Evaluation Of Marketing Of Sachet Water In Enugu Metropolis ( A Case Study Of Charis Drinking Water In Enugu).

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Man is a creature of God that need to survive.  There are many ways man can survive but primary man needs of man (Physiological needs accounting to Enugu Maslow).  Water has classifications and among these classifications you can find water in protein.


Water is a unique solution, it makes up to 80 percent of the cell’s composition, it has a unique behaviour towards it’s environment that is why it is the best way to quench thirst.


When people are away from home due to business on any outdoor activities and are thirsty, they will want to quench their thirst.


There are two ways they can quench this thirst, this can be from taking soft drinks such as coke, spirit fanta etc.

Another  way is through taking of water, it mentioned above water is very much distinct from the other way of quenching taste for water because it’s chemical composition makes it to be so.  Again sachet water which is a miraculous legumes are the best source of proteins for all human beings.


Including the growing children and babies water is processed into so many products and one of the product is sachet water (Ogundipe, M.A 1996), nowadays people look for thing that are cheaper than can supplement those one that are costly due to hard times.


Water was found to be a good supplement of the water and can be bought at a cheaper price.


Further more, when people need these (water).  They do not go to other people’s name to get it because they do not know now hygiene it is rather they go to shops or stores where the water is packaged well.  Sacheting may be defined as the over all stages in product – panning involving designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product (Hiess, 1980).  There are two major reason for secheting water.  Firstly, the water product is protected.


Secondly the water has to be packed to the convenience of the consumer.  The protected functions of sacheting are by far, the most important the type of sacheting used depends on several factors the aspect such as the types of water.  That is to protect and the method by which the water is processed.  For instance, fresh are packed in frame.  Like container the reason of which is to minimize breakage.


(Ifts Expert Panel on water safety and nutrition 1990) prior to historic ages, man used leaves for wrapping purposes.  It is the first possible sacheting material water animal skin, a hallow shell etc was used until renaissance period that is when paper and the art of printing was invented.  Now we are in the era of advanced technology and our sacheting activities was improved mightily.  I can now use cellophane bags to sachet water and plastic container for sacheting water.  In Enugu metropolis water sacheting hygiene enough and effective for human consumption.



Effective and hygienic sacheting and production of water is necessary for the achievement of human health and growth.


Anything short of this will lead to disaster that is disease spread out or might even lead to death the quest for profit maximization has pushed a lot of people into producing, sacheting and marketing of water so as to achieve such aim.


The statement of problem therefore is that people sachet their product unhygienic that is some sachet it in polythene bags and dirty plastic for water.  This is not good for health because it will lead to disease spread out or contamination.


Atimes the water they sachet is gotten from dirty streams which are contaminated and which is unhygienic for the health.


Again the problem of filling the contents (water) into bottles is considered because when you check the weight for the bottles and cost of carrying them around you find out that it is costly the water itself.  Therefore to achieve a good hygienic and efficient health environment one must have to perfront the problem by identifying.


i.                    The problems which are involved in water sacheting

ii.                  How to center this problems

iii.                How to achieve a good health environment for both producers as well as consumers.

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Evaluation Of Marketing Of Sachet Water In Enugu Metropolis ( A Case Study Of Charis Drinking Water In Enugu).