Problems And Prospects Of Consumer Protection Agencies In Nigeria (a Case Study Of National Agency Of Food And Drugs Administration And Control (nafdac) In Enugu State

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The study is concerned with an investigation into the problems and prospects of consumer protection agencies in Nigeria, is designed to evaluate the activities of NAFDAC as a consumer protection agency.  Ascertaining the level of consumer awareness of their rights in the market place.  To examine the method of consumer protection used by NAFDAC.  The case study used is National Agency for Food and Drugs, Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in Enugu metropolis.

The research tried to ascertain the future of NAFDAC as a consumer protection agency is brighter in Enugu metropolis, ascertain whether consumers know their right in the market place, thereby giving the NAFDAC officials the required information to help carryout their duty more effectively, to ascertain the low level of cooperation of marketers have a positively impact on NAFDAC operations as a consumer protection agency.  To examine the problems encountered by NAFDAC in the course of their work.

To find out whether the Nigeria media are partners in progress with NAFDAC in consumer protection, to find out how the consumer feels about the NAFDAC.  Data were collected from two main sources viz primary sources involving the design and distribution of questionnaire given to the consumers, producers/sellers and NAFDAC officials who provided the answers for the analysis undertaken using the percentages and the chi-square test of hypothesis.

My presentation and analysis showed that for any meaningful achievement to be made by NAFDAC in the protection of consumers against fake/adulterated products it needs a collaborative effort of the government, the producers and the consumers themselves.

Therefore, both students, lecturers, politicians, investors, legal practitioners, and the entire public will benefit from this project.







          Since the establishment of the National Agency for Food and Drugs and Administration and Control (NAFDAC) I 1994 to provide regulatory control for food, drugs, packaged water, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals and detergents (regulated products) in Nigeria, the operational thrust has been that of producing results at every level of the Agency thereby gaining the trust of the public, and industry.

According to Ajayi (1989:121) the manufacturer sale and distribution of fake products is a menace and everyone is a potential victim.  He also said that as long we are exposed to these products we cannot run away from their evil effects.  Since fake and sub standard products scourge is no respecter of persons, all hands must be on deck to check it.

The activities and ingenuity of some business men and women in Nigeria, with the collaboration of their foreign partners have created so much havoc in the lives of Nigerians.  The activities of these bad people have to be stopped if we want to realize the dream of a healthy population at any time.

The above evil collaboration took root from what Olakunoni (1992: 10) called lingering colonial mentality and inferiority complex.  They have resulted in a situation where most of the manufactured goods sold in some developing countries are imported.  Nobody wants to know whether they are safe for human consumption in case of food and drink or safe for usage in case of cosmetics and other chemicals.  This situation has driven some local manufacturers to manufacture fake and adulterated products and label them in “England”, “America” or many because consumes have brains washed to believe that any foreign product is superior to the local ones.

Hence out markets have been flooded with  local and foreign sub standard products that are willing agents of death to the hopeless consumer. It is the fight to our market of these substandard and dangerous products that NAFDAC has been championing since 1994.

But the Agency is faced with a lot of problems that the research work will explore and attempt to prefer some solution.



The life of an average consumer is at danger because of the consumption or use of fake and substandard products.  NAFDAC and other consumer protection agencies are not finding it easy in fishing out these unscrupulous producers/sellers in our markets.

These agents of death sometimes capitalize on the loophole of the law to evadegustics.  The consumers themselves do not clearly understand that sovereign status in the market place.  These produces of fake and substandard product and their foreign collaborators are becoming more sophisticated and deadly with every passing day.



The main objectives of this study are

1.                 To evaluate the activities of NAFDAC as a consumer protection agency.

2.                 To examine the problems encountered by NAFDAC in the course of their work.

3.                 To establish the prospects and challenges of NAFDAC especially in a developing country as Nigeria.

Other objectives include:

1.                 Ascertaining the level of consumers’ awareness of their rights in the market place.

2.                 To put to light the sharp practices of some businesses and their methodologies employed by them to escape justice.


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Problems And Prospects Of Consumer Protection Agencies In Nigeria