The Roles Of Modern Communication Tools In The Development Of

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Many modern business organization has spend huge amount of money to equip their offices with modern equipment.  Some of them do so in order to approve the efficiency of their workers and reduce the time spent in doing office jobs.

The facts is that, this has brought fear for technologies will soon throw them out of job, this implies that they do not clearly understand the roles this modern equipment have came to play for the secretaries.

This study was therefore designed to identify the roles modern communications tools play in the development of secretarial studies.  To do this, the researcher formulated four research questions to help achieve the objectives. Manmark Limited a company based in Enugu as used as the case study.  The population of the study consists of all the workers both junior and senior in Manmark Limited.  There are 200 staff in this company.  Due to the limited resources of the researchers, a sample and used for the study.  The questionnaire was used to obtain the information from the research subjects.  Percentages and tables are used in the analysis.

The analysis of collected data revealed that follow among others, that modern communication tools such as computer, networks, GSM, etc which are used in Manmark Limited have contributed immensely in improving the speed and accuracy of secretarial jobs.

The researchers therefore, concluded that these tools have not come to throw the secretaries out of job, but to improve the secretarial performance.  Based on the above, we therefore, recommend among others that organizations should ensure that these tools are provided for the secretaries to help them perform better.





The very important place of communication in the modern world especially in an organization has been variously acclaimed scholars.  It is argued that effective communication is one on which organization revolves as it may, make or mar the growth of business.  There is little wonder then why serious-minded organization private or public, profit making or non-profit making among others, spend fortune in procuring modern communication gadgets and tools.

In most modern business organizations, like Manmark, it is common to see such communication tools like computers, typewriters, calculators, telephone, including intercoms, photocopying and cyclostyling machines organizes fax among very many others.  The fact is that modern office chores have been made ridiculously easy by a thousand and one gadgets and tools of communication that litter business offices.  Television and radios are also found in offices in order to either entertain and occupy a visitor or to have access to the latest information.  In some offices, these radios and televisions are permanently tuned to international news media like British Broadcasting Corporation, Voice of America, Radio Deutsch Villa, Cable News Network (CNN), and even internet.

The presence of all these communication tools amply justifies the postulation of Akanni (1987) “much time and money are expended on communication, the amount of time devoted to communication in organization range 50% to 90%.  In fact, most, if not all organization participants are invited in communication process most of the time.  Much of the effective organizational behaviour and performance is engendered by timely and accurate information.

Obayi (1997) holds that, “in absence of communication, the primary managerial function of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling would not be possible.  It is only with effective communication that an organization’s goals can be attained.  Organizational communication is without double vast and vital.

If we assert, however, that communication is the life blood of organizational management, secretaries are the hearts that pump the blood.  In days gone, a secretary is viewed as a person, usually a female who organized and ran a small office for employer, who takes down notes and correspondence for male executives and managers in shorthand and then transcribe them back on a typewriter (Pyse, 1983).  The perception of secretary is much deeper and wider today then stated above.  These are many male secretaries today.  For another, the skills required of secretary have increased to involved ability to handle sophisticated office communication machine.  Computer literacy as well as skill is the use of the internet.

Indeed, gone are the days when a secretary has to take down dictation in short from host boss, go through the usually frustrating chore.  Computer has taken our completely and the business of storing and retrieving information done by mere press of buttons.  The use of fax machines has further removed the use of cables and telegrams as messages can now be sent across the Atlantic in written form at the speed of telephone.

The question therefore is no longer the efficiency or the usefulness of these communication tools but to what extent it has positively impacted on the secretarial profession?  In order to really assess this question, MANMARK Associates Limited, privately own consultancy outfit based in Enugu was used as a case study.



Manmark Associates Limited is a management and marketing consultant with headquarters at 39 Zike Avenue, Uwani, Enugu.  The outfit was established in 1982 and registered under the Registration of Business Name in 1982 and was incorporated as Manmark Associate Limited in June, under the Companies and Allied Matter Decree, 1990 and issued the certification of Incorporation No. RC 381,553.

Manmark Associates Limited, a team of business management, marketing, social science and education consultants has over 30 years of consulting experience behind her.  Manmark Associates consults for such reputable organization like UNIDO, Eve of Germany, Marketing and Education Field.

The vision of Manmark is, to be a centre for excellence for consultancy services”.  While her mission is, to provide satisfaction to her customers.  Manmrk has her managing consultant and chief executive, Professor Julius Onah, the first professor marketing in West Africa.

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The Roles Of Modern Communication Tools In The Development Of