The Impact Of Government Regulator Agency On National Development In Nigeria.

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This study is geared towards x-raying the activities and impact of government regulatory agencies on national development.

The major objective of this agency is to protect the country form the dangers of ward drags and improve the health of the people of Nigeria. In the course of this study, a survey research design was adopted. 100 questionnaires were distributed to the sample of 100 selected respondents in some departments of the agency. The questionnaires distributed were analyzed by the aid of simple percentage. Moreso, on the course of this study, the researcher discovered that the agency concerned itself with the elimination and prevention of drug addiction and also to safeguard the health of the nation. Similarly, some impediment like insecurity of staff, low level of education, betrayal from the public and their inability to report drug traffickers hiders the effective operative of this great agency. In the light of these findings, it becomes pertinent that on the area of recommendation the laws on drug addictions should be severe enough to discourage the traffickers and most importantly, the agencies and banks should  concertedly partner with NDLEA to checkmate the excesses of drug traffickers. Conclusively, all hand must be on deck to combat put to a stop the activities of drug traffickers and spread of substandard drugs in our market.




Title page                                                                        i

Approval page                                                                 ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                           iv

Abstract                                                                          v

Table of contents                                                            vi


1.0      Introduction                                                            1

1.1      Background of the study                                        3

1.2      Statement of the problem                                       5

1.3      Objectives of the study                                           6

1.4      Research question                                                  7

1.5   significance of the study                                         8

1.6   scope of the study                                                   9

1.7      Definition of terms                                                  10



2.0      Literature review                                                    12

2.1      Meaning of drug law enforcement agency             12

2.2      The structure of NDLEA                                         14

2.3      The structure of NDLEA                                         18

2.4      The theoretical framework of government agency

and its antecedent for national development.       20

2.5      Regulatory policies of NDLEA                                 23

2.6      Regulation and standard exhibited by NDLEA

and other sister agency for sustainability             24

2.7      The role of NDLEA among others in regulating

Africa for national development.                            25

2.8        Achievement and gains recorded so far               25

2.9      Summary of the literature review                          27



3.1      Brief outline of the chapter                                    29

3.2      Design of the study                                                 29

3.3      Area of the study                                                    30

3.4      Population of the study                                          30

3.5      Determination of sample size                                 31

3.6      Validation of the instrument                                  33


Data analysis according to research question         34


5.0   summary of finding conclusion and

 Recommendations                                                 46

5.1   Summary of findings                                               46

5.2      Conclusion                                                              49

5.3      Recommendations                                                  50

5.4        limitations of the study                                        52

References                                                              54

Appendix A                                                              56

Appendix B                                                             57







Government regulatory agency is very fundamental to the substation O National development.

The historical precedent of the country Nigeria has already shown that the functionality of the government of the day is manifested through the activities of its agencies in as much as government cannot operate in isolation. To this and, government regulatory agency is an engine for national development.

Government agency can be seen as any executive department commission independent establishment and corporation wholly or practically owned by the government.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “a government agency can be seen as a permanent or semi-permanat that is responsible for the oversight and administration of specific function such as and intelligence agency”.

By that as it may, in order to carryout the business of government in an effective way, the tasks of government are broken down into different parts and duties assigned to a ministry, department or burean and their agencies. Each ministry will then put up institution or corporations or boards that will be assigned particular functions geared to-wards the achievement of the goals of the ministry.

These ministries, departments or bureaus and their derivatives  agencies will then be instruments for the provision of the major functions of government which include maintenance of law and order, maintenance of territorial integrity e.t.c.  in all intents and purposes, government agencies have recorded break through in all sectors of the economy, supplying in those areas where government is having some lapses. National Drug law Enforcement Agency as one of the agencies of government have freshened up our battered image vis-a-‘vis the menace of putting a stop to drug and drug addiction in Nigeria.

They have served greatling in discouraging the cultivation, processing, sales, trafficking and use of land drugs in the country.

However, their activities towards reaching national development have been stroked with so many battlements which this study hopes to bring to light through its recommendations.


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is the Nigeria’s sole body that regulates and eliminates the growing processing, manufacturing, selling, exporting and trafficking of ward drugs.

It is one of the parastatals of the federal ministry of Health and it was established by Decree 48 of 1989 and the Decree provided for 8tiffer pun section for convicted offenders.

Section 11 (2a) of the Decree made provision for a jail term of not less than 15 years for “any person who conspires with aids, abets, counsels or attempts to council”.

For there to bean inncompromised and fearless leadership in piloting the affairs of this great agency. Mr. Fedelis Oyakilome than a police commissioner and former governor of Rivers State was appointed as the agencies first chairman. Even through NDLEA efforts have created at least some risk that couriers may be caught at the airport, traffickers continue air cargo and express mail services.

It common parlance, the agency was saddled with the responsibility of controlling, interdiction and intercepting the trafficking peddling and usage of ward drugs in and out of the country. Also, NDLEA educates the public of the effects of have  drugs of the National and on the people.



Government regulatory agencies have over the years been sees as an important ingredients fro national development National Drug law Enforcement Agency was established in order to safeguard public wealth by ensuring eradication of drug addiction.

However in their effort to discharging all this duties and responsibilities, they have faced different problems like insecurity of staff un-expected drug traffickers activities, insecurity of reporters of cases of drug addicts, also lack of corporation from other related agencies plus others.

These problem have actually hindered the progress of eh regulatory agency from operating as an automatic    instrument for national development.   These and many other problems brought about this study.


This study looks forward to identifying the activities and workings of NDLEA as a government regulatory agency in attempt to foster socio-economic development Also the study looks into the impacts or contributions the agency was made on the economic and the public at large.

This study hopes to Marshal out in a distinct way the problems/challenges faced by this regulatory agency (NDLEA) on the course of discharging their major responsibility of eradicating drug trafficking and safeguarding the health of the country.

Moreso, this study hope sot bring to light some opportunities and strategies to be adopted by the government regulatory agencies to help them in discharging their duties and create a drug free society that will enhance the attainment of National development.

1.                          To investigation the impact of Regulatory Agency of National development.

2.                          To examine the performancy of Government regulatory agency.

3.                          To examine the strategies or mode of operation of the National Drug enforcement agency.

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The Impact Of Government Regulator Agency On National Development In Nigeria.