The Impact Of “benue This Week” A Radio Benue Programme On The Rural Development Of Katsina-ala Local Government Area

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The study examined the Impact of “Benue this week”-A radio Benue programme on the rural development of katsina-Ala local government area, using the survey research method, The researcher discovered that the dwellers of katsina-Ala local government area are aware of the radio Benue programme “Benue this week” therefore it concluded that the programme “Benue this week” has created an impact to the dwellers. The study recommended that the government should fund the programme while the rural dwellers should be given more opportunities to participate in rural development programmes.
1.1Background of the study
Rural development as a concept embraces a highly complex chain of process that involves both physical expansion and structural changes. As a concept rural development goes beyond the provision of portable water, electricity, healthcare centres, recreational activities etc. it goes higher to talk on the reorientation and development of social values (Ajegi, 2005, p.17). In the pursuit of rural development we aim at improving the productivity of rural poverty as well as meeting the basic needs of the people (Ajegi, 2005 p.36). Thus, concern for rural development is concern for the majority of the nation’s population. The other reason is our share abhorrence of the features that go with under development (Ajegi, 2005, p.36). In recent times most discussions on rural development have focused on the role of the local government in the development process. The belief is that given the resources available to this third tier of government, it is in a position to co-ordinate and ensures meaningful development at the grass root level. While this is a popular belief the situation on ground tends to be contrary, the government and rural dwellers therefore, need a means to communicate with each other for further development and this where programme ‘ Benue this week’’. Which is aired on Radio Benue comes in. the rural dwellers in katsina-Ala local government area are mostly farmers, fishermen, traders students and tailors so it is obvious that this local government has a long way to go because their income is low, therefore development is needed to improve their living conditions.
Brief History Of Radio Benue
Radio Benue was established in 1978, two years after Benue state was created, the government saw that radio Benue could be used for so many functions like promoting their culture, informing the people of new things both in and out of the country, educating the people especially for development. Radio Benue was established for the following reasons. Firstly, to be the mouth piece of the government. Secondly to interpret the government laws and thirdly to improve the peoples believe in their culture. Development programmes are aired for rural dwellers to be able to know what is happening and even interact. ‘Benue this week’’ is one of those programmes, ‘Benue this Week’’ is aired weekly with different segments that includes phone in where the rural dwellers call to complain and advise the government on what to do, Another segment is called ‘what is the latest development’ this is where the presenter ask the rural dwellers to phone in and say the latest development they have seen. With this programme communication on development through radio Benue is done effectively.
1.2 Statement of the Problem
This research is meant to study Katsina-Ala local government area which can likely be neglected by the scheme of things especially in the development plan. The problem with African’s is the ability to keep rural development policies. The basic concern of this research is to ascertain the extent to which the activities of ‘Benue this week’’ a Radio Benue programme on the rural development have affected the lives of rural dwellers in katsina- ala local government area. The study is therefore is aimed at addressing the following questions:
What effects have radio Benue put in place to achieve the aim of improving the standard of living of rural dwellers in katsina-Ala local government?
i. Are the rural dwellers of Katsina-Ala local government listening to ‘Benue this week’’ a rural development programme?
ii. Are the rural dwellers participating in the rural development policies introduced to them?
iii. Is the government taking rural development serious?
These and other questions will be addressed later in the course of study.
1.3 Objectives of the Study
i. To find out whether rural dwellers of katsina-ala local government listen to ‘Benue the Week’’.
ii. To find out what limitations Radio Benue face with regards to rural development in katsina-Ala local government.
iii. To find out the impact of ‘Benue this week’’ a rural development radio programme has on the rural dwellers of Katsina –Ala local government.
1.4 Research Questions
i. To what extent do the dwellers of Katsina-ala local government listen to ‘Benue this Week’’?
ii. What limitation does Radio Benue face with regards to development in katsina-Ala local government?
iii. What impact does “Benue this week’’ have on rural dwellers of Katsina-Ala local
1.5 Scope of the Study
This research is limited to katsina-Ala local government area. The choice of the place has to do with the fact that its population is predominantly rural based with farming as a major occupation. Radio Benue operates in this area therefore, a conclusion made from the findings on the impact of ‘Benue this Week’’- A radio Benue programme on the rural development: a study of katsina-ala local government area’’ would be applicable to the rural communities since rural communities passes similar characteristics that are easily identifiable in all rural areas of the country.

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The Impact Of “benue This Week” A Radio Benue Programme On The Rural Development Of Katsina-ala Local Government Area