Sales Management And Accomplishment Of Profit Objective Of Firms In Enugu, Enugu State

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The researcher project on the sales management and accomplishment of profit objective of firms in Enugu state especially, Emenite Limited was carried out using both primary and secondary source of data.

Primary data were sourced through questionnaire interviews and researcher’s observation.

Secondary data were collected from textbooks journals and other publications.  This study was motivated by necessity to ascertain the contribution of firms.  It is aimed at identify the extent to satisfying their customers needs.  In the management of their sales and to give recommendation which will lead to the solution to their problems if any exist.

Chapter one deals with the back ground of the study statement of problem, significance of the study and the objectives which include:

(a)              To determine the effectiveness of sales management in profit objective of the firm.

(b)             To evaluate the level of satisfaction due to be derived by the firm etc.

In chapter two the researcher reviewed relevant literature on the study on hand.  The literature review was based on the following sub topics.

(i)                Meaning of sales management

(ii)             The role of sales management to organization

(iii)           Importance of sales management to the organization

(iv)           Management of sales operation

(v)             Performance evaluation of sales forces

(vi)           Brief history of the company profile.

Chapter four deals with the research design in which the researcher identified thus

(a)              The source of data collections

(b)             Determination of sample size and its selection

(c)              Limitation of the study as well as population of study

Chapter four talks about data presentation and analysis.  In the chapter the researcher presented data collected through questionnaire and analysis those data to bring out the latent information in them.

Chapter five talks about the findings, recommendation and conclusion.

The major findings of the researcher is as follows:

(a)              The customers of Emenite are not satisfied with the sales management been employed by the organization in the effort of carrying out their risk

(b)             The company is not meeting up to the expectation in terms of profit objectives of the firm etc

(c)              Based on the findings, the researcher made the following recommendations:

(a)                          That the company should pay more attention to the management of their sales in order to create more impact in increasing in profit objectives

(b)                         That the company should try to put an efficient and effective satisfaction to their numerous customers etc

Based on the results of the study lie later concluded that the sales management is the best method of poisoning the company(s) product in the market.  This research therefore proved that Emenite applies the principles of sales management but not effectively this as a matter of fact makes their customers not satisfied with their services.



Title page

Approval page




Table of contents



1.1            Introduction

1.2            Statement of the problems

1.3            Objectives of the study

1.4            Significant of this study

1.5            Scope of this study

1.6            Definition of the terms





2.1            Meaning of sales management

2.2            The role of sales management to organisation

2.3            Importance of sales management to the organisation

2.4            Management of sales operations

2.5            Performance evaluation of sales forces

2.6            Brief history of the company / profile



3.1            Design of the study

3.2            Sources of data collections

3.3            Population of the study

3.4            Determination of sample size and its selection

3.5            Limitation of the study





4.1     Presentation and Analysis of Data



5.1            Summary recommendations and conclusion

5.2            Summary of findings

5.3            Recommendations

5.4            Conclusion






Sales management involves the planning, hiring, directing and controlling of a company’s sales force.  Sales managers evaluate their firms competitive position, analyze markets and set goals, recruit, train and motivate sales people to reach these goal and continually strive to improve the quality and productivity of selling effort for which they are responsible EDEOGA P. N. (1997 : 214).

According to Nwokoye (2000 : 236) managing these sales effort and organization encompasses all effort put together in employing the activities of some sales persons in order to achieve organizational target objective.  Infact, sales operations are so fundamental to the arms marketing environment that some firms- especially new ones may not even use the term “marketing” to describe their operations  and top marketing man may have title of sales managers.

In ADIRIKA E. O. ET AL (1996 : 164) explains sales management as a personal selling jobs previously known as a persuasive environment which is triggered towards persuading customers to buy goods and services to amore integrated jobs of a complex activities in today’s larger marketing functions.  It basic area is tactical marketing which is more important in the area of offering goods and services and also things of value to the customers.

KOTTER AND ARMSTRONG (2001 : 583) summarizing the sale management when he stated that this only means the analysis, planning, implementation and contrive of sales force activities which encompasses


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Sales Management And Accomplishment Of Profit Objective Of Firms In Enugu, Enugu State