Arresting The Menace Of Examination Malpractice

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The menace of examination mal practice in our schools is highly increasing. There is indication that the menace of examination malpractice in our primary schools exists as one of the prevalent hazards that threaten the society. Therefore arresting the menace of examination Mal-practice using Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education will of necessity be very authentic, inter-subjected in the promotion of quality standard of education in primary schools in Udi Local government Area. So Using Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education to arrest all examination Mal practice has become a major source of concern to the validity and reliability of our educational system. This is because success in every human endeavor entails time spent in preparations and in effective teaching and learning which helps in eradicating the menace of examination malpractice.

Therefore the issue of low academic performances and the increasing prevalence of examination malpractice over the years is becoming a serious concern to all stakeholders within the educational sector, that is the main reason why Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education should be introduce in our primary schools this is because Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education accept the ecumenical principle of collaboration, co-operation and concelebration in an educative process which helps in bombing all sort of examination Mal practice in our primary schools.



Eminent philosophers have proved beyond reasonable doubt that of all academic menace besetting learners at different levels of our educational system is lack of Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education in schools which gives rise to poor performances of pupils that constitutes low standard of education, examination Malpractice, violence, disorderliness and occultism which are the major headache on our academic success. Therefore there is need for Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education in our primary schools because the new system is to emerge-benevolence, love, trust, intelligent, sympathy, compassion and tolerance; Instead of examination Malpractice and all forms of “expo” in the school system, both staff and pupils will develop the wonderful academic tools of empathy, consistency, comprehensiveness giving and demanding reasons which helps to arrest examination Mal practice or any sort of expo in our primary schools.



According to Adolescent Psychology in focus, examination is one of most important evaluative instrument being used in determining the learner’s rate of achievement in terms of the desired goal or set objectives.

Therefore examination Malpractice is any action that contravenes the rules and regulation of examination ethics it is an illegal attempt or action of an individuals or group of students to benefits self or others through evil means while violating the regulations governing the conduct of examination Based on this insight; Using COPI4C system of education to arrest the menace of examination Mal practices is very holistic, global, universal, dialogic and cooperative in both theory and practice this is because the system (COPI4C) reduce the problems of schooling without thinking on the pupils performance.

According to ATCOICOE; students are taught to develop as independents thinkers when they are given set of values and made to understand through the community of Inquiry approach that all experiences and points of view are respected. Anything different from this becomes indoctrination. Therefore the ability to read well at any age is very crucial for academic success; this will help to have good and reflective thinking that have so many combinations, such as critical creative, affective dimensions of thinking which will arrest all sorts of examination menace in our schools.  The sickness of our educative process is that good thinking is not truly oriented; this is because most of our academically certificated people never had a good opportunity to do good thinking. They purse academic shadow instead of the consistent rigorous method of critically analysis situations to arrive at complex and creative solutions to arrest out all examination menace in schools.

No wonder Dewey regarded good thinking as the fundamentals aim of lack of creative and critical thinking in our schools gives rise to the very dangerous situation of having people pass through our schools systems and yet are very uneducated. The new trend (COPI4C) arrests examination malpractice by giving the pupils the opportunities to participate in grappling with the big questions and task of thinking before action. Pupils are led to reflects figure out things, understand cause and effect and to feel that they are part of the society that will make them to stand freely from examination Mal practice in the schools. This is done by allowing them to ask questions and provide answers to the questions by themselves without looking side by side during the examinations.

Moreso, in the new trend the pupils gradually develop the spirit of critical and creative Inquiry as they participate in the classroom community with the whole set of higher thinking and the appearances of wonderful change from static classroom to a dynamic one.

According to Authentic Education, Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system presents each person as an authentic centre of originality, who does not manipulate or dominate the other persons but complements each other; help each other to be fully alive and fully human.

Thus Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education enables pupils to be liberated and equipped with life-saving tacts and skills instead of being intellectually manipulated and colonized. Instead of examination malpractice and all forms of “expo” the school system, both staff and students will develop the wonderful academic tools of empathy, consistency, comprehensiveness, giving and demanding reasons. Practical reasoning and communal deliberation give rise qualitative academic judgment.


1.4     SCOPE

The major intendment of Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education is not upon the acquisition of information but rather the development of critical and creative spirit reaching out to higher order thinking. Therefore the researcher based her research work in Udi L.G.A and be delimited to twenty teachers and few pupils in five primary schools

The delimited primary schools are


Southwest primary schools Amokwe

Community primary school Nsude

Central school Nachi

Central school Abia

Premier primary school Udi



There is need for a very consistent and corrective educational value made available to the young children so that they may learn to think critically creatively and ethically.

Therefore as a result of lack of Community of Inquiry Philosophy for Children (COIP4C) system of education in our primary schools. The researcher assumed that the government should introduce (COIP4C) system of education in our primary schools.

In arresting examinations Mal practice in primary schools, the researcher assumed that it is high time the populace stop striving for paper qualification for their children.

Moreso, it is better for parents to engage the services of teachers, is better than giving bribe to teachers for the purpose of examinations Malpractice. Also the researcher assumed that intensive campaign should be mounted in schools on the ills and evils of examination Malpractice.

The schools and the community can think of exciting ways of rewarding pupils and teachers who are hard-working and dedicated.

Lastly, parents should avoid forcing their wishes on their children. It is the assumption of the researcher that if children could be exposed to classroom Community of Inquiry on a regular basis from Infancy, much would be accomplished in the search to overcome selfishness, clannish thuggery, and blue day armed robbery in the school system.



-     ATCOICOE   African thinkers community of Inquiry                         college of Education

-     ATCOI        African thinkers community of Inquiry

-     COI            Community of Inquiry

-     P4C            Philosophy for children

-     IAPC           Institute for the advancement of                                Philosophy for children

-     COIP4C       Community of Inquiry Philosophy for                           children


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Arresting The Menace Of Examination Malpractice