Customer Orientation In Banking Industry (a Case Study Of Ohha Community Bank, Ogui Road Enugu)

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          This research project is a very crucial study for Ohha community Bank in Ltd. The study was motivated by the necessary to establish marketing department in order to satisfy their customers in the most efficient and effective way.

          Ohha community bank was establish in 1997 and has been since entertaining their customers with services.

          Meanwhile, the aim of this research work is to find out whether the customers are satisfied with the manner in which services of the bank are rendered, to identify the delivery’s system of banking services and determining their effectiveness. And also, to formulate marketing strategies and make recommendations that would be more effective in the marketing of banking services.

          To solve the research problem both primary and secondary data were collected. The research instruments used in collecting the data were questionnaires and oral interview. The respondents comprised of the staff/management and the customers of the bank.

          In organizing and presenting data collected, tables, frequencies and percentages were used. The various hypothesis were tested using the chi- square (X2) .

          Data analysis and interpretation gave the following findings: -

1.                 Most of the respondents are not satisfied with the time spent in Ohha bank.

2.                 Some of the respondent are not satisfied with the services of the bank.

Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that:

          Ohha Community Bank should employ an expertise’s on computer in order to help speed up their services and also saves time for their customers. They should also employ old experience workers and mixed it up with new experienced once.

          Finally, if Ohha Community Bank will acknowledge the recommendations so made, I think it will enable them to achieve their aims and objectives of the bank.


Title page                                                                       II

Approval page                                                               III

Dedication                                                                     IV

Acknowledgement                                                         V

Abstract                                                                         VII

Table of contents                                                           IX




1.1            Background of the study                                               2

1.2            Statement of problem                                           4

1.3            Objectives of the study                                         5

1.4            Research hypothesis                                            6

1.5            Significance of the study                                                7

1.6            Scope of the study                                                         8

1.7            Definition of terms                                               9




            Overview of the marketing concept                 11

            Marketing strategies for banking services       14

            An overview of banking industry                             16

            Product policy in banking                               18

            An overview of marketing of services.            19

            Quality of services in the banking industry     24

            Ohha community bank and customer orientation. 26




3.1            Sources of data collection                                    28

3.2            Population of the study                                                 29

3.3            Sample size determination                                   30

3.4            Method of data analysis                                                32

3.5            Respondent instrument used                                33

3.6            Limitations of study                                             33



4.1            Data presentation and analysis                                      35

4.2            Test of hypothesis                                                         47




5.1            Summary of findings                                            53

5.2            Recommendations                                                         54

5.3            Conclusion                                                           55

BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                          57

Appendix                                                             60




          Community  bank is one of the banking industry in Nigeria, which discount cheques at a negotiable rate, effect purchases or sale of securities, collected cheques and dividends. It makes periodical and other payments on behalf of customers. The essential features of banking business are the receipt of deposit from customers, which made up of individuals, firms, bank and sometimes governments either on current accounts, savings and deposit accounts. On the basis of resources so attained, it either makes loans and advances to other customers or invests in security placement at commercial banks. Community bank undertakes the agency of other banks, pay customer acceptance, issues drafts, circular notes and letter of credit. It has other functions which include the acceptance of bills for customers, undertaking the office of trustees, taking charge of securities and other value for customers. They offers also business consultancy services to customers community banks therefore does not only serve as mobilizer of fund but also help to channel funds to various sectors of the economy. A community bank is under legal obligation to repay its customers balances either on demand or whenever the amount credited to them become due. It is only by meeting these obligations to customers that confidence the community banking system to be maintained.

          Generally, community bank covers its expenses and earns its profits by borrowing at one rate of interest and lending at a higher rate. Commissions are also charged in some financial services rendered to customers.



Community bank was imitated within the 1990 budget speech of the Head of State, commander in chief of the Armed forces of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. Since then institutionalizing the system has gone through a long way. One of the most critical element in the process is the privation of an operational manual appropriate for the activities of the community banks. Unlike the conventional commercial bank, a community bank has the dual function of not only providing banking services but also being a very active agent in the economic development of its community. This dual function imposes great responsibilities on the management of a community bank. These responsibilities require that the management is particularly sensitive to the credit needs of the numerous small and medium scale producers as well as to the task of mobilizing the saving of all and sundry in the community to meet this demand for credit.

A community bank starts as a small bank but with an unrestrainedly capacity for growth. It is imperative that it should be cost-conscious and very prudent in its expenditure and operational practices that is imaginative and aggressive with regards to mobilizing the fund with which to establish a high profitable assets portfolio. (see National Board for Community Bank (NBCB) operational manual December 1991, p 1.).

Ohha community bank Ltd among other community banks, is located at No 1 Ogui Road Enugu. Ohha community bank Ltd was registered in 1997 under the company and alied matter degree 1990, particularly to serve as a community bank which is responsible for the financial needs for its catchments area. Ohha community bank ltd commenced her operational business with a paid up capital of less than 3M to serve the community interest. This bank as authorized by department of bank order financial institution and National Board for Community Banks. The bank has authorized capital of N5m and it was fully paid up. The shareholders are made up of individuals and organisation. The bank has Standard Trust Bank Plc (STB), Union Bank of Africa (UBA) and Hallmark Bank plc as its corresponding banks.



Banking in the service industry. The quality of services rendered by our banks have been attracting criticisms from people in all works of life. The government functionaries, business men, the media and the general public are all very critical of banking services. The complaints range from those of inefficiency, favouritism, long delays in cashing cheques or making withdrawals, tiredness in granting loans or credits, to unfriendly attitude of bank workers. Even government that owns a siseable proportion of the shares in most banks is known to have constantly accused banks of not identifying enough with the nation’s aspirations. The chief of General staff had cause to appeal to bankers to leave arm chair banking and adopt the marketing concept in carrying out a research banking activities.

Consequently, most banks do not put their customers in the primce place as they are supposed to be. There is now keen competition and to compete means to apply the marketing concept. Are these criticism justified, or are they just a mare rundown of the banking industry because they are making profit in an era of economic slump?



The major objectives of the study are as follows:-

1.                 Determining the services rendered by Ohha community bank Nigeria Ltd Ogui Road Enugu to the public.

2.                 Identify the media through which customers get informed about the services rendered by the bank.

3.                 Identify the deliver system of banking services and determining their effectiveness.

4.                  To find out whether the customers are satisfied  with the manner in which services of the bank are rendered.             

5.                 To formaulate marketing strategies and make recommendations that would be more effective in the marketing of banking service.

6.                 Recommending ways of making profit in the banking services.



Ho1:   Customers employee relationship do not have positive impact in Ohha community bank.

Hi1:    Customers employee relationship have positive impact in Ohha community bank.

Ho2:   Customers are not satisfied with the time spent in Ohha community bank.

Hi2:    Customers are satisfied with the time spent in Ohha community bank.

Ho3:   Customer of Ohha community bank are not satisfied with their services.

Hi3:    Customer of Ohha community bank are satisfied with their services.

Ho4:   The positive of marketing concept apply by banks to satisfy their customers in the way they render their services.       

Hi4:    The negative of marketing concept apply by banks to satisfy their customers in the way they render their services.       



This project work will be of great benefit and important to student, lecturers, the company (Ohha community bank Ltd,) the competitors, customers, readers as well as the researcher.

1.                 The company: From this research work the company will benefit by identifying their problems as well as improving in their services effectively in order to satisfy their customers. It will also enable the bank in planning and developing their method of services.

2.                 The competitors: competitors will derive the benefit in the area of improvement in the services of their customers. It will help them to know the problem facing them or perhaps face them in the future and find out the possible solution to it in order to satisfy their customers.

3.                 Customers:  Having read through this project work, customers will therefore discover that Ohha community bank Nigeria Ltd render appropriate quick service to their customers.  

4.                 The Researcher: The benefit it derive will enable the researcher to know about Ohha community banking services and the historical background. The researchers knowledge will be broaderied on the area of problems facing Ohha community banking services and the possible solution to it.

5.                 Readers: Readers knowledge will be enhanced after going through this project work, as well as understanding events, activities and problems existing in their environment about banking services.   


1.6            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This project work is restricted to Ohha community bank Nigeria Ltd, that operate at No 1 Ogui road Enugu. This project work also focused on the problem encountered by Ohha community bank Nigeria ltd during their service to customers and how to overcome them efficiently and effectively.


1.7            DEFINITION OF TERMS

Some of the following terms are defined below in order to enable the reader find the project work easily understandable. The terms are marketing and banking “jargon’ whose real meaning may not be got correctly from the dictionary.

a.     Customer orientation: This is when the marketer gear his activities faviouably towards the customer Adirika, Ebue and Nnolim (1996: 21). 

b.     Banking industry: Establishment for keeping money and valuables safely, the money being paid out on the customers order (by means of cheques) Ben. Chukwuemeka Anibueze (1998:18).

c.      Community bank: This is a financial institution set up to mobilize the supposed idle cash in the community band provide for the financial and other banking needs of members of that community. It is a self sustaining financial institution owned and managed by a community or groups of communities. Ben. Chukwemeka Anibueze (1998:186).

d.     Services: A service is any activity benefit or satisfaction that is offered for sale. It is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything. Edoga (2004:1). 

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Customer Orientation In Banking Industry