An Analysis Of Effects Of Nollywood Movies On Students Of Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria

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An analysis of the effects of Nollywood movies on students of tertiary institution in Nigeria used Institution of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu as a reference point. To do this I used survey research method to elicit the desired information from the sample produced. The researcher used 15,000 people as the population size of the study and sample size was determine using the Yaro Yamane formula. The researcher used the open ended and close ended form of questionnaire for data collection open ended question gave the researcher an opportunity to supply their own response, options while close ended was used to restrict some responses options. Moreover, the researcher used simple percentage and table, to analyze the collected data. In drawing the conclusion, the fact remains that students of our tertiary institutions are being impacted negatively and recommended that Christian movies should be produced. Hence, it may alleviate immorality from our various campuses.








Background of the Study

One of the most paramount function of Nollywood movies in the society is to entertain as well as to educate. It is because of this salient regard that some of the key concepts of this work are examined and scrutinize it with a view to determine the effect of Nollywood movies have on students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, exceptionally, for the purpose of lucidity and better understanding, according to a documentary on Nollywood, “Nollywood is the name attributed to Nigerian movies industry. It’s Nigerian movies industry by Nigeria production teams for the Nigerian people. However, the focus of this dependable and systematical research work is on the effect of Nollywood movies on students of tertiary institution in Nigeria which is tremendously the work of twenty first centuries because of the advancement of technology in making use of digital instruments in movie industry. Today Nigerian Nollywood movies have dominated the lives of students in general in the country. These advancements of technology have brought along changes and adoption of styles of living by Nigerian students especially those in the tertiary institutions.

Although we have some cultural believes, it is obvious that the advent of technology has really impacted societal norms and values.

Hence, the truth remains that the society is misplacing its values, cultural heritages and at center of all students in tertiary institutions who are leaders of tomorrow, better Nigerian students of our great nation Nollywood movies are being celebrated by those students which most of them have formed the habits of watching, viewing every Nollywood movies released into the market by movies industries.

These movies produced by Nollywood have in all ramification failed to uphold discipline and morality in our higher institutions of learning. What is being displayed in Nollywood movies are cases of ferocious acts, kidnapping, prostitution,libidinous activities, money laundering, infidelity cases, cultism, sexual harassments, indecent dressing, tribalism, prejudice, Nepotism, gossips, slanders and total act of defamation all in the name of entertainment which is very much perilous to our children at home including our leaders of tomorrow,the students of tertiary institution. Success through dubious means and lack of respect for parents. As a mirror of the society, obviously the movies have been labeled to send obnoxious and erroneous messages to the minds of students of tertiary institutions. It  has misplaced the universal standard of how an average students ought to go about his or her carrier pursuits.

Tertiary institutions, in other cords, have made cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, violence and indicent dressing amongst the students to be rampant instead to be in curbing side of it.

Meanwhile these movies are expected to bring storyline that could promote our cultural heritages and good values since they are produced by our indigenoeus film industries that knows how the people dislike violence and immorality rather they are on the contrary. Some  Nollywood movies values and introduces prostitution as the only way out for the female students whose situation could not pay their school fees, as if prostitution is the solution and answer to the poverty as copied from the movies called “white Hunters” in this movie, they failed to show our students that are in financial quagmire or predicament that the normal thing to do is to develop appetite for menial jobs.

The movies’ “the kidnappers” showcased out social vices and atrocious behaviour, the veracity remains that the effect of such movies on students of tertiary institutions  has very egregious effect. Now umpteen of our students believes that getting on top is the apex of making money and the easiest way to make money is by dubious means. Some movies introduces indicent dressing, this has amplified the chilly trend to some female students walks around the campus half naked in the name of making fashions campaign. Female students have borrowed lessons from our female students by engaging in this dilapidating trend. Our male students today likes putting on what we know as sagging. Our female and male students works around the town, school environments and places half naked in the name of fashions, it is because of the negative teaching of Nollywood movies such movies creates conflict of reasoning. Most times changes ideas and orientation thereby causing violence in our institution. Nowadays, our institutions are dumping ground of mediocre. There you will find prostitutes, armed robbers, kidnappers, cultist, homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, etc. worse still is that Nollywood movies have made it possible many of our students have lost the complete appetite for reading because of the sleepless night they have devoted in viewing the preposterous pictures. Nollywood movies sometimes promotes materialistic behaviours and ill-findings get way into our campuses and that promotes hard work, respect meekness and morality. That is to say that Nollywood movies producers gives our local  actors and actress. Now I believe we cannot afford to allow these great leaders of tomorrow to continue watching ferocious movies that negatively affect them in all conditions of life.

Therefore the essence of this research work is very paramount because whether it should be given a thought or not, we all know that our students most especially those in tertiary institutions are being negatively affected by Nollywood movies with its scandalous ways of life, obviously opposed by our cultural heritages and societal norms and values. Hence, what touches a finger must spread to the hand. This means that the hideous behavious being exhibited by Nigerians students in tertiary institution as a result of watching Nollywood movies should be eradicated and film makers and producers should confiscate storyline that will impact erronous attitudes, on our students and people in general.


Statement of the Research Problem

This research work tries to analyze the effect of Nollywood movies have on students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria as the case may be. Nollywood movies umpteen times disseminate erroneous information to students of tertiary institution hereby causing anormally in campus most of the movies have totally deviated from the initial objectives of which Nollywood as a industry was established.

Most of these movies are rated of general viewing and indicating that some are morally unhealthy for our children and our students, but the producers have automatically failed intoto to ask themselves these questions. What effect would these movies make in the lives of our students? These movies do they promote morality especially in pursuit of excellent moral standard in Nigerian tertiary institution? If the producers had valued, those questions as the most significant things in entertainment or movie, industry unequivocally there must be promotions of morals and culture in Nigeria Nollywood industry.


Objectives of the Study

The primary objective of this study is to anatomize the effects of Nollywood movies on students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, especially, it tends  

-              To know the authority of the above assumption.

-              To know the extent Nollywood movies have effect on the student of tertiary institution in Nigeria.

-              To verify or pinpoint some positive effect of Nollywood movies on students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria.



Research Questions

1)          What effect does Nollywood movies have on students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

2)          Do Nigerian students derive anything positive from watching Nollywood movies?

3)          To what extent do Nollywood movies promote social views in our society?

4)          These social vices promoted by Nollywood in our society, what effect does it have on our students in tertiary institutions?

5)          These movies do they promote morality especially in pursuit of excellence moral standard in Nigeria tertiary institution?


The Scope of the Study

The scope of this study covered the entire enabling environment of institutions like the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu where students watch Nollywood movies regularly and they have taken it as their hobbies, regularly watching it.


Significance of the Study

The effect of Nollywood movies on the students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria is very paramount to the society now that most students in their leisure enjoy viewing movies.

The researcher is convinced that there are immeasurable significance of Nollywood movies on the students our tertiary institutions are dumping grounds of prostitutes, armed robbers etc. These students, most times exhibits what they see on Nollywood films.

As each day passes negative information continues to influence the way of life of the students. The study will anatomize critically on the introduction of Nollywood movies in Nigeria, its purpose and achievement so far. Not only that, it will also look at the effect of these movies on its viewers most especially students and how it has contributed to social ill in our campuses.

With the enormous adverse effect of present Nollywood movies the out put of this research to the society in general. This research work will succinctly expose the inherent damages of exposing our future leaders to all sort of Nollywood movies mandatory measures would hence be taken and organization whose responsibilities includes censorship would generate information that will make them come alive to their responsibilities or sensitization .Summarily, not only the students will gain but also the parents and Nigerians as a whole.

I vehemently hope that this research work findings, suggestions and recommendations will change our students ideology to Nollywood for the better at least they should have phobia to some extents.  



Definition of Terms

Variables                 Conceptual Definition

Effect              This refers to the impression produced on mind of spectator, hearer, reader, viewer etc.

Nollywood       It is the Nigeria movies industry by Nigerian production teams for the Nigerian people.

Movie              This is cinema industry or motion picture.

Institution      it is a high organization for learning where students of tertiary institutions learn the good, the bad and the ugly.

Movies             It refers to the entertaining and influential cinema industry that often times impact on students initiatives.

Nollywood       This refers to film industry that produced the movies being watched by students that most  times mould their way of life.

Effect              It is either possitive or negative impressions effected on the mind of students after watching Nollywood movies.

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An Analysis Of Effects Of Nollywood Movies On Students Of Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria