Analyzing Road Traffic Crash Injury Severity Causing Factors And Remedial Actions On Modjo-hawassa Road

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Worldwide, approximately 1.35 million people die each year from traffic crashes. AlsornEthiopia share this traffic crash death. Modjo to Hawassa road is in Oromia Regional Staternone of Ethiopia’s high fatal and other traffic crash injury severity roads. The road interrnconnects Addis Ababa city with some parts of south eastern Ethiopia. The main objective ofrnthis thesis is to analyze effects of drivers’, vehicle and road characteristics on injury severityrnof crash victims and assessing the remedial actions. The five year traffic crash data was used.rnMultinomial logistic regression model is used to analyze the dependent and independentrnvariables. Explanatory variables such as drivers not obey traffic rule and regulation, driversrntheir ages are between 18-30 years, drivers education levels are high school level, vehiclerntypes are small truck such as Isuzu and FSR and medium trucks like Sino trucks, whenrnroadway conditions are damaged, vehicle defects, light conditions are dark night are identifiedrnas factors increasing fatal, severe, and slight injury severity of pedestrians, passengers, driversrnand cyclists. Explanatory variable factors such as higher drivers driving experience in years,rnnewer vehicles, when drivers’ age increases, when drivers’ education level above high school,rnwhen vehicle types are trucks and trailers and light conditions are day light decreased fatal,rnsevere and slight injury severity traffic crash. Drivers of small trucks such as fright Isuzu, FSRrnand medium trucks like Sino Truck, which do not obey the roadway rule and regulation mostrnof the time engaged in pedestrians’ fatal crashes and crashes with cars results in fatal andrnsevere injury severity of traffic crashes. The unknown drivers and vehicle types (drivers hitrnand runs) are drivers which hit and run post crashes and they crashes with pedestrians, animalrncart drivers and cyclists at the rural area, night, early morning and evening time. The remedialrnactions are giving the training on road rule, regulations and guidelines for the drivers, regularlyrndoing road maintenance and rehabilitations for damaged roadway, traffic signs, signals,rnpedestrians crossing painting color. The findings of the study and evaluations of remedialrnactions significance are compared with the results of developed country scholar’s researches.rnThe details evaluations of the significance of remedial actions, comparing the results modelrnwith mixed logit model, ordered logistic models and factoring independent variable are thernresearch gap of this study and it is recommended as future study.

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Analyzing Road Traffic Crash Injury Severity Causing Factors And Remedial Actions On  Modjo-hawassa Road