Motivation And Organizational Efficiency In The Nigeria Public Services

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The public services been an organization of government charged with the responsibility of executing polices and decisions of government for the benefits of the people or the general public. This study looks at hoe this Organization can attain a high level of organization efficiency and how it’s workers can be motivated to achieve this goal and objective.

In undertaking this study, questionnaires and personal oval interviews were employed for purpose of data collection, the stratified sampling procedure was used while frequency  distribution and percentage were used for data analysis. Furthermore, study analysis on the problems of low performance and like warm attitude among the public server workers was carried out. The study  is divided into five chapter, chapter one deals on introduction, statement of problems objectives of the study , scope and limitation the theoretical framework statement of hypothesis and definition of  terms chapter two is no the review of related literature chapter three focuses on the methods of data collection and analysis which formed  the basis for chapter four which is no presentation and analysis  of data and the research findings, While fine takes on the summary, recommendation  and conclusions.      


Title page

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Table of content


1.0       Introduction

1.1   Background of the study

1.2   Statement of the problem

1.3   Objective of the study

1.4   Research question

1.5   Statement of hypothesis

1.6   Significant of the study

1.7   Scope  of the study

1.8   Limitation of the study

1.9   Definition of terms



2.0       Literature review

2.1 Introduction


3.0       Research design and methodology

3.1      Introduction

3.2        Research design

3.3      Sources/method of data collection

3.4      Population and sample size

3.5      Sample techniques

3.6      Validity and reliability of measuring instilment


4.0       presentation and analysis of data

4.1      introduction

4.2       Presentation of data

4.3      Analysis of data

4.4      Test of hypothesis

4.5      Interpretation of result (s)



5.0      summary, conclusion and recommendation

5.1         introduction

5.2         Summary of findings

5.3         Conclusion

5.4         Recommendation
















1.0     Introduction





 There are various reasons why people work to earn respect among associates to earn salaries and wages to acquire prestige and  honour to  achieve excellence in chosen a career, to socialize with others, to dominate what a variety  of reasons, but culture is indeed a determining  factor.

Ofte­n what makes the difference between belling and organizations is the workers healthy organization are known for operating with highly motivated workers Healthy organization are  known of –operating  with highly motivate workers while the sick ones are filled with poorly motivate workers what govern basic principles human motivation seen not to vary with workers and organization  but variables that define workers feeling of satisfaction at work differ.

Howell and  Dipboye(1982.160) are of the view that workers satisfaction heavily  depends on the organization’s ability to discover sustain  and meet workers needs productivity  also



to a large extent, is influenced by the level of worker’s motivation Hence the role of workers   satisfaction  can hence be played down.

Every human motive is based constantly on needs satisfaction the need may be consciously or unconsciously felt. One of the problems confronting public administrators today is that of motivating workers to perform assigned tasks to meet or surpass predetermined standard.

To motivate a subordinate mean doing those things which the subordinate hopes will satisfy this need and desire that an consequently induce him/her to act in a desired name, so it is therefore it responsibility of public Administrators to other opportunities for employees to satisfy there personal need in a way that leads to the accomplishment of organization objective, Simeon Baadom (2003: 213)

Motivation result from a felt heed or  an user directed in the individual who moves in a certain direction in order to achieve  the desired objective reduces  the tension.A satisfied need  does not motivate but an unsatisfied need motivate ,management theory practice Nwachukwu (1997:16)

A motivate workers are those who see their work as helping them accomplish important goals. But if our targets and expectative are not met through our industries organization then we will be disinterested and less motivated. 

All organization are concerned with what should be done to achieve a sustained high level of performance through their employees.

This means giving close attention to how worker or employees can best be motivated through such means as rewards, incentives, leadership, and importantly the satisfaction they derive from being a part of the organization on the  other have this equally apply  to the customers. That is the satisfaction they derive from consuming the organization products and services.

That is why motivation is defined as the willingness to excel high level of effort towards.

Organization goals. It can also be achieve a goals or leeward. Motivation is paramount in any organization, in order to equip, the public services workers with necessary skill  that would  help them function effectively  to achieve a particular  goal of the organization or of public services is been conducted. The social attitude and behaviour need to be reformed through some motivation techniques because it is only through the public services and the parastatals that one nations can  achieve her goal effectively and efficiency  this is why the public services need to be motivated by their employees.

Lack of motivation in the organization has resulted to low productively, like warn attitudes on the part of the employees and general derive in the work to be done. actually with the above many workers in the Nigerian public services have little or no respect and regard for their job. This is based on the fact that even when they work and die in course of their job, nothing is been done to the deceased family. With this notice in mind, publics services will even compromise their positions only to tech “external monetary income. The above does not only lead to how productively, but also impose delay in the administration of their duties although the federal governments have made some attempt to set new standards for the public services. One of these special measures was great purge of the public services and   provision of watchdogs over the conduct of the public service workers. One the contrary these measures did not lead to increase in productively as executed, rather those that replace the purged workers tend to do like wise.

Since motivation is that internal urge or force that drives one to action toward the actualization of personal goals. It is only when workers are motivated by their employers that they will put their best once there are motivational factor in the public services, there will be a educational commitment on the side of the workers another issue to be looked into in the motivation of public services, is the issue of promotion, provision of conducive atmosphere for the improvement of the work setting a clearly defined and modernized communication network should be employed in the public services.

The inability of the manager or the Director to make all the above factors available would lead to downfall in the public services performance and as such certain ugly trend needs  to be redressed for  optimum efficiency.


The fact that the public services is established to provide some essential services to the populace with maximum efficiency the problem they are facing are societal and man made problems. The research was able to interview a reasonable number of  workers in the public services and strongly believed  inefficiency and  ineffectiveness recorded by the  Nigeria public services is due to lack of motivational measures .

Therefore the following are factors leading to the organizational inefficiency

1)    The mobility of the management cadre to promote on motivates their employees, resulted to lack of team work.

2)    Poor infrastructural facilities: The working environment as not conducive for the public services. The buildings is nothing  to write here and some of the  electrical fitting  are generally bad to the extent that the lives of the employees are in danger

3)    The recruitments of inexperienced and undedicated personal to handle day today activities of the public services.

4)    Inadequate communication: There is a big communication gap between the employees and the employers.  The communication is too poor that even the employees find it difficult to interact with in themselves.

5)    Selfishness among the leaders: It is the civil services rule that before one is promoted you must pass certain prescribed examination and it should be based on merit, but today the reverse is the case and in public services that is far fetched.


1) The draw the attention of management on the implication of team work

2) TO take some vital motivational steps that’s will lead to organization efficiency.

3 TO study is also aimed at putting a stop to lack of motivation in organization. 

4) To study tries to bring the rig and the importance of atmospheric condition which would lead to greater productivity.

5) To correct the impression that the public services are unserious follows.  




1. Can conducive working environment affect workers productivity on the public service.

2. Are public servants unserious fellows who do not regard their job.  

3. Can praises motivate a public servant towards greater productivity?

4. Can relay in promotion have effect in organization productivity?


H1 Delay in promotion of public servant tend to reduce                     productivity.

HO Delay in promotion of public servant do not reduce              productivity.                                                                                

H1   poor salary package in the public service has an  adverse effect on the public service employees. 

HO poor salary package in the public service do not  have an adverse effect on the public service employees.

Hi    Frequent change in government lowers the morale of the public service workers and hinders organization efficiency.

H0   Frequent change on government do not lower the morale   of the public service workers, therefore do not hinder      organization efficiency.


The importance of this study is of greater importance that is to say:

1.   To educate the public on the notion that the public service has failed below expectation wholly and to help the board members to take necessary action to eradicate the lake warm attitude.

2.   Provide the management on the good ways to reward hard working- workers and the result will lead to grater performance and high productivity.

3.   To bring to the knowledge of management the importance of interpersonal and cordial relationship between the superiors and the subordinates.

4.   For them to know that motivation services as a major tools for organizational efficiency.


The Nigeria public service will be the main focus of the study assessment would be made on the various motivational steps taken by the government to motivate the public servants in the country.


A lot of problems were encountered in the course of this study. The major problems is that of finance, due to the nature of the economy the cost to get a meaningful data needed for the accomplishment of this work was too high.

The second problem is lack of relevant materials, most of the organization which the researcher visited lack adequate materials needed for the study. Time constant was another in an attempt to gather relevant information the researcher even has to sacrifice some lecturers and other school activities.

All the above stress was encountered at the course of this study.


1. MOTIVATION: Motivation could be defined as the process or factor that cause people to behave or react in a certain way “By the international dictionary of management”

2. ORGANIZATION: A group of people who form a business, club etc together in order to achieve a particular aim. By oxford advanced learners dictionary.

3. EFFICIENCY: The quality of doing some thing well with no waste of time or money.

4. PUBLIC SERVICE: Public service is a part of government sector that learners services to its citizenry without making much profit, unlike other organization and it is controlled either by the state or federal government.

5. COMMUNICATION: Communication is the transfer and exchange of information and under standing from one person to another through meaningful channels.

6. RECRUI­TMENT: Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the firm, Nzotta (2002:12).

7. MANAGE­­MENT: Management is the conscious effort direct towards harnessing organizational resources such as men money and material to accomplish a set goal.

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Motivation  And Organizational Efficiency In The Nigeria Public Services