Role Of Nigerian Television Authority In The Mobilization Of The Electorate For Political Elections

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1.1 Background of study
Election as a Mass Mobilization and participatory activity usually start when an electoral system is put in place and serves as a mechanism for shaping political competition, power sharing and resource allocation by definition, election is the act of choosing or selecting one or more persons from a greater number of person to serve as representatives in the taking of decisions that affect public interest and the allocation of national power and resources in acceptable manner (israel2009, p.113).
Robert and John (1974) in Ntete-Nna (2004,p.289) report that the essential role of election is to act as a mechanism whereby leaders are circumscribed and made aware that there is a contingent one at least where there is real possibility that they may be outside from office.
Television plays different roles in the lives of its audience, to many; it could be an educative, informative as well as an entertainment medium. Although the use of television alone may not create total awareness to individuals as a result of its restraining factor such as expensiveness, irregular power supply and so on. It is believed that the television will create more sensitized atmosphere for information on issues affecting the society at large, this is where Nigerian Television Authority (N.T.A) Makurdi comes in as a mobiliser of the electorate for political elections.
In 1976, more states were created and the number of the states increased from 12 to 19 states, this witnessed the emergence of state owned television stations and prompted the federal government to take over the television stations in 1977 establishing the Nigerian television authority (N.T.A). One of the roles of Nigerian Television Authority (N.T.A) is to inform the citizens about the importance of elections and why they should vote. N.T.A should also educate the masses on the codes of conduct as stated by the Nigerian electoral act and brief them about candidates of the competing parties as well as their party manifestoes.
The incessant problem of electoral malpractices associated with godfatherism, for instance snatching of ballot boxes, political thuggery, rigging and so on was often caused by little or no enlightenment on the choices we make as electorates. Poor political education of the procedures involved in the election such as the process of registering, obtaining a voters card, accreditation, the right pattern of voting have constituted serious problems in our voting activities. The Mass Media as the voice of the people play important roles in the entire political is part of the duty of the Media to sufficiently mobilize the electorate for the electoral activities the question this research seeks to answer is: how has the N.T.A Makurdi effectively mobilized the electorate for successful electoral activities during elections in Makurdi local Government Area of Benue state.
The objectives of the study were as follows:
1. To find out whether N.T.A Makurdi was a choice of medium for the people of Makurdi local Government Area.
2. To find out if N.T.A Makurdi political messages satisfied the people’s political desires.
3. To determine the extent N.T.A Makurdi effectively mobilized the people’s participation in the electoral process of 2011 election.
1. To what extent was N.T.A Makurdi a choice medium for the people of Makurdi Local Government Area?
2. How did N.T.A Makurdi political messages satisfy the people’s political desires?
3. To what extent did N.T.A Makurdi effectively mobilize the people’s participation in the electoral process of 2011?
The study focused on Makurdi local Government Area and the electorate of local Government. Although the study is limited to the electorate in Makurdi Local Government Area, it is assumed that in Nigeria generally, the electorate has similar characteristics. Based on this assumption, the result of the findings could be generalized.
The findings of the study would be significant in several ways.
1. It would serve as a reference material both for students and other researchers, who may have need for information and documentations on this area of academic study.
2. The findings would also be helpful to other media organizations in their planning and execution of electoral programs
3. The findings would also offer the electorate the opportunity to air their views on the way and manner media organizations handle election programs.
Broadcast: this involves sending out programs, information, ideas to the public through the mass media for instance; television, radio, internet etc.
Conflict: it is a situation of disagreement occurring between entities, people, group or organization.
Elections: this is a system of choosing a person or group of people for positions in the society by a legal way of voting.
Enfranchise: this is the right given to an individual to participate in elections.
Electorate: these are the people in a given area or country who have the right to vote.
Malpractise: a system of ill behavior that does not foster positive responsiveness.
Media: It is the vehicle through which messages, information, ideas, demands and so on are passed across to the masses.
Mobilization: an act of organizing a group of people to partake in a task or incident in other to achieve a desired goal or objective.
Politics: these are activities connected with the state government or general affairs. It usually involves competition between different parties on leadership positions based on election.
Region: a large area of land usually without exact boarders that a country is usually divided into comprising of its own customs and government. For example in Nigeria we have the northern region.
Stigmatization: a feeling of unimportance, un-acceptance usually caused by the treatment that people give to you.
Television: it is an essential part of mass media which transmit pictures and sound signals over long distance through electromagnetic radiation. It is a medium of communication that enhances believability through its sight and sound appeal.
Democracy: a political system in which the people of the country rule through any form of government they choose to establish.

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Role Of Nigerian Television Authority In The Mobilization Of The Electorate For Political Elections