The Impact Of Advertising On Sale Of Mobile Phone In Enugu Metropolis

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Title page                                                                                ii

Certification                                                                                      iii

Dedication                                                                               iv

Acknowledgement                                                                             v

List of table and figures                                                           vi

Table of content                                                                      vii


Introduction                                                                                      1

1.1     Background of study                                                     1

1.2     Statement of the problem                                                        2

1.3     Objectives of the study                                                  4

1.4     Significance of the study                                                         5

1.6     Scope of the study                                                                   5

1.6     Limitation of the study                                                  6


Literature Review                                                                    7

2.1     Marketing & marketing management                                      9

2.2            Why market telecommunication service                        11

2.3            The impact of marketing in telecom industry                          18



Research design and methodology                                          21

3.1            Source of data                                                                21

3.2            Survey instrument                                                                   21

3.3            Population of study                                                       22

3.4            Questionnaire administration                                        25     

3.5            Description of materials                                                26

3.6            Method of collection                                                      26

3.7            Validity and reliability of research instrument               30

3.8            Limitations of the study                                                 30



4.1            Data presentation and analysis of data                                   32

4.2            Test of hypothesis                                                                   49

4.3            Test of hypothesis I                                                       50

4.4            Test of hypothesis II                                                      56


Summary of finding and recommendation.                    60

5.1            Summary                                                                       61

5.2     Recommendations                                                                   63

5.3     Conclusion                                                                     65

Bibliography.                                                                 66





          The sophisticate of the socio- economic and political environment of the world has introduced a state of urgency in the manner and style human affaires are conducted.  There is a increasing awareness about the fact that does. For instance, in a race, the winner is the shortest possible time, in business, there is a popular saying that time is money, signifying that the time has an opportunity cost.  That being the case information  which is the basis for most decision ought timely.  As  such telecommunication has in the present time risen to a very fall height in its relevance day – to – day human affaire

          Security agencies all over the world rely heavily on telecommunication for operations, business entities and  individuals too are not left out.  Radio communication are  but a few examples of telecommunication  networks.

          Telephone, the emphasis of the research work is an instrument used for sending sound, especially human voice to a distance wire or radio, with the new technological breakthrough in the innovation of mobile pone or potable phone, empasis is already being made to create awareness of this new technology.

          In Nigeria where this technology is relatively marketing effort is required to sell the idea to consumers.

          Interestingly, nigria telecommunication plc ( NITEL) has been only player in the communication industry over the years.  There has been no challenger since NITEL was owned and funded by the federal government of Nigeria.  Being a sole player monopolist in the industry, thee was no need fmor advertisment, sales promotion or generally marketing effort.

          But with the deregulation of the industry, the policy federation of private telecommunication companies and the policy of government on privatization commercialization, competition have set in market of both telecommunication services and instrument has become imparative for success.



Recent global events have indicated very clearly that developments in the twenty first century willll be propelled by the  revolution telecommunications and information technology.  In an effort to develop a long the global trends in this sector, the Nigeria telecommunication industry is frequently and continually improving its techonology and service delivery.  Newer and user friendly equipment and system appear on a regular basis in our market to replace out dated ones.  These are caculated advances geared towards the improvement of standards thereby giving the consumer value for their money.

          Nevertheless, in Nigeria problems traceable to lack of effective marketing still abound in the operations of some telecommunication establishment some of them have not fared well enough in the areas of distribution of telecommunication equipment and instrument.






          The main objective of the study is to highlight the contributions of advertising and marketing principles on sales of mobile phones, the factor that determine demand, pricing and distribution of the service in Nigeria.


a.     To highlight the loopholes in services offered by mobile operations so as to enable management policies, strategies and decision to be stream – lined towards improving on these services.

b.       To educate the mobile phone employees on the benefits of good      customer relation.

c.       To establish the relationship between marketing and sales of mobile phones, two hypothesis were tested.  The hypothesis are as follows:

          Ho: the application of advertising and marketing priciples does not have significant effect on sales of mobile phones.

          Hi:  the application of advertising and marketing principles has significant effect on sales of mobile phones.

          Ho: marketing efforts impact negatively on the profit of telecommunication firms.

          Hi: marketing efforts impact positively on the profit of telecommunication firms.


          1.4     SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY

          The study is relevant to the extent it identifies the importance of marketing orient to the sales of mobile phones.  Thus, it is a essencial guide to operators of mobie phone services desirous of improving the sales performance  so that they can maximize their profit.  It also prepares them for the scope of work ahead and hellp them to gather through resources to fully implement  their program with ease.


          1.5     SCOPE OF THE STUDY

          The scope of this study research work centered on the impact of effective marketing of telecommunication products and service under the broad subject, the study focused on the marketing practices of mobile phone operations in Enugu.

                   In the course of the study, effort was made to determine the importance of mobile phones to the society and Nigeria economy.


          1.6     LIMITATION OF THE STUDY

          The limiting factors include time and finance.  Time was a major limita tion to the collection of data.  Efforts were made to schedule and keep to interviews appointment.  A couple of the interviews were honored as   scheduled. Failed apportment were rescheduled.  Some were successful will others still remain unsuccessful.

          Financial constraints and desire to produce a  through work within the little time frame the research to limit the study to Enugu metropolis.

          Regardless of the above limitations, great and relentless efforts were made to deliver a dully researched and comprehensive work on the topic under study.


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The Impact Of Advertising On Sale Of Mobile Phone In Enugu Metropolis