The Impact Of Globalization Of Financial Service On The Development Of Nigerian Insurance Industry (a Study Of Igi) (2)

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The study sought to investigate the impact if globalization of financial services on the development of Nigerian Insurance industry (A study of IGI). Globalization refers to the process of the intensification of economic, political, social and cultural relations across boundaries, and it is principally aimed at the homogenization of political and socioeconomic across boundaries. Industrial general insurance company Enugu was used as a case study. The objective of the research were to ascertain why Nigeria insurance industry has not been participating in the international insurance market, and to identify the needs facilities to be used to enhances globalization in Nigeria. The methodology used in obtaining data was a structural questionnaire and its validity of hypothesis was tested using the chi-square statistical model. Data were sourced both through primary and secondary data collection. Approximating scaling statistical model was used in the analysis of response from the respondents. It was discovered from the research work that a lot of problems are facing globalization of financial service on the development of Nigerian insurance Industry in Enugu and recommends that government should help to provide due facilities that will enhance Nigeria Insurance Industry in participating in the international Insurance market.





Title Page                                                                     ii

Approval Page                                                                      iii   

Dedication                                                                    iv

Acknowledgment                                                           v

Abstract                                                                       vi

Table of contents                                                           vii



1.1      Background of the study                                                 1

1.2      Statement of the Problem                                        9

1.3      Objective of the Study                                             10

1.4      Research Question                                                  10

1.5      Research Hypothesis                                               11

1.6      Significant of Study                                                       11

1.7      Scope and Limitation of study                                         12

1.8      Definition of Operational Terms                                14



2.1      An Overview                                                          18

2.2      History of IGI                                                         19

2.3      The concept of globalization                                     20

2.4      Information Technology and Globalization                  23

2.5      The operating Environment                                      27

2.6      The Importance And Growth of Service                      29

2.7      Trends in Globalization of the world economy

and Implication                                                      35

2.8      The effect of globalization on Insurance Industry        40

2.9      Maximize Choice on the development of Nigeria

Insurance Industry                                                  41

2.10  Global Interdependence, Dynamic and Challenges              44

2.11  Emerging Issue arising as a result of globalization             50

References                                                             57



3.1      An overview                                                           59

3.2      Sources of data collection                                        59

3.2.1       Primary data                                                   60

3.2.1       Secondary data                                               60

3.3      Population of the study                                            61

3.4      Sample size and sampling techniques                        63

3.5      Instrument used in selecting sample size                   64

3.6      Validity and reliability of the instrument used                    66

3.7      Method of data presentation and analysis                   67



4.1  An overview                                                            69

4.2      Data presentation and analysis                                 70

4.3      Testing of Hypothesis                                              80



5.1      Summary findings                                                  87

5.2      Conclusion                                                            89

5.3      Recommendations                                                  90

5.4      Suggestion for further studies                                         91

Bibliography                                                          92

Appendix                                                                      95

Questionnaire                                                        96






Globalization means the whole world is becoming a global village, the world are coming together to be one in unity, things are happening generally people don’t produce to satisfy the market people around them, but they produce for the whole market. What is happening at Saudi Arabia, America, Europe etc. is happening in Nigeria, Ghana and parts of the whole world it is globalization. Globalization is a new world order that emphasis global perspective of the whole universe in further words that word market is tended towards a universal standard.

       The world economy has undergone radical change during the past two decades, geographical and cultural distance have shrunk with advent of jet planes, fax machines, global computer and telephone, look ups, world television satellite, broad casts and other technical advances. This has allowed companies to greatly expand their geographical market coverage purchasing and manufacturing the result is a vastly more complex insurance environment for both companies and customers. Today almost every company, large or small is touched in some way by global competition. From the neighbourhood florist that buys its flower from Mexican. Nurseries, to the small New-York clothing retailer that source its merchandized competing in its home markets with giant Japanese rivals to the large American Consumer gods producer introduce new products into emerging markets abroad.

       Companies in various industries are also developing using a global assembly line. In addition is sourcing their components supplier and goods from abroad, many U.S companies are trying to sell their service abroad. But they are recognizing that to do this well they cannot do it along so they are forming strategic alliances with competitors who serve as suppliers or distributors, technological partners or joint ventures partners all of this means that we are seeing and will continue to see some surprising alliances between international competitors e,g ford and Nissan successfully designed a mini-van together and ford has also had a successful strategic alliance with mazde for the past 20 years.

       General electric and SNECMA a French company have been making jet engines together, since 1971 Coca-cola and Schweppes run a large soft drink during bottling plant together that has brought both companies, tremendous cost saving. Toshiba supplier line transmitter to JVC Television.

       What is internal: The internet is a collection thousands of computer, networks of varying sizes millions of computer more than 30 million users who share a compatible means for interacting with one mother to exchange digital. A system that Commack computer system located throughout the world that willing to share resources. Internet has eructed a co-operative society that forms a virtual community starting from end of global to other.

       There are factors that necessitate globalization as follows:

International spread of technology sizes of investment require, reduction of trade barriers and all environmental demographically, psychological and behavioural factors.

       Globalization through trade agreement and market integration the success of trading blocks in the world economic depend on members having similar economic structures; being geographically close to each other experiencing a political commitment and solving evidence of trade compatibility (Eieleke) 1992, (Schott 1999). The first exertion refers to the need to accommodate the redistribution of trade flows employment and income which would necessarily arise from the integration of the economics.

       Globalization through (GATT) the general agreement of tariffs and round of discussion completed and signed on 15 December 1993 in Geneva and was launched in Uruguay seaside resource of pentodes to see. In September 1986, the Uruguay round of trade talks was the most ambitious attempt to date involving more than 100 countries liberalizing trade and standardizing trade rules in a textiles. The aim was to remove as many trade barriers as possible to encourage closeness of the global the most striking trend in business today is the growing globalization of markets world wide for goods and services. This is true for everything from airlines to automobile, banking to burgers; clothing to computers detergent to disappears, electronics to elevators, software, tooth paste to tacos. Corporations whether of U.S Japanese, European or other National origin are drawing an increasing proportion of their sales from international; markets are the 100 largest U.S multination drive 39 percent of their sales from operations overseas. Company such as Exxon IBM, Colgate pal olive CPC internationals and Coca-cola etc draw more than 60 percent of their sales from operations overseas, international markets are critical for companies such as Unilever the Anylor –dutch conglomerate, Philips, the electronics giant and nestle the SWISS food mammoth who have relatively small domestic market. Vans motivation empires are emerging whose sales volume is often greater than G.N.P of many countries.

       Yet globalization is not confined to a globalization in not confined to a large multination. A new breed of :Mhiaction” is emerging opening fall ones research labs and sales units around the world, these are typically mid-size manufacturing companies with sales of N200 million to N1 billion which target special rick market worldwide in areas such as precision institution medical equipment or computer peripherals. Talking advantage of the operating up of market customers firm a limited number of manufacturing bases and keep a clean cooperate profile to compete more effectively in world market. Medtronic, A.U.S.S.S” manufacturer of pace makers has opened plants in Japan and Europe for research and manufacturing to serves these marketing and tap into new technology in micro matching and miniaturization. Japanese and European companies have entered world markets and constitute a major challenge in many industries traditionally dominated by U.S.A firms. Many companies from the newly industrializing and developing economics are also beginning to spreads their wings and to assume increasing important in field such as electronics textiles ship building and steel. Furthermore, the trend towards globalization is occurring not only down stream. In end markets for consumers on industrial goods but also upstream in market for raw-materials technology and other resource in may industrial, global searching is on the increase resulting in the development of complex logistical system designed to take advantages of differential labour, production and raw material cost in different countries as well as the increase efficiently in international transportation and communication networks.

       Thomson consumer electronic of France for example, makes components in Malaysia and Indonesia that go into sets, assembled in its highly automated plant in Singapore. Indonesia has now become a favourite place for making expensive owing sticks numerous, U.S Japanese Automobile companies are setting up operation in mexico-ford is investing & 750 million in a plant in Chihualua to manufacture two  empires for North America. Mission is spending & I Billion on a new assembly plant at Aquas caleentes to make sentras, some of which are to be re-expected to Japan. Such development imply that all companies need to adopt a global perspective to their strategic insurance planning, irrespective of their interest. In international markets need to identify the most attractive opportunities world wide to determine their global strategy relative to those market. Even companies not considering international operations need to develop strategy with and eye to international operation need to develop strategy with an eye to international development and potential entry of completion into the domestic markets.

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The Impact Of Globalization Of Financial Service On The Development Of Nigerian Insurance Industry