The Dearth Of Technological Equipment And Effect On Secretarial Job Performance On Ministries In Anambra State

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The major purpose of this study is to find out the dearth of technological equipment and effect on secretarial job performance on ministries in Anambra State. The population of the study consisted of 25 secretarial from all the seven ministries selected. Four research questions were formulated which guided the study. (11) Eleven items structured questionnaire was developed with findings. It was concluded that the dearth of technological equipment should not be neglected in our institutions of learning in order to create practical exposure, and to our offices. It was recommended that technological equipment should not be neglected by any worker or secretary. Training and retraining of the secretary should be encouraged to enable them meet the standard expected of the organization.



Background of the study

        We strongly said that, the office is the center of all the activities of any organization. It is from the office that instruction are sent to the different component units of an organization.

        Reports from these components are received, collected, and interpreted for policy formation. Therefore, in every aspect of the world, the office is concerned with information, management and collective collection, processing and arranging same for onward transmission to the management for use. Furthermore, the office is also involved in the presentation and retrieval of such information as required by the organization for it’s service.

        From the above, if should be obvious that the handling of information in the selected ministries is carried out by the secretary and other clerical staff. In carrying out the arduous task of information management, the office personnel, notably that secretary uses some equipment to facilitate the handling of information from manual to the highly electronic computerized technological, equipment.

        Some of these equipment are: typewriter (manual and electrical), duplicating machine, stamping, electronic, stencil, scanner, dictating, addressing, shredding photocopying, computer etc.

        Today, the information technology has helped to design and provide highly sophisticated and models of the equipment. The highly development helps to enhance the efficiency and facilitate the labourious and strenuous functions of the secretary thereby reducing physical exertion and fatigue. These items of equipment have also gone long way in improving the productivity of the secretary particularly and the organization in general effect, technological equipment has made a lot of effectiveness in the business world. This effect is also reflected on the functions of the secretarial staff.

        From the foregoing, the researcher feels that the importance of these equipment in the overall efficiency and productivity of any office is no longer in doubt. Dearth of technological equipment make clerical and secretarial job cumbersome, time consuming, physical exerting, mental intriguing and doubtful inefficiency.


Statement of the problem

        Every establishment has its main functions of the office as administration. This implies, by definitions management and transmission of information. The secretarial staff using different forms and management of technological equipment to perform this complex of information management. Some of them are manual and they are easy to handle, others are expensive, complex and computerized gadgets that require immense or great skill to manipulate.

        Since these equipments facilitate secretarial job and enhance the performance in selected ministries, like personnel, type of service rendered and the working environment among others of an organization, use some of these equipment.


Purpose of the study

        The purpose of this research is to identify the strategies of the dearth of technological equipment in the selected ministries.

a.          Identify the causes of dearth of technological equipment in selected ministries in Anambra State.

b.          Determine the strategies and the process of resolving the problems.

c.           Find out the effect of the dearth of technological equipment among the ministries.

Research Question

a.          What are the causes of the dearth of technological equipment in ministries?

b.          What are the effects of the dearth of technological equipment?

c.           What are the strategies for resolving the problems of the dearth of the technological equipment?


Significance of the study  

        It will generate the life of using the technological equipment on ministries in Anambra State.

        The findings of this study will significantly contribute tot the re-examining and implementation of these technological equipment.

        Through these findings, the selected ministries will improve on their workflow during their day-to-day activities in the organization.

        It will enable the individual to attain better job satisfaction through the use of these technological equipment.


Definition of Terms

        Certain words and expressions have been used commutatively in this paper. Below is the list of the meanings of such words and expressions as applied to this paper.

Office Equipment: This can either be manual or electronic. The efficiency and productivity of an organization depends on the types of equipment has.

Electronic: This comprises the use of machines that can only be operated by electrically. It implies electrical impulses in the performance of the tasks.     

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