SPC.

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Enrichment Of Tef  Eragrostis Tef (zucc) Trotter Flour With Soy Protein Concentrates For Injera Making