Marketing Roblems Of Small Scale Industries In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Juhel Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Enugu)

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          One of the problems of any business organization is how to maximize the use of its resources to achieve the organizations goals. This work is therefore geared towards ascertaining the marketing problems of small scale industries, that is to ascertain the marketing operations, the efficiency of the system and its relationship with government policies as well as the effectiveness of the already take remedial actions to solve the problems

          Using the T-test statistical technique of data analysis, data collected through questionnaire showed that resources were inadequate and that the marketing system is ineffective and that the problems have little relationship with the resources and government policies. Also the remedial actions taken to solve the problem are ineffective

          The researcher therefore recommends that the marketing machinery and their resources generating scheme should be strengthened, to set up good information network so as to get product and the proposition and implementation of maters salary scale among others. These will help sanitize the marketing system of Nigeria based on small scale industries



Table I        Perception of senior and junior staff of Juhel Ltd on resources adequacy :39

Table 2:      The data analysis suggest that marketing system and control is not effective

Table 3: Responses of senior and junior staff of Juhel Nig Ltd on the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing system and control

Table 4: Analysis of responses of senior and junior staff of Juhel ltd Enugu on the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing system and control.






1.1            Background of the study

If people can provide independently all that they needed in the process of living, there would be no need for exchange. If there is no exchange, it therefore follows that there will bee no market”(Ifezue 1990). This implies that exchange and market are the result of the inability of people to satisfy  their needs and wants independently and as such mare market are made up of people who have need and are eager to spend on and consume goods and services

The job  of marketing start with the identification of these wants and needs, before the advice on the kind and production of  goods and services, which will then satisfy them . marketing may simply be take to mean working with markets. In this study, the researcher set out to give  an over view of the marketing problems o small scale industries in Nigeria particularly Juhel Pharmaceutical industries limited Enugu

This chapter gives a background of the study, define some key concept of the study, the study objective as well as the problems in the company relating to the distribution of their products. It has n ot been easy to define marketing in a manner that is satisfying to everyone just as it has  not been possible to define small scale business in any standard term. In bot cases, each author expresses the view point adopted by him in the definition just as the businessman defines marketing to reflect the function  performed by him. (Ifezue 1990) define marketing as a process which identifies, anticipates, and satisfies consumer wants and needs through conception, promotion, mutual exchange and physical distributions of goods and services.  The British chartered institute of marketing (1989) define marketing as the management process responsible for the anticipation and identifying and satisfying of consumers requirement with profit to the company. The American marketing Association also defines marketing as the performance of business activities that are directed towards the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers. In an affluent society, marketing recognizes the importance of searching for consumers needs and services , interpret the needs and desires and also creating and offering what will  satisfy these needs and desires at a profit to the organization .

Problems are the factors that will  affect the marketing management function of a company and are able to improve on the management ability to develop  and maintain successful transaction with target consumers. Example are changing  consumers needs, environmental, material and consumerism and non observance of established material control system within the industries. Small scale industries are viewed by management scholars as those industries that have low capacity structure and investment.  Economic advisory groups in U.K classified small scale business according to industry in terms of net assets and turnover ranging from 20,000 to 25,000 pounds in net assets and 500,000 pounds in business turnover.

The federal republic of Nigeria defines small scale industries as the sector made up of small factories or any small manufacturing concerns in which relatively small amount of capital is invested whether it uses factory method or not



The statement of the problem is associated with the problems  of marketing of small scale business in Juhel pharmaceutical industries  limited. These problems include lack of  skilled marketing management in the small scale industries, poor management and resources control, difficulties in achieving the marketing objective and lack of adequate resources which has to do with  human and material resources  where technology is the order of the day, the employee have to be trained to be able to operate these equipments of work within their various field of operation


1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY


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Marketing Roblems Of Small Scale Industries In Nigeria