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Main editor

Dr. T. O. Umahi

Assistant editor

Ofodum, Chukwunonso Charles


The legal journal is meant for academic and practitioners, researchers, the expression of views and opinions on legal themes and issues as well. This issue of educating the public on law started/began from Facebook when African law students were created by me in 2013. This journal evaluated the legal frame work in Nigeria police Force has different stages of evolution from pre-colonial, colonial to post-colonial era, which will be discussed further on history of police force in this article.


Nigeria Police Force is regulated by Police Act and it was enacted to solve the challenges of Nigeria and Nigeria Police. This article attempted to address the various vacuums which have affected the Nigeria Police Force for the establishment of Nigeria Police and for curbing of crime in Nigeria, which are major challenges Nigeria as a country is having till date. This article equally applies decided cases and recommendations which will stop bribing and corruption if followed. It goes on evaluating the Nigeria Police Force and issues they are facing presently.


This article expose the serious miscarriage of justice in Singapore as a life experience and which provides an effective and accessible system of justice, inspiring public trust and confidence, leading subordinate courts serving society with quality judgments, excellent court services, a variety of processes for timely resolution of disputes, our people as the most valuable asset, innovative use of technology, Fairness, accessibility, independence, integrity, impartiality, responsiveness.


The journal tells the importance of fair hearing which and the principle of Fair Hearing is one of the twin branches of the principles of Natural Justice. It opines that a person should be given adequate opportunity to defend himself/herself in a matter before he is adjudged.


The article has exposed some inadequacies in Zambian law which makes a girl child in particular, quite vulnerable to a number of harmful cultural practices. Child marriages have been identified as arguably one of those ‘harmful cultural practices’ that needs to be corrected by the sharp sword of legislation. Current legislation such as the Anti-Gender-Based Violence & the Penal Code are not efficient enough to curb the scourge of child marriages. But there is a glimmer of hope for the Zambian child as the National Assembly has taken a positive step towards outlawing child marriages.


The journal educates us on issue of reconstruction in company law and we discussed Merger, take over, defunct, acquisition, Bankruptcy and wind up as business reconstruction in company law. It equally proffer necessary recommendation needed as an advice and we concluded the paper.


The compendium appending exposes the need to be computer literate as a lawyer; African must change, for the eared muscles causes of poverty operation definition of future by Professor J.C. Agwunobi, Facebook aim and others.





African Law Journal

Dear consumers (readers), you are all welcome to African law journal. The aim of the journal is to provide information, legal issues and to acquaint the readers on law and societal problem which will proffer recommendations on the readers too.

The journal is for the ministers in the temple of justice, academia, legal academia, lawyers in practice, legislators, lawyers in equity, and everyone in the society. The journal criticised prudently and courteously the challenges we faced in this continent (Africa) and in the world in general. The article has compendium appendices which evaluated some African problems and elucidated some issues with the solution.


It is our belief that readers must learn one or two things while perusing through this journal. We want to use this medium to thank all the contributors of these articles and congratulate African law student’s administrators and members too as we look forward to a better future.










We would love to thank God and congratulate all the contributors of this journal for the successful publication. We acknowledge all the contributors like my fellow colleagues at African Law Journal and African Law Students, Ugochukwu Onu (admin., Nigeria), Stuart Emmanuel Kondowe (writer, Zambia), Samuel Ogundimu Olajide (admin.,Nigeria), Manzi Nkoyosi S. (admin.,South Africa), Jozi (admin., South Africa) and Austin (admin.,Nigeria) Miracle Meo monty (admin.,Nigeria) and Magez Andrew (admin.,Uganda).We thank our editor Dr. T. O. Umahi.Finally we thank Okonkwo Stanley Chigozie (typist) Sambasivam Kunju (writer), Mbagwu, Ikechukwu Prime Mars (writer), Edwin Mbewe (writer), Ezeakunne Okwuchukwu (writer) Prof. J. C. Agwunobi(writer,Nigeria), Kenya Journal of Law and Justice,Ombo D. Malumbe(writer) Bongi France Mojapo, South Africa(writer), Thomas Solomon, Namibia (writer) Obioha, J.O. , Dr. Obioha, K.C.E. and our facilitators: Arthur Ezenukpo, Okoye Chinedu(Mrs.), Hon. Amb. Henry Ugwuodo, Dr.Uzoigwe Comfort, Hon. Sam Alum etc, Dr. Arch. Engr. A. O. Nwagbara and Ezinna Iroegbu Edge, you are all well appreciated.



African Law Journal started from African Law Students on Facebook since 2013 till date, description/vision: our aim is to provide Law students and Lawyers especially in Africa with the most up to date, comprehensive legal education, and what is happenings in our legal world.

Our noble course is to transform into an International body in and outside Facebook and pursue modern innovations and equip ourselves with both online and physical tactics of learning substantive and procedural law so that future lawyers will stand a better chance to compete favourably, in following ways:

1. By sharing legal ideas in order to broaden our ideals in legal profession;

2. To stand in the challenge for all those Faculties that may be prone to inefficient legal impartation;

3. To socialize ourselves with the aim of aiding our society.

4. To promote legal aid in our various countries

5. To ensure enduring stability in the Africa to stability.

6. To bring justice to Africa, and the whole world

7. To bring quality education to African lawyers, law students and the world in general.


Our official Languages are English, French and Legal Latin language. *Our government directive is Parliamentary system of Administration. The group is made up of two Chambers: the main group and the Admin Team. - The operational guideline should flow from Justice - All major decisions in the group must be based on Majority (Majority voice in this regard is the highest number among the participants). -All members can sponsor a bill or move motion for the progress of the group.


Rules and Regulations

1]. All members must be legally minded.

2]. Every material posted on our wall must be legally related except few cases on  

jokes and social life.

3]. Spamming or Junk mail/fraudulent post luring members to scam is strictly prohibited.

4]. No Ethnicity/Racism.

 5]. No Insults or abusive words to fellow members or Personal attacks.

 6]. No Attacks on Religious and Political Figures.

 7]. No Flaunting of standing Orders.

 8]. No Insensitive Comments.

 9]. No Porno Videos and Nude Photos.

10] Abbreviation is highly prohibited in this group.

11] Advertisement is highly prohibited except with the permission of administration panel


 Any member that violates the rule shall be warned, failure to stop or continuous violation of the rule attracts removal from the group.

Slogan: Great African Law Students! (Response); Justice Shall Prevail

Motto: Aequitas Sequitur Legem (Equity Follows the Law)


In other to achieve aforemention goals, we brought an ideal of African Law Journal to facilitated the dream. Our administrators are: Defokwu Stanley Ebube, formeradminnstrator (Nigeria), OfodumChukwunonso Charles, founder (Nigeria), EzenwaUzor A, Diaspora in South Africa (administrator), UgochukwuOnu, administrator (Nigeria), ManziNkanyiso, administrator (South Africa), JoziMajoziNkosi , administrator (South Africa), Roy XhamhuelHolarjihday, administrator (Nigeria), Mo’men Abdul Ghaffar, administrator (Israel)  and Remi Austin, administrator (Nigeria). African Law Journal covers some articles about some countries in the world not just Africa and for us to know what is happening in other countries’ laws, so that we can compare and contrast in other to africaniseAfrcan laws and to bring justice to Africa and the whole world in general.


Thank You.


Administrator, African Law Journal

(College of Law, University of South Africa)                                   





CONTENTS                                                                                                                           PAGE

Forward                                                                                                                                1

From the Desk of the Founder                                                                    3

Acknowledgments                                                                                                4

History of African Law Journal                                                                           5

Legal Frame Work for Examination of Nigeria Police

Ofodum, Chukwunonso Charles                                                             12

Serious Miscarriages of Justice in Singapore Courts

Sambasivam Kunju                                                                                  21

Legal Frame Work for Examination of Nuisance in Nigeria             

  Ofodum, Chukwunonso Charles                                                                          40      

Assessment of the Other Side of the Principle of Fair Hearing in Nigeria

Mbagwu, Ikechukwu Prime Mars                                                            51

Business Reconstructions in Company Law

 Ofodum, Chukwunonso Charles                                                                           56

Child Marriages, Possible Criminal Liability of Parents, Selected Children’s Rights & the Inefficiency of the Anti-Gender-Based Violence Act in Zambia

Edwin Mbewe                                                                                            60

Police Brutality and Arbitrary Arrest in Nigeria

Ezeakunne Okwuchukwu                                                                         73








Ombo D. Malumbe                                                                                                                                            77

Crime as One of the Problems in South Africa

Bongi France Mojapo                                                                               105

German Neo-Colonialism over Namibia Must Leave

Thomas Solomon                                                                                                120


Negligence on Patients by Medical Practitioners

Obioha, J.O. and Obioha, K.C.E.                                                           130

Africa Must Change----Stuart Emmanuel Kondowe                                       137

For the Eared Muscles----Stuart Emmanuel Kondowe                                              140


An Operational Definition of the Future Shows  

PROF. J.C. AGWUNOBI                                                                         142


The Use of Computer in Our Legal World and Justice

OFODUM, CHUKWUNONSO CHARLES                                            143



Education Aim


OFODUM, CHUKWUNONSO CHARLES                                            143



Life Information

OFODUM, CHUKWUNONSO CHARLES                                            144

VIOLENT SOCIETY                                                                               144



OFODUM, CHUKWUNONSO CHARLES                                            145


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