Role Of Communication Technology In Improving Work Efficiency Of Ait Staff (a Study Of Ait Abuja)

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The study role of communication technology was carried out to ascertain the role it plays to improving work efficiency of AIT staff. Newsroom yesterday and today are far flung difference when it is yesterday, was of traditional analogue method and today it spins around communication technology. Through the findings made in this study, AIT newsroom has evolved from a simple text based wire browsing, script and random editing system. It has become a multimedia workflow engine that spans well beyond newsroom floor, to digital newsroom which have reinforced their broadcast quality and drive value. To supports the study, related literatures were reviewed on the role newsroom communication technology play to improving work efficiency. Also for validity, the Diffusion theoretical framework was used. The study explicitly provides the objectives of the study, statement of Research problem and hypothesis. The significant of the study is buttressed by the findings through the data obtained from the research population size. The analysis was done and presented using the survey sample method and simple tables. Most importantly, summary of findings were made, conclusion drawn and recommendation made which shows that AIT newsroom communication technology has played a vital role towards improved work efficiency of the staff.
1.1 Background of the Study
Newsroom yesterday and today are far flung different. What it is yesterday was of Traditional method and today it spins around communication technology. It is on this premise, this study is out to find, if communication technology has actually brought about any significant change towards improving work efficiency of African Independent Television (AIT) Staff compared to what it is like before the use of communication technology in Newsroom.
Therefore, News room is seen as a floor where day to day activities of journalist takes place. It is always buzzing with shouts of we are behind programme schedule time, Reporters and Camera men trying to tie loose ends of news materials to beat deadlines.
Furthermore, Newsroom before the age of communication technologies operates mainly on analogue form, a model where journalists make use of the shots from Camera to script news items and bulletin schedules were done manually, etc.
Also, in today’s communication technological driven age, computers are seen in newsroom, teleprompters are used, journalist have access to cable television Channels, internet facilities and social media engines to monitor happenings in and around their environment. Beats reporters can communicate live via mobile telephones to newsroom staff for immediate update of news materials.
Moreso, newsroom today spins around multifaceted communication technological gadgets. But the role these gadgets play will help us to understand if it improves work efficiency of staff especially in African Independence Television, (AIT).
African Independence Television as a media outfit, in brief came to existence due to the clamour for private broadcast media in Nigeria. African Independent Television was born in 1992 when the Nigerian Government promulgated Decree No. 38, which deregulated the ownership of the electronic media in the country allowing the participation of private people to own and operate license for media outfit.
Sequel to this, Chief Raymond Dopkesi, owner of Daar Communication after obtaining license to operate private broadcast media started full blown operation in 1994.
However, according to Dopkesi vision statement for Africa Independent Television (AIT) 1993 speech paper, he said, AIT has a unique mission which is, that of sharing the Africa experience with the wider global communities.He went further, to say that this vision statement cannot be achieved except through vigorous upgrade and deployment of communication technological gadgets.
Therefore, it is pertinent to note that this study is out to find out, what role communication technology has played in newsroom to improving efficiency of African Independent Television (AIT) Staff in recent times. From the aforementioned since the mission statement of AIT, is anchored on the objective of
sharing the unique African experience with the World which is to enhance global understanding through an untainted appreciation of African and its people.
AIT, therefore, is motivated by unique altruistic aim to promote a methodically reduction of tension and friction and foster a greater appreciation of humanity, it is committed to the bridging the gap in global communication perspectives which places Africa at the ruthless mercy of Western perception untainted, undiluted and absolutely original.Therefore, African Independent Television intends to offer the world a new insight into the African experience.
1.2 Statement of Research Problem
Here, effort is made to understand so far, the role of communication technology in newsroom had played or playing to improving work efficiency of AIT staff towards achieving or attaining the mission statement “Share the African experience in general.According to Terngu and Tennenge (2007,P. 27) revealed magic of communication technology tools, stating that they cover a bewildering array of inter connected forms of electromagnetic technologies, such as microelectronic optic fiber, satellite video discs, telex, and data storage mechanism all for journalist usage in newsroom.
The question therefore, is whether these communication technological gadgets have aided in improving staff efficiency in newsroom. To establish the role communication technology in AIT newsroom is playing and to what extent has it improved work efficiency of the staff.
1.3 Objectives of the Study
However, the objectives of the study were as follows:
1. To find out if the staff of AIT ABUJA have access to computer gadgets.
2. To find out if the staff of AIT are computer literate.
3. To determine the challenges associated with the application of computer technology.
4. To determine if communication technology in AIT Newsroom have improved work efficiency of staff.

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