The Role Of Public Relations In The Maintenance Of Industrial Harmony (a Case Study Of Enugu State)

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The project is armed at finding out why the public in recent times feel dissatisfied will the  services rendered by Enugu state. This situation has in no small measure cost the state its image.

          The public has complained that the way they are being represented needs much to the way they of upward services, not having their issues at heart to a large extent  (as treatment be spoke that ) demind of not of certain privileges and a host of other problem.


          To find out the cause or of the seemingly loss of face. Interviews were held will the public relations officer at the civil service, because this concerns his responsibility. He should know the true position of things within and outside the state.


          The public relation officer claimed that his rule includes making sure there is effective flow of information among the staff and line as well as to the extent public whom they serve.

          Interview as had all the senior principal personnel officer one who furnished me with the roles of his department which consists of the general welfare of the workers namely, making sue that workers receive their salaries promptly planning and exciting staff training programmes both in the state and outside.


          I had is scout around the service where I interviewed a good number of works who tried me what  problem they been encountering in Enugu state, irregularities  in allowances without any explanation that should show that the state has their interest at heart, training that constitution of the civil service supports to b the privilege to with allowance that will take care of it. I had to observe their continence  as they relate their encounters.          


          I saw the need to issue questionnaire to a number of workers to ascertain among other things how affective the communication in the service has been.

          Having received the completed questionnaires I analyzed the responses  of the workers and then gave recommendation is to state on how to ensure better flow of information as well as how to improve their performance so that the public be happy with their service. 


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Title page                                                                                         II

Certificate                                                                                        III

Dedication                                                                                                 IV

Acknowledgements                                                                        V

Abstract                                                                                           VII

Table of Contents                                                                           X


Introduction                                                                                     1

Research Design and Methodology                                             1


Enugu state and its Publics                                                                    5

Analysis of data (Sub Heading)                                                   


Conclusions and Recommendation                                             21

Notes and References                                                                            29

Bibliography                                                                                    30

Appendix                                                                                         31



The research is in the role of  public Relation in the maintenance of industries Harmony, a case study of Enugu state.

          I found it imperative to start will the lamentation of Doctor Rosemary Stewart, a renewed English Management themist and practitioner, who write in her book tilted “The reality of management” order the subtitle of “No Panaceas. But a challenge to management “ wrote.

One reason why these (management) panacea failed is fulfil what was these expected of them is that they philosophy that would give them a chance of contributing to better relation ----------------------------- A manager who is successful must organize efficiently, communicate clearly and secure pople’s willing corporation . One danger in that many managers underrate the difficulties of communication of covering what they want and why, and of getting  information we Saw that the problem of security willing co-operation pose a challenge to management, to provide the conditions in which people will want to work and to co-operate”.  

Doctor Rosemary has aptly pointed out the crisis that confront most management today, which  is that of communication but she has not used he right professional capsule .  With allowance that will take care of it. I had  to observe their countenance as they relate their encounters.

           I Saw the need for to issue questionnaires to a number of works to ascertain among other things how effective the communication in the service has been.

          Having received the completed questionnaires I analyzed the response of the workers and the gave recommendation to the state on how to ensure better flow of information as well a how to improve their performance so that the public will be happy with their services.

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     Public Relation is the new “ capsule which sells on the comdors of every management, but it business, association, political institutional or technological manager.

          Mr. Cuttip and center clearly put it that public attitude, identifies the policies and producers of an origination will the public interest and plans and executes a programme of action to earn the public understudying and acceptance?.

          The institute of public relation (IPR) London, which was formed in the united Kingdom in February 1948 (though dligtly mandated) in 1987) defined public relation practice as the planned and sustained efforts to establish  and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and it publics.

          We will not  go without having pubic relation News has about public relation. In their definition public relation is a management  function which evaluation public relation is a management function and procedure of an individual organization will the public interest and plans and executes programmes of action to earn public understanding’.

          Commonly in the role of a public relation, Benson Eluwa, Virginia in her book titled. The practice of human, industrial and public relation” under the subheading “image Building and public relations” political out that public relation is a management function’ and Dayo Dnyile or “yes” man in the organization.                  

          It is a promotional actively concerned with creating and maintaining favorable relationship between an organization and its publics such as customers, employers.   

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The Role Of Public Relations In The Maintenance Of Industrial Harmony