Design And Construction Of A Modern Nail Gasket Machine

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The design and fabrication of a reciprocating nail gasket is a new innovation in technology. The one in existence is manually operated. In which a punch that is adjacent to a die is mounted to the handle  which  is attached to the shaft. A helical spring that is incorporated to the shaft of the punch, helps the handle return to its initial position, which makes the machines tedious and stressful to operate. When the handle is pulled down from its initial position, the punch passes through the die that is placed  vertically adjacent to the punch thereby blanking out the felt materials. The number of the gasket produced is proportional to the strength of the operator. But in our design, we incorporated  a geared motor which does the cutting in a reciprocating form, while the operator  just drags the felt material to the die where it is cut. The efficiency  of the machine is well above 75%, it can produce 216 felts per minutes . sprockets and chains are used to transfer power  instead of belts in other to effect good phases relationship. The material used for the punch is stainless steel rod. The machine is statically and dynamically balanced to curb noise and vibration. One and half (11/2) inch angle iron was used in fabricating the skeletal frame.

Appropriate materials were subsequently selected and fabricated to required size. The machine was then  to perform efficiently thus satisfying the objective for which it was designed.




Title page   

Approval page




Table of content


Chapter one: Introduction

1.1            Background of study

1.2            Purpose of study

1.3            Scope of study


Chapter Two:        Literature Review

2.1            Specification of problems

2.2            Field survey/study

2.3            Different types of gasket and their uses

Chapter Three: Design Consideration, Specification and Construction

3.1            Design factors/Consideration

3.2            Material selection

3.3            Tools and Equipments Employed

3.4            Design of welded Connections


Chapter Four: Design Calculations and Analysis of the Machine

4.1            Forces analysis on the reciprocating mechanism

4.2            Calculating the displacement, velocity and acceleration of the slider

4.3            Estimating the power of the geared motor

4.4            Chain length calculation

4.5            Design of sprocket teeth for roller chain

4.6            Chain drive selection

Chapter Five: Fabrication Procedure, Materials Selection, Principle of Operation and Cost Analysis.

5.1            Fabrication Procedure

5.2            Materials selection

5.3            Cost analysis

5.4            Guidelines in Designing for production














Following the advancement of technology, and the need to eliminate the archaic method of producing nail gasket in this era, which really decreases production.

          The aim of our improved motorized nail gasket cutting machine, it to increase production drastically and to reduce human fatigue and cost of the product.

          The materials employed in this design and construction of the machine is mechanically reliable. this work is also helped to act as a catalyst and encouragement  towards the promotion of indigenous ingenuity in technological development of our country. And federal government’s   involvement in encouraging and funding of degree projects  to construct machines that would help the nation.




1.1            BACKGROUND OF STUDY

Nigeria is still a developing nation, federal government has mapped out huge money for industrial buildings, housing estates, and foreign investors are coming into the country to invest their various business.

This motorized nail gasket producing machines will really boast production and also help increase revenue generated through exportation of the product.


1.2            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The machine   is existence manually operated in totality of the product produced by the machine is proportional to the strength of the operator. And the manual one is difficult to maintain and durability not guaranteed as in the case of these that used low quality material in construction.

          This particular work understands the problems, there by incorporating geared motor so that number of gaskets produced will be proportional to the horsepower of the motor i.e production increases.  



1.3            SCOPE OF THE STUDY


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Design And Construction Of A Modern Nail Gasket Machine