Media Staff Welfare And Effective Journalism In Nigeria A Case Study Of N.u.j Press Centre Enugu State Chapter

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Media staff welfare and effective journalism in Nigeria look into the problems the Nigerian Journalists face as the carry out their duties.

The results of the methodology shows that the media staff are not taken good care of. The journalism in Nigeria based on what is obtainable and that the proper welfare of Nigerian journalists will ensure effectiveness in the discharge of their duties.

Journalist also should be objective and honest so as to bring journalism in Nigeria back to her former honour.

The government also to allow journalists to function freely without disturbance of any kind. These will cause Nigerian journalism to be what it ought to be.





1.1            BACKGROUND TO STUDY

For any organization to function very effectively is it big or small, the welfare of the staff of that organization must first be taken into consideration. This is because a staff who is not taken good care of, for instance, whose salary is withheld for some months, cannot function with empty stomach.

In any economy, which uses money as the principal means of exchange, people must be paid for their work, Agu/Eluka (1996). They went further to say that “all organizations, whether profit seeking or not, exist for some purpose. They exist in modern industrial society to produce and distribute goods and services that are needed by the society’s members, to produce and distribute these goods and services, it is necessary to put human, mental and physical energies to productive use” This also applies to the media  staff and the discharge of their duties.

          Most organization offers many services to their employees such as subsidized housing medical services etc.

          If the welfare of a journalist working for any medium, either electronic or print is not favorably considered, he may discharge his duties haphazardly. The bible says that any one who cannot Carter for his family is worse than an infidel.

          Again in a situation where a staff is not allowed to bring out his ability by one way or the other, the effectiveness of such a person will be hindered. It is in recognition of the fact that the welfare of the media staff and giving him free hands can make for effective journalism in Nigeria that have rise to this research.



Non provision of working facilities

No welfare package

No better pay package

Inability to train and retrain

No job security

No good working environment

Non effective watch dog performance

Non access to information /freedom of operation.

The fact shall remains that Nigerian journalists are not taken care of. The African newsman underpaid and lacking of social status, Hatchen (1968).

It is not that the society ever respected the journalist for his flashy limousine or for his staggering band account or for his sprawl of real estate. No that had never been necessary; The Sunday magazine (1991).  Also there is suppression of mediamen in the practice of their profession.

The battle for the freedom of the press which was fought out during the century was a battle for the right to report the affairs of parliament, and to mitigate the battery of legal constraints, inhibitions to which the press was shackled Arnold (1991).

As a developing nation, Nigeria needs effectiveness in the practice of Nigerian journalist.

There is malpractice in the profession. “once upon a time”, said Ely Obasi, A Sunday magazine writer, Journalist at that time was revered because he held a pen in his fingers and always that the pen leaned on the side of truth and honesty. Something has gone wrong with journalism. The time picture of what is happening and has been happening is simply confounding. Journalism has descended from the heights of honour to indescribable depths. A fiction and plain lie has taken over Sunday magazine (1991).



          The purpose of this study is to find out

(1)             How press centre Journalist will be given adequate care or welfare.

(2)             How to obtain press freedom in Nigeria.

(3)             How press centre journalist will achieve effectiveness in the profession of journalism.

(4)             How to bring journalists to their former position of honour.



Is primarily to enable the government know the important of staff welfare, and freedom of the press. It will also enable the journalist know that he has to take it upon himself to boost the ego of his profession by dealing objectively and honestly in the discharge of his duties.

It will also set out the solution to the problems of the press not meeting up to thee expectation.



This study is on thee welfare of the media staff. It touches press freedom as pertains the government and society at large. It also covers achieving effective Journalism in Nigeria. And finally bring the journalist back to his usual ego.



1.                 Can good staff welfare encourage journalists to do their duties?

2.                 Do the N.U.J press centres have good staff welfare?

3.                 Do the N.U.J presses centre journalist practice effective journalism?




H0:    Media staff welfare can encourage a motivating practice by the mass media practitioners.

H1:    Media staff welfare cannot encourage a motivating practice by the mass media practitioners

H2:    Press centre journalists have good staff welfare.

H3:    Press centre journalists practice effective journalism because of the good welfare condition.

H0:    Press centre journalists do not practice effective journalism because of the good welfare condition.


1.8            DEFINITION OF TERM

Journalist-one who keeps a diary, a literary worker on a newspaper of periodical.

Journalism is the art of collecting, recording and disseminating news and information and literary materials and their presentation to the familiar world through the process of mass communication.

Effective – Producing its proper effect or a striking impression for service, real actual.

Welfare -Property, health, well being, success.

Staff- A body working under a manager.

N.U.J- Nigeria union of journalist.


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Media Staff Welfare And Effective Journalism In Nigeria A Case Study Of N.u.j Press Centre Enugu State Chapter