An Analysis Of Impact Of Warehousing In The Efficient Distribution Of Toilet Soap (a Case Study Of Orange Drug.

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Every business will die if they don’t  every business will die or lose its grounds on the market if it does not recognise the effect of new trends. Business like typewriters have given way for the new computers for their function, so its either the producers of typewriter  will go out of business or he if fast enough  to switch over to the new way of doing the same thing. The new life beverages Nigeria ltd has followed a multi dimensional innovative proves in order to attain the maximum patronage gut this plan is not well though out as more is needed  for the goal to be attained















        Consumer product innovation is a subject newly recognised to be vital to the future of companies, even the government, realised the important of product innovation to industries at large and its effect in the competitiveness of the  Nigeria industries in the world matters.

        This is because many of the high quality product needed by customers are been imported by customers but the importation of these items does not help matter because of government regulations and unstable nature of our economy. This problem can only be solved if companies recognise the importance of innovation of new product and develop their ability on innovation with government giving assistant where and when necessary.

        Further more, all products has a life cycle, which dictates that some point there usefulness will decline. Although there is substantial valuation in life cycle by types and class of product.

        A product cannot be sustained for eternity and market emotions will work against its immorality. In the light of this therefore, the need for consumer product innovation by business firm cannot be over emphasised.

        Demand is increasingly dynamic and product life cycles are getting shorter, products’ life cycle if been comprised by accelerated research (William Stanton fundamentals of marketing 6th edition London). For most business to survive in the wave of all the social, economic, political and cultural changes blacking the view of their horizons the must embark on product innovation. For a product to effectively meet customers (need to reduce problems associated with decision in distribution pricing, advertising and personal selling). A poorly innovated product on the other hand create many problems for other decision areas in the company.

        Organisations are always competing for survival in the market, growth in market shares, product lines and mix. These are necessary strategies for survival and attainment of over all objective of any corporate entity.

All this can be achieved through consumer product innovation. Sales of successful new product goes through a period of growth reaches a peak and eventually declining maximum sales volume of any company is often reached only after competition have entered the field and innovation becomes inevitable.

Moreso, the period that institutions and firms face is such that causes some firms to wind up or on the other hand periodically pay for it. This has made product innovation necessary or inevitable.

        Finally, innovation can be highly productive but often a risky road to many companies that are not aggressively alert to its possibilities.

        New life beverage Nigeria limited was incorporated in November 15th 1989 by Mr Ekeleze Ezemon (managing director).

        The construction of the first factory commenced on 1990 and was completed on May 1993. In 1993, the factory for hot drink commenced and in the same year King Edward brand, hot drink was launched into the Nigeria market. It begins to produce its sound product King Edward whisky, honey wine, prince Mixon brandy, Jubilee wine, century schnapp white schnapp etc. in 1994 August, there by becoming of the bent two factories producing hot drink in the state at that time.

        New life beverages Nigeria limited has an understanding with technical company limited Lagos especially in the area of new improved production process and equipment, research into raw materials constant assurance and innovation market techniques.


    i.        Recent decline in the sales of the product of new life beverages Nigeria ltd.

  ii.         Sleepily decreasing profit.

iii.        Massive staff retrenchment.

 iv.        No new product introduction or product modification for a long time.

   v.        Closure of many depots.



To determine

    i.        Why life beverages of Nigeria limited has been experiencing decline in the sales of its product in recent time.

  ii.        The ways in which profit of the company can be increased significantly.

iii.        If a massive staff retrenchment in the company was necessary.

 iv.        The reason proffered by the company for it’s full in new product introduction and modification.

   v.        The benefits the firm would drive from reopening some of its previously closed depot.



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An Analysis Of Impact Of Warehousing In The Efficient Distribution Of Toilet Soap