Efficient Marketing Of Television Services In Nigeria

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This project is a case study of Nigeria Television (NTA) Enugu, to evaluate the efficiency of its television service marketing.

The specific objectives addressed in the study includes:

To determine whether N.T.A. house is giving better services to its customers or viewers than the state own television houses.

To find out how efficient the organization house is, in marketing its services.

To find out if viewers and advertisers are actually satisfied with the services given by the N.T.A. Enugu.

To determine the factors limiting efficient marketing of services in the television house.

To know the measure that can be used by N.T.A. Enugu to provide efficient marketing services to the media house.

To know if N.T.A. is well funded by the Federal government.






Title page

Approval page




Table of contents

List of table and figure



1.0             Background to the study

1.1     statement of problem

1.2             Objective of the study

1.3             Research questions

1.4             Scope or delimination of the study

1.5             Significance of the study

1.6             Definition of terms


2.0             Literature Review



3.0             Research methodology

3.1     research design

3.2             Area of study

3.3             Population of the study

3.4             Sampling and sample size

3.5             Instrument for data collection

3.6             Validity of the instrument

3.7             Reliability of the instrument

3.8             Method of data collection

3.9             Method of data analysis



4.0             Data presentation and results

4.1     presentation and analysis of data


5.0             Discussion of results

5.1     discussion of findings

5.2             Recommendation

5.3             Conclusion

5.4             Limitation of study





A.               Express extent of services rendered to the customers as against states owned television services

B.                Expresses effectiveness of N.T.A. Marketing Services

C.               Representation of the extent of satisfaction derived from N. T. A. Enugu services to its customers

D.               Distribution of responses on the problems militating against efficient marketing services of N.T.A. Enugu

E.                Responses on the measure that makes for provision for efficient services by the media house

F.                Indicate on the distribution of responses on how N.T.A. Enugu is funded by the Federal Government





The success of any organization depends on whether such an organization recognizes the most important aspect of the business and that is customer or consumer satisfaction.  Consumer satisfaction should be the first thing to think about before one things of profitability.

That is why professional marketers always say that the consumer is at the center of all marketing efforts.

Consumer satisfaction therefore makes it necessary for an organization to be marketing oriented.  The organization must not only practice marketing but should also know the efficient in its practice of marketing.

That is to say, that it must use the right strategies and marketing mix to offer total product benefits and satisfaction to consumer.

This is very necessary if the organization must survive, grow and remain competitive.

The practice of efficient marketing is considered to be very crucial in all establishments, not just a selected few. A television house should practice efficient marketing in order to attract viewers and advertisers to patronize today in Nigeria where viewers and advertisers have become very sophisticated and selective in the channel they patronize.  The recent promulgated media ownership decree, which allowed private individuals to own and operate broad cast media (Radio and Television) has introduced another dimension in media competition.  It now becomes imperative that Nigeria Television Authority house should undertake efficient marketing of its services or else it will loose its viewers and customers.

Coming to Enugu state, where we have the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) which is owned and managed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This research has a comparative study of the organization to evaluate how efficient the organization is in the marketing of its services, how it stands on consumers rating scale, could it be said to be practicing efficient marketing and is its viewers or customers satisfied of its services?

The researcher evaluated the marketing efficiency of the Nigerian Television Authority with respect to services it renders to consumer.

With reference to N.T.A. Enugu, Federal Government solely owns all television stations in Nigeria, expect recently crated ones which have either N.T.A. or state owned television station.

Until recently, ownership of television stations in Nigeria was open to government only.  Before the formal take over of all television stations by the federal government in 1976, some states in the federation owned and managed television stations.  The Nigerian Television Authority (N.T.A.) Act of 1976 entrusted ownership of television stations in the Federal Government.  The Nigerian Television Authority (N.T.A) broadcasting was subsequently inaugurated to run all the then existing stations.  By the time of military government 17 television stations were in operation and they were communicably operationally.  There was then plan to have a television station in each state capital.  This has been achieved except for the recently created states.  So, we have the Nigerian Television Authority (N.T.A.) channel 8 Enugu, operating in Enugu state.  UHF Channels were allocated to state government while the federal government has the monopoly of VHF.



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Efficient Marketing Of Television Services In Nigeria