Effcet Of Recruitment Selection Placement On Organizational Effectiveness

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Table of contents




1.0     Background information

1.1     Statement of the problem

1.2     Objective of study

1.3     Significance of study

1.4     Research Question 

1.5     Hypothesis

1.6     Definition of terms

1.7     Organization of study



2.0     Recruitment police

2.1     Stages in the recruitment process

2.2     Recruitment defined

2.3     Recruitment and human resources

2.4     Effects of organizational reputation on recruitment

2.5     Developing sources of applicants

2.6     Recruitment sources.

2.7     Designing a recruitment programme

2.8     The effectiveness and evaluation of recruitment Selection

2.9     Types of selection problems associated with selection




3.0     Introduction

3.1     Research design

3.2     Sampling procedure

3.2     Questionnaire design

3.3     Collection of data

3.4     Data analysis technique 




4.0     Introduction

4.1     Descriptive analysis

4.2     Hypothesis testing

4.3     Summary



5.1     Discussion








Table 4.1 perception of the African safety insurance company. Staff on whether they have received fringe benefit,

TABLE 4.2 Responses of the staff on type of benefit received.

TABLE 4:3 Responses of the staff of African safety insurance on the classification of fringe benefit received.

TABLE 4.4 Views of the staff of African safety insurance on their assessment of their salary as compared with their counterparts in other insurance company.

TABLE 4.5 Responses of the workers on their welfare as provided by the company.

TABLE 4:10 Resources of their view o whether they have experienced any external interference in the various affaires.








 The office of recruitment selection and placement on organization. Effectiveness in many firms we investigated upon and analyzed. The  60 respondents from 17 insurance companies in Enugu metropolis, the hypothesis that formalized policies have significant and positive impact on organizational effeteness was tested. The issue between placement on qualified personnel in key functional areas and attainment of organization effectivesss was also tested.

It was found that through recruitment selection and placement of employee have some effects on organizational effectiveness.

It was pointed out that the overriding aim of organizational policy should not just only formulating formalized personnel. Such as fringe benefits remuneration promotion, higher pay training and development should also be considered.

From the analysis it was also found that most organization prefer the placement of qualified personnel in key functional areas, than promoting on employee who rose through the ranks often shy away from challenging responsibilities which may e associated with such promotion.







The effectiveness of an organization is function of high intelling decision ad policies manpower planning. It demands a goods knowledge of recruit, select and place an employee in an organization to achieve the employee.

The proper application of recruitment, selection and placement, policies an organization has been major concern of most personnel managers.

The proper application of recruitment, selection and placement, policies an organization has been major concern of most personnel managers. Where any the above mentioned procedures are not properly in the organization which in turn affects its effectiveness?

The effect of recruitment, selection and placement of employees on organizational emphasized. This is true because, it is can not be people are brought into the organization and it serially forms the basis for acquiring good quality employees in the organization will successfully achieve its objectives, its objective will be accomplished if the right caliber of employees are recruited, selected and successfully placed since organization goals and not different form the peers”

One of the test of an efficient personnel department is its ability of fill job position promptly and adequately. This means that the department must know the sources of different types of applicant for the job position that it has to full.

Recruit and selection alone are vital element commonly used in the process of employment. After recruitment and selection has taken place, the paternal job holder may either sent on training or not depending on the training needed and of course the feasibility of training before being placed.

It is expected that recruitment selection and placement are associated with some positive and negative effects on organizational effectiveness.

Under recruitment, the internal source which is one of the most useful, through often neglected, sources of manpower recruitment policy is based on utilizing present personnel through transfers, promotion, recalls from lay off or retirement. This as a matter of fact, reduces the cost of spending in developing sources of applicants eg advertising in newspaper radio and television etc. this sources is known to very reliable, since it is dealing with employees whose ability is already with finally result to organizational effectiveness

There are also some disadvantages in over reliance on internal sources. It may act as a shelter to project inefficient employees from active competitive superior employees from outside the organization. In the contrast, having from outside May help to reduce the inbreeding often associated with internal sources.

The external source deals with people who are current employee by of the company. The people that fall under this category are under employed unemployed person, newly qualified applicant and dissatisfied workers. 

These experienced outside employee will act like new brooms and they sweep clean. They bring will enthusiasm, new ideas and organization. When recruited, selected and placed in the right position. 

Selection follows immediately after re recruitment. The essence of selection is to mach applicant with job opening it is important to have through knowledge of position to be filled coupled with the skills, abilities, aptitude and other tracts of the applicant that will be necessary for success in position as to avoid problem in associated with selection exercise ie a false positive error, a false negative error, selection exercise reduce cost as it reduces turn over rate and employee dissatisfaction.

As quested by C.C Nwachukwu 1988, that placing an employee in a job that he is not qualifies to do robs, him of his intrinsic satisfaction and make him doubts his ability and because a threat to himself and the entire organization.

Therefore, as personnel mangers greater care should be taken in those employment producer and policies by herring to manpower or human resources requirements of various department and eliminating bias, favoritism and increase organization effectiveness in term of output. 



It is very essential a close look on policies that have effects on recruitment, selection and placing in on organization as an issue enhancing or military against the manipulation or manpower planning process as it relates to  personnel

Department of an organization as good and intelligent decision of the personnel manger in choosing the right person, into the right position at the right time brings emergence organization effectiveness.

This is true because there is no extents of advancement in technology that can opt for a total with don’t of manpower rescues. Manpower must contribute conceptually and physically in one way or the other an the stages, in collaboration with machinery to achieve a good divested objective or an expected output. Hosts of the personnel mangers include in their policies the placement of law level, inexperienced manpower as a measure in reducing cost of living employees.

Actually, this positive match must reflect in the performance of the employee as well as the organizational effectiveness. Then the main question is can the effect recruitment selection and placement affect the organizational effectiveness



The purpose of this study includes the following.

To know the effect of recruitment selection and placement or organizational effectiveness.

To discover most policies that pose problem in the operation of the employment process.

To establish the need for proper placing of employees in the right position at the night time.

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Effcet Of Recruitment Selection Placement On Organizational Effectiveness