The Impact Of News Commentary On Radio Listeners

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          The aim of this research project is to know the essence of news commentaries and its impact on radio listeners, with particular references to ESBS / FRCN Enugu.

          The project starts with introduction which gives insight into the historical background of news commentaries. It proceeds to examine the impact which news commentaries could create to its listeners and the distinguishing features. It highlights detailed exposition of relevant literature review, formulation of research questions and hypothesis.

The research question was formulated to properly address the problem on radio commentary in relation to its listeners. Questionnaires were administered to the selected sample. The findings on the study revealed that news commentaries have less impact on some residents of the country as a result of law level of awareness and illiteracy.

          The research recommended that radio news commentaries should create enough awareness to control the effects of literacy level of the listeners in the society.



Title page

Approval page




Table of content




1.1            Background of study

1.2            Statement of the research problem

1.3            Objective of study

1.4            Significance of study

1.5            Research questions

1.6            Research hypothesis

1.7            Assumption

1.8            Limitation of the study



Literature review

2.1            Source of literature

2.2            The review

2.3            Summary of literature



Research methodology

3.1            Research method

3.2            Research design

3.3            Research sampling

3.4            Data collection

3.5            Data analysis



Data analysis and results

4.1            Data analysis

4.2            Result

4.3            Discussion



Summary and recommendation for further study

5.1            Summary

5.2            Recommendation

5.3            Conclusion










The history of radio news commentary in Nigeria dates back to the 1930, when what was know as radio receiver was just a wooden box and as amplifier. The audience was thrilled by these live commentaries run by various pioneer commentator. Ever since, the tradition of running radio commentary has remained with radio to this day.


In a presidential democracy such as ours, news commentary or analysis whether on radio, newspaper or television, do not only serve as surveyor of public opinion but also serve as requisite for bridging the credibility gap between the government and the governed.


Perhaps, it might be necessary to draw a line of distinction between news and news commentary.


A news caster presents straight news without editorial comment. While a news – talk provides background information to the news. Writing on the uses of radio, Richard Aspinall said that


“Within limits, radio can persuade and effectively influence large audience thereby contributing substantially to the thinking of national”.


In Nigeria media history, news commentary has become a permanent feature. Airtime is allowed to news – commentary immediately after major news bulleting, perhaps as an attention gaining strategy. The media houses not only columns of various news papers, thus , giving freedom of expression a chance, and they do not give air space commentaries written by their staff alone.


Today the media houses news commentary not only interpret the news but sometime comment on societal problems but what happens to the problem or issues of the society and views expressed by the news – talk after these Tracie broadcasts as in the media house? Do they influence the attitude and an opinion of the country’s listening public?

Perhaps 50 percent of each radio news commentary listeners who forget to tune their radio during commentary do so because the message is transient.

In other words, they are more accustomed to the newspaper editorial page to which they can easily refer or find out through survey in the subsequent chapters.


During to the fact that news commentary are aimed to listeners, I have therefore taken it upon myself to pretend of least excerpts of two news commentary aired by ESBS  and FRCN.


          Is it not often said that seeing is believing ? indeed, sight or vision is an indispensable in learning and retention – vision is said to aid the memory to produce previously retained content. And for quick remembrance of past news talk by respondents, these excerpt shall serve as basis for out analysis we shall present them to out respondent for answer.



A country like Nigeria with diverse culture and human resource and  radio commentaries or new talk capable of interpreting events bordering the global and societal issues. Obviously these news commentaries are staunchly provided to listener  on a daily basis.


          Unfortunately, about 80% of radio listeners ignore news – talk once they have listened to actual news broadcast, but radio listeners are 100% attentive to sport commentaries. If all radio commentaries are said to interpret events occurring earlier on illuminating the hidden facts (news behind the news ) to the layman, then it is said to be preferred to actual broadcast.


          Moreover, generally, the Nigeria audience seems not to appreciate commentaries as their western counter part that listen to radio and write feed back to their radio station such as BBC, which in turn offers them found the clock service.


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The Impact Of News Commentary On Radio Listeners